I Can Barbecue Korean Grill

5781 Alton Pkwy, Irvine
(949) 502-5768

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Aneesha H

Went to this resturant with my brother, sister, brother in law and my four year old nephew on Saturday December 3rd, 2022. Right off the rip from entering Anthony walked up to us and asked how many and went to go seat us. Shortly after another family of 4 came up and got seated by, I’m assuming the manager, and completely disregarded us. When he asked me how many I told him someone took our number and hadn’t come back to seat us yet. He ignored. It wasn’t even that busy to be quite honest with you. But it’s fine. We get seated in a table of four booth and they gave a high chair in the walkway for my nephew. We requested to be moved and they said that was all they us available. We were seated and I don’t even know where to begin. Every-time we needed anything we had to flag down a waiter ourselves. The waiter who was suppose to be ours was running around like a dog trying to sit people and attend tables. I was extremely disappointed and disgusted in how terrible the service was for this place. To the point the BUS BOYS saw how hard we were trying to flag someone down when we needed something. And tried finding a waiter to assist us. My sister and brother in law enjoyed coming here and my brother and I were really excited to try. She even brought my mother here because she only eats halal and said service had always been terrible. It’s so sad to see because a place like this could thrive with a little more help from management. The best thing on the menu was the tofu soup. Waiter never came by to check on us to see if we needed help or if the grill needed to be turned down (which btw started smoking) they were so busy attending to others the can hardly keep up. Most Korean bbq places ask if you’d like them to cook for you or if you prefer to cook on your own, nothing was even asked nor shown. The only time they started running by our table 20x was after we had asked for a Togo box, that we paid for, staring at what all we were taking. And I finally had enough an expressed my concerns to Anthony. I felt terrible for Anthony because he truly was doing his best and he apologized but it was absolutely unacceptable. They had him doing a lot more than he had signed up for and you could tell he was over worked and overwhelmed. Word of advice, if you don’t have enough staff to keep your customers happy, try shortening your open hours to ensure your paying customers ARE happy. Would not recommend ever coming back here if you’re trying to genuinely enjoy a meal with family or friends.

Mahmudul Hasan

Wow! Such an amazing experience! They have separate halal menu! Bologna beef was our favorite! Be patient when it is cooking initially. keep at least an hour in hand if you are going there.

Bella B.

At work we order from here at least once or twice a month as my staff and I all like Korean BBQ. We always get the brisket and spicy pork belly. The food is usually decent but recently the quality is going down. The last time we ordered food the brisket came completely burned. Not a single piece was edible. Why would you package up burned meat and expect us to eat it? It would have been so much better if we had to wait a little extra for them to remake our brisket as it literally takes minutes to cook because it's so thinly sliced. Honestly, in the last year we have been ordering from here, the quality and taste is going downhill. We are very sad and might have to look for a new Korean BBQ place to order from moving forward.


Best korean bbq place we've been to. Food was really great! Not the bland brisket you get from some other places. Lots of choices and prices were pretty cheap for what you're getting. The best part was the service. The lady was really nice. We came in during busy lunch time but all our orders came out really fast. This is going to be our go to korean bbq place from now on.

Seanna W.

Brisket & Spicy brisket were our top orders. Great quality of food and customer service! It was a chilly night, but we had a heater right next to us to keep us warm while we were cooking.

Fth B.

Best place in İrvine They do have halal menu as well wouuu wouuu. Enjoy good service good food

Trisha V.

Been wanting to try this place and I'm glad we did. Went with a group of friends on a Friday night and it was busy, had to wait at least an hour! But it was worth it. Probably wouldn't go at that time again since I was starving but the food was so good. A lot of good things about this place was that they didn't limit you on how much you can order at one time, there's no 90 min time limit to eat which I hate, and since there were 6 of us, the way they were able to split the check and print a receipt right there with their handheld machine was just so genius and convenient!!! I've never seen that and hopefully most places will catch on to doing that. The meat was so yummy especially the brisket and beef belly. The side dishes were also really good and asked for more. I would definitely recommend this place!

Paul G.

I can bbq has to be one of the best spots for quality and value for large parties. I threw a surprise party here for 80 people, and was very well tended to and accommodated by their awesome staff. I called each week adding 10-20 more people to my list each time, and they welcomed me without a problem. Service was phenomenal and food was excellent. They even let us decorate outside with cold sparklers and balloons. I can't thank their team enough, especially Yasin and Edip and Mert who tended to us so thoroughly and so well.

Daniel M.

Went here with a group of six friends to get together to escape work and life to over indulge in one of life's great pleasures (Korean bbq!!). We were seated in a circle table with the burner in between us all. We ordered a ton of bulugi, Kul luk, and spicy chadol, all of which were perfectly marinated. We also tried the premium cut pork belly and the sirloin steak. If I were to dinner over, I would go without the sirloin steak because they are basically full size steaks which are not necessary nor come out as good on a bbq table. Everything else was great, especially the spicy chadol, which we ate last. I would recommend ordering the spicy chadol on repeat until your stomach can't take it. I'm going to come back for sure and try more of the seafood. There are a ton of options for meat here, and the shrimp looked high quality. Really good place to get together with the "guys" and gain a few pounds and all in good fun.

Chelsea B

I will not recommend this place. I was in town for business and went here not really knowing what it was all about. I was starving and this place was nearby. There’s nothing to explain how you order or what you do. So I told the server it was my first time and I had no idea what to do or how to order. She simply told me, I pick the protein(s), they bring it to me raw and I cook it myself and eat it. Easy enough. They brought a HUGE portion of three proteins that I would never be able to eat all by myself. As I’m eating, I read a small line on the side of the napkin dispenser that you MAY incur extra charges for uneaten/leftover food. Oookkayyy. I love being warm, but I was SWEATING sitting so close to the burner at the table. Sitting at a booth, you can’t get further away from it. Then come to check time. The server asked me if I was going to eat all my food; rhetorical question, I think she wanted to hear me say no. Then she tells me they charge an additional TEN DOLLARS for leftover food. She told me I could cook the rest of it and take it home. I was headed to the airport afterward so that wasn’t an option. I think she knew I was irritated so she only charged me $5 instead of the $10. My takeaway: the quality of the food seemed pretty good, but it takes forever to cook it and it is very hot sitting at the table. They don’t bring small portions at a time, basically trapping you into an additional $10 onto your bill because you’ll never be able to eat this much in one sitting. Why should I have to pay extra because the SERVER brought out too much food the first go round? Been there, done that, not going back.

Jason V.

I went in here with my family for lunch today. The place was crowded and filled with people but the asian lady server treated us very well. Would visit here again.

Lucy H.

Service sucks compared to the Tustin location. They actually need to shut down for a day and do a complete deep cleaning. Nobody wants to slide into a grimy and greasy seat but that's what all the booths are like here. Service by an older Korean woman was brash, sloppy, and unfriendly. The kimchi looked very old and dehydrated.

Michael Min C.

Came here for lunch at 2:30 pm today. The service lady was rude. The lady server needs some lessons in proper decorum and etiquette. The quality of the meat was below my expectations. I know this is AYCE but even for AYCE standards it was Nelson average. I ordered the bulgogi, sirloin steak and the marinated short rib. The bulgogi was pretty good but the sirloin steak and marinated short rib were chewy and tough. For me, I can Barbecue is more like I can't Barbecue. Never again. Crappy service and crap food. One hit wonder for us.

Mykayla R.

As far as the food itself i can bbq is my ALL TIME favorite kbbq spot. the meat is always great quality full of flavor, the sides are phenomenal, and their mint lemonade is to die for. You can always rely on "I can bbq" for a great meal ! The service on the other hand can be really hit or miss. No one is ever nice there, however there are a handful of people who are still great at their job. Constantly checking in because they know how demanding food is at an all you can eat restaurant, bringing out meat immediately after ordering, and keeping drinks/sauces full before we even think to ask. However, there are a few servers who are rude and have a reputation for ignoring tables. It really is unfortunate knowing that if i get the wrong server the whole time im going to be chasing them down just for meat we never received

Jazmin K.

Food is pretty good, just the basic KBBQ. I would say the quality of meat could be better but overall food is good. The tables and seats are very sticky though. Definitely unappealing when dining in. Service was good. Our waiter was very attentive. Overall, I would definitely return but maybe wearing longer pants.

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