Greek Islands Cuisine

2540 Main St, Irvine
(949) 474-1976

Recent Reviews

Tony L.

This place is the best. Seafood combo and the Spicy feta dip have no equal. Do yourself a favor and give them a shot.


Not a great option if you are a vegetarian. The falafels are bitter and the spinach pie is pretty bad. The falafel wrap has some leaves in the picture but nothing when you order. Would have been nice if there was some parsley/lettuce.

john c.

I always try to support local businesses, however, the food here was awful. Coupled with the bad food was a woman working there who clearly didn't want to be there. I don't even know if she spoke to me, she just kind of grunted. Do yourself a favor and stay away.

Alex Densmore

Fantastic food, friendly staff, consistently good character. They charge fair prices and the food quality is fantastic. Great work.

Lyle Garner

These guys consistently have the best tasting Kabobs. The Hummus, Yogurt w.spinach & ikra is delicious. Very reasonable too.


Its the best.Their food is so healthy and satisfying.That you can order from them a plate and eat nothing else all day.The 2 skewers plate with chicken ? and beef or lamb ? comes with hummus and tabuli and salad.The food is healthy but no fat its grilled.Natalie and Vicky are the best

Kamari O

I had a great time in this spot. We loved the extraordinary environment and the menu. The waiters are very friendly. I’m content we finally managed to visit here.

parker chambers

A preferred spot for tasty Greek food. Visited Fri evening I think. I'll return with my relatives. The place has a great atmosphere.

Linda S.

I have been going here for almost 25 years, since I moved to OC from LA. The food is consistently excellent!!! Love their taboule! It's the best!

Leighanne H.

The food was good enough, nothing spectacular. The hummus and tzatziki sauce were just OK, not as flavorful as I prefer. The meat portions were VERY small. My co-workers orders all had chicken and their portions looked like a single filet of chicken breast (the chicken cut longways), and I ordered the beef and lamb and those portions were also very small. I've never had such small protein portions at a Greek/Mediterranean place. The food was good, but I probably wont come back any time soon specifically because the price point to protein.

S Hensley

This place clearly knows how to satisfy their customers. Consistently with a welcoming approach. The food is reasonably priced, always flavorful and neat.

Alina Kamae

Not sure if this establishment is operational since COVID-19 but, no one answers the phone to place an order...

Elee J.

In the year of Covid, I have only been able to dine in less than five times in the last 5 months. This review is based on a group order we had at work recently. This is my first time trying Greek Islands and I was very happy with my order. These are my findings on the Athenian Plate:- not greasy- everything on the plate was flavorful and balanced- tabbouleh had a nice citrus twang- hummus was soft, creamy- gyro was crispy on the outside but tender on the inside- chicken... honestly, I'm not big on chicken, but this chicken was ridiculously good!- brown rice (?) had a nice texture to it- baklava was a little too sweet for meWhat I liked from this place was that each of our plates had a nice, Tamper Evident sticker to close it up. I've had a number of take out orders throughout this pandemic, and this sticker made me smile the most. I'm very happy with Greek Islands but did not give it 5 stars until I know that the awesome food I had that day wasn't a one-off. I'm looking forward to the next order soon. :-)

Hassan Rivas

This spot is awesome! Fair prices, large dishes and the employees are constantly kind.

Belinda M.

A small family owned business that I have enjoyed since they opened. Their food is delicious. Their prices are more than fair. You can get cheap junk food anywhere. Only come here if you want a real meal made of fresh and delicious food. The family that runs this place are lovely people.

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