Gogiya 3 BBQ

5305 University Dr, Irvine
(949) 552-9998

Recent Reviews

Orion Pettit

The meat was delicious and the servers were very polite! Relatively affordable, would totally come here again :D

Steve Foster

Absolutely great Korean BBQ experience! The meats were very good quality with nice assortment of sides and sauces. Kids loved it too and they were half price for all you can eat up to 10 years of age. We celebrated a birthday and it was the best choice to assure a great experience for the whole family. Very generous service. We appreciated our server Daniel who took good care of us and definitely will have us coming back again. Very clean grills and generous portions with each order. Appreciated our evening at Gogiya. Thank you! Thank you!

Taylor Beuerlein

Low key spot for korean bbq.Excellent quality meat and great service. Appetizers are also amazing.

Irena Kerr

Amazing food and amazing service. All you can eat! The meat was really fresh! delicious sides! Will be coming back 100%

Linda Kim

Delicious and good quality meat at a great price! The service was excellent and we would definitely come back again. Our 2 year old loved the side dishes.

Cati Rivera

This place is amazing. The service, the people wow. Very kind and honestly very hospitable. The food was amazing and the customer service was the best! Will be coming back I am telling all my friends.

Theodore Le

we have seasoned clam gigimbap and soy sauce pork sparerib for 2 and we have to pack the gigimbap home since they are PLENTY and super DELICIOUS

R Flowers

I love this restaurant! They offer marvelous food, their menu is rich, The cook in that restaurant is an expert, I like very much trying all their food. The dishes are consistently fresh and tasty, the attitude towards the customers is good. I often go to this restaurant and I was never unsatisfied. I recommend this place.

Scott Shin

Very tasteful K bbq place in Irvine. Highly recommended!!!

Daniel park

Most of the food was way too salted. It wasn't before like this but at this time, yes...

Olivia Spearman

Loved this place! Got all the meat raw to grill at my house! it was so good and perfectly packaged up! They even added a tin tray with ice to keep the meat cold for the drive home! Super thoughtful and delicious! I will be returning! thank you!

Dianna Hidalgo

I love love love this place. I'm from San Diego and I have not been able to find a place that make its spicy pork like this restaurant! It's the perfect mesh of spicy and sweet. The sides are super big and oh so delicious. The service is excellent. Friendly people, excellent sides and the best spicy pork you'll ever have.

Derrick Fox

This spot obviously knows how to serve their customers. Regularly with a very nice approach. The food is conveniently priced, regularly delightful and neat.

Carlos Bernal

This place is awesome, all the side dishes and the meat is really good.And the service is really good, the servers are very helpful and fast.

Lila Grant

Delicious food and friendly service. Loved the kimchi soup!

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