Cha For Tea - Woodbridge

Woodbridge Village Center, 4740 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine
(949) 653-5518

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Jonathan L.

Wow. Just wow. I'll be honest. When I walked into Cha I was so nervous. I didn't know what to order because it was my first time! Thank goodness the the cashier at the time was SOOO helpful! He was able to calm my nerves and recommended the popcorn chicken and the Mango Cooler which was delicious! I was so thankful for Jesse's service and will be coming back soon!

Drea N.

Jessy, Michael and Matthew were rockstars yesterday. It became a rush around 1:30. The ambiance of the lakeside Cha for Tea was the perfect little hangout for meeting with a friend with our pups for a walk/ catch up. I ordered the chicken with medium spice and a mango boba with green tea. Recommended by Jessy as the MUST HAVE on the menu. I did level 4 sweetness which was perfect for me. Thanks to the team 01/02/2023 for your hard work in getting my order out as quickly as possible :)

Denna V.

I came here for the first time the other day, and it is very cute inside. There is a lot to choose from. If you are hungry or just want a little bite. They have a lot of options for drinks as well. I got the crispy chicken entrée. It was very good and filling. They also have an option to make it a combo so you get a drink for a cheaper price. Loved this place overall. I am definitely going back.

Ozzy R.

I've been here plenty of times. Not sure if my review was removed or if I never really wrote one lol Either way, I'm a big fan of CFT. I've been going to all their locations for a few years. I've had everything on their menu and I just stick to the same thing now. Thai tea and their chicken antre. Great service every time. Cool workers. And fresh food. They never diss. No matter what location I go to. I was near this one on Christmas Eve. Shout out to the workers for showing up and keeping us fed. Their Thai tea is #1. And I know Thai tea. I've had almost all of them in socal lol the chicken entre is bomb. Good portions and great flavor. Keep up the good work guys. I'll keep coming back. Because I'm a fan. For life lol

Andrew K.

Some Good Classic Boba. Good Chicken with dipping sauce. Couldn't care less about cheese foams and cream swirls in my drinks so Cha has been my go-to for over 10 years.

aghamarawy Last

Took my family in at 8:00 pm for some drinks. The store has the tables on the side with workers’s personal belonging on them to prevent customers from sitting. At 50 degrees out we really needed to stay in but the manager Alphie was very rude and insisted that we keep standing on f we wanted to be inside. Very rude manager with a nasty attitude. And she really doesn’t mind a bad review (she made it clear). I hope the owner reads this.Ps. The person in the picture is the manager at her break, not a customer.

Lexy M.

Taro milk tea with boba was so good! This cha for tea location is much quieter so the service was a lot faster.

Isabella M.

These people were lying when saying best boba in socal! This is the best boba place in the world! Amazing variety of drinks, these drinks r so mommy i love yalls sm n they even got a water station for free and it's like ice cold water too! take the strawberry colada cooler off yalls menu tho thah stuff is gross and it tastes like expired strawberry yogurt thanks but everything else is so so so good and heavenly y'all make da best drinks ever

Karine W.

I don't usually drink boba but this was good (soft, not chewy). I had the matcha latte with soy milk and brown sugar boba. I had it 75% sweetness which was perfect. The meal combo was very good.. tender egg noodles, green salad with a sweet dressing, crispy chicken, and steamed corn. This place is def worth going if you like boba and a delicious meal (approx. $13).


Mango green milk tea is good. The boba here is excellent

Rick Tang

Still the favorite, Cha For Tea is to UCI like Diddy Riese is to UCLA… a staple of the area. This location delivers all the classic drinks like Honey Green Milk Tea, Mango Green Tea, and Almond Milk tea, all paired with the freshest, chewiest boba around (without the crazy lines at the UCI location). Get the regular with 2 pumps and the large with 3 for less guilt and optimal sweetness. And if you’re hungry for a snack don’t forget the popcorn chicken (spicy of course!)

Kevin “Tuan” Tran

Still taste the same as the other Cha for Teas. Service was quick and boba was good. Overall I would recommend.

Carissa C.

I love Cha for Tea ! Honestly such a classic and it's one of the few boba shops around here that had snacks and tea. The fact that they also have combos where you can order food and a drink for a little off really makes a difference when you come here as often as I do haha. It's located in a plaza with a playground that's popular at night and a few other food / shops. Parking lot is pretty big and I've never had an issue finding parking ! The food is pretty decent and the tea is pretty consistent ! My go to is the lychee tea with boba and you can't go wrong with the dumplings, popcorn chicken, or orange chicken ! Can't wait to go back :)

Pearl T.

Been here many times and am finally getting around to leaving a review. Drinks are great. My son loves the Mango and Passionfruit Coolers (slushes) with boba. I've gotten several different drinks from here, hot and cold, and all have been really tasty. The boba are very fresh... soft and chewy. The food is good. Popcorn chicken is what we usually get and it's always made fresh to order. Sometimes we have gotten the chicken meal (check Retail Therapy app for BOGO coupon) which include noodle or rice, small side salad and steamed corn. It's nothing fancy and the corn tastes like canned but for a quick little snack/meal, it's all right... especially with the BOGO coupon! Oftentimes we order online and it's always been ready right on time. The plaza it's located in is really cute with outdoor tables and a small playground for the kiddos. This is right across the street from the North Lake and there are adirondak chairs if you want to sit in the sun and take in the water views.

Rafia S.

This was my first time trying a drink from here and I was pretty happy with what I got. I ordered a peach cooler with fruit jelly. You can really taste both the tea and peach flavor in the drink, which I loved. It's a great spot to quickly grab a drink and go, especially for students in the area!

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