Donut Star - Bagels & Sandwiches

5365 Alton Pkwy C, Irvine
(855) 733-6688

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dennis m.

great selection of donuts and other pastries. Even when they are busy they have lots of cashiers so you get in and out very fast. Great friendly staff

Lee Meyer

Always Great donuts and good tasting coffee. Clean bakery and friendly staff. My #1 place all of the time.

Blanca Pages

Best Donuts in Orange County. Highly recommended and Marcos from the Alton Pkwy store is a nice guy!.

Diane Manning

The BEST donuts in all of Orange County. Plus they are open 24/7!!! Freshly made daily but when you take your first bite one would think they were just made. The buttermilk glazed melt in your mouth. Outstanding!!!!

Bobby D.

I wasn't very happy when I was waiting at the pick up counter that's right in front of the main entrance for a considerable amount of time. The lady was rude and kept asking me what delivery service I was with? I had a large order and it was blatantly obvious the large order in front of her that I was pointing at was mine, hence all the drinks I ordered in the drink carrier making it blatantly obvious that was my order. Even showed her my pick up receipt on my phone. After back and forth she finally releases the order like it's in a bank vault or something. LOL! I must say after all the hype, this place is whack and the quality of food itself is crap! Don't even waste your time going here, I'll tell you right now that I never will. Hope this helps anyone else, Bobby Digital-

Evelina C.

They are open 24/7, even during COVID. I'm down for breakfast for dinner. Not enough donut shops open 24/7!! This place has the best old fashioned donuts and I love myself a maple glazed old fashioned. I also love love love their blueberry donuts. If you come at the right time you can get these babies fresh out of the oven.

Danna W.

Today I ordered cheese and jalapeño bagles The guy comes out of the back with a clear bag filled with jalapeño and cheese bagles, I then ask the guy were these baked fresh today he said yes. I got home and let me tell you they were not fresh and not baked today.All the guy had to do was tell me the truth and he did not.I called the store to voice a complaint no one answered left a vm message. What a waste of money I will not go there again.

Christine T.

Tasty hot coffee, always open, always hot, and the donuts are delicious. Thank you! I love donuts and this place is the best one around.

Laurie T.

They have the best bagels and cream cheese! The kids like the fancy donuts. My daughter got one covered in m&ms. We went at 9am on a Saturday and we were served pretty quick.

Mylinh Duncan

This has been our go-to donut place for decades! Our kids are 13 & 17 and I remember ever since they were little we bike here for a little treat. The donuts are fresh- no old oil flavor. Just true good donuts! We love Donut Star! We also buy 20-30 dozens for our swim team concessions each summer - they are gone within 1 hour!The best apple fritter and old fashioned glaze!

Daniel Chimenti

Good donuts. The main reason I like this place though is that they stay open late! So many dessert places close early

Mohammed Sheikh

One of the only places in Irvine that doesn’t close at 9:30… great donuts and 24 hour service. Highly recommend this establishment

Angelina T.

so yummy the glaze donuts are sooooo fluffy so soft and perfect. it is super affordable and so worth the money and experience!! give it a try!!!!

nat c.

Their spiral donut was delightful. It was so soft inside that we weren't sure if it was hollow. Friendly owner(s).

Mike H

Really good bagel breakfast sandwich, food seemed fresh and tasted good too. Donuts were really tasty as well. Prices very reasonable, one of the better donut shops in Irvine.

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Donut Star - Bagels & Sandwiches

5365 Alton Pkwy C, Irvine, CA 92604
(855) 733-6688