4790 Irvine Blvd # 103, Irvine
(714) 389-4202

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Roger Ding

Don't car anything, no service at all.

Jason S.

Neat little place. Seats about 45-ish. Booths and tables. Pleasant staff very friendly. Food is hot and ready. Reasonably priced. Hidden gem for sure. We'll go again and you should too! Menu is pretty straight forward and easy to navigate.

Natalie A.

Excellent atmosphere- a small restaurant in a large shopping center. I got the chicken gyoza and red dragon roll. WOW! The gyoza was unlike any I have had- not greasy or slimy, but incredibly crunchy. I ate the whole meal when I told myself I'd only have one or two pieces of gyoza! I'll definitely be returning to try more!

Sue C.

I was introduced to this place by coworker. Came during weekday lunch and they were not busy at all. Brought my family back for dinner and they were much busier with constant line of people coming in to pick up takeout orders. Tried Hako Katsu first visit and it was good with big portion that I have left-over for another meal. During 2nd visit, we tried Fish Katsu and cheese katsu. My kid was so excited with cheese katsu, likes it but after trying fish katsu - fish katsu is better.


Fantastic food, i saw everyone ordering the Katsu so i did as well. Man it was good. I havent had a Katsu this good in a while. Crispy, tasty and comes with everything you crave when having a chicken Katsu.

Terry Wong

This is a great little restaurant. Considering there are so many problems with restaurants these days, this one stands out as an exception because their service is still fast and efficient. Food is great also

Kevin Chen

Great pork katsu and tempura flakes udon!

Craig Borden

Great food, good prices and service. The tempura was the best ever!

Austin H.

Restaurants in this plaza seem to generally fly under the radar, despite being located next to the high-traffic Zion Market. However, this restaurant deserves much more coverage, as it shines for its delightful, high-quality food. HIGHLIGHTS: If you're trying Hako for the first time, you should ABSOLUTELY try one of the katsu dishes. The portions are generous, but more importantly, it's far better than your typical Japanese restaurant combo platter katsu. Even ordered as takeout, the katsu retains an elusive combination of satisfying crispiness, and moist, tender meat within. OTHER NOTABLE DISHES: I have not had much experience with the noodles, but in terms of appetizers, I highly recommend the agedashi tofu and the karaage fried chicken. Whatever their deep frying technique is, it seems they've perfected it with all these dishes. The sushi is also decent, but it frankly can't measure up to their amazing katsu. MISC & CONC: When ordered to-go, they also package it beautifully, in large bento-like boxes. I'm not that picky when it comes to presentation, but even to my unrefined eye, they do an excellent job making the food LOOK appetizing, which I know can be a challenge in to-go format. Overall, Hako is a great under-the-radar Irvine gem. As others have noted, it is a LITTLE bit on the pricier side, but they certainly validate those prices with sizable portions and EXCELLENT quality. I really hope this restaurant gets the attention it deserves, because the food certainly speaks for itself!


All the food we ordered was so delicious!Definitely recommend the hamburger beef Katsu.


Love the food here. Big portions and very tasty.The service was kind of slow but it was because there was only one waitress so we had to wait a bit to pay the check and get boxes.

Ka C.

This restaurant is located next to Zion supermarket. There is a large parking lot. I've come here from LA for two times, no troubles of finding parking spots. This is a small restaurant with around 10 tables inside and two tables outside. This place looks clean and bright. The staff is all wearing masks. Hako is a place specializes in tonkatsu (fried pork cutlets). I loved their #1 Hako Tonkatsu. It came with a small miso soup, cabbage salad, some sides like yellow radish, a bowl of rice. And of course, tonkatsu! The tonkatsu was crispy and juicy and tender. Also, did I say it's HUGE!!! It's definitely affordable and worth the money. I've also tried their curry but not a big fan of that. I have come here twice in August but the sushi chef was out both time. I wanted to tried their combo with sushi rolls but was not able to. I hope Hako can keep up with the good quality of food and affordable pricing.

Martin M.

Hako serves some of the best gourmet tonkatsu outside of LA. Prices are fairly steep compared to most chain curry restaurants. Expect your bill to you be around $24 after adding curry and rice to your delicious katsu meal. The katsu is so perfect here, excellently crispy outer layer with a soft tender meat inside. This is very gourmet katsu and you'll definitely be paying for it. Also don't expect to be full after your meal. Although it is very gourmet katsu, we were all far from full from our meal and just hit up some snacks in the nearby Zion market. I definitely recommend the Hako and the Hire katsu, the pork is so good. I also recommend dining in vs dining out as part of Hako is the experience of crushing your own sesame for the sauce which you can't get when you order to-go.

Yuri J.

A katsu gem in Irvine! I think it's one of the best places for katsu in OC. The Yelp reviews says it's pricey, but for what they serve you, it's worth it. The katsu is HUGE and they are very generous with the cabbage salad. The katsu sauce is sweet & savory, and the salad dressing seems to be a mixture of Mayo & thousand island dressing. I got the Hako tonkatsu and it was super crispy and hot. They have specials on the weekdays, so this day, I got $2 off on my Hako katsu. I would love to try their other katsus and even their noodles next time. Service is a 10/10 - the order came out quickly and the restaurant is very clean and sanitary. I saw many people picking up orders, rather than sitting in, so it was very busy, but the waiters were still very attentive and kind!

Tiler F.

I wanted to see what the hype was about with their katsu. The sushi chef wasn't in so I couldn't try that many things on the menu. I got the fish katsu, those things are THICK !!!! really taste like a homemade gourmet fish stick. Not too bad. The tempura yam and sweet potato are always a favorite of mine to try wherever I go and they did great, it's all in the sauce and the sauce was soooo yummy. I pretty much dipped everything including the katsu in it aha The potato croquettes were pretty tasty as well! It was surprising to bite into mixed veggies. But I liked it and it was seasoned perfectly

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