Maizuru Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant

5623 Alton Pkwy, Irvine
(949) 551-6802

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Lance Yonis

Very average, edmame was cold, cucumber salad was sour and returned. Sushi rolls were good. Crunch roll, Ichiban roll good. Samuri roll was bad. It's just 4 pieces of mush that can Not be picked up. Just falls apart instantly in a plop on the plate. People were nice. A little pricey for level of food quality.

Brian H.

Other than salmon, the sushi has been consistently not fresh, with more than one occasion where I actually spit a piece of fish out ?. I'd almost resigned myself to not being able to get fresh sushi, until I ate at Jinbei. No comparison!

Chris BeGames

This is the best sushi place in Irvine. We go there every week and they have never disappointed nor have we felt sick, which seems to be the norm with literally everywhere else.Love the warmth and how fresh their food is.


Nice location! Always a good experience! Staff is nice and works really hard to make sure you are properly taken care of. Sushi is good, really fresh!

Monkey C.

Great service and great sushi!! We love Maizuru!!! I recommended 100%!! Friendly staff!

Frank z.

Two out of our party of 3 got sick on something we ate there today. One of the people in my party has thrown up twice since we ate there at 2pm. Called to let them know and was told that if anyone else called to tell them they got sick from their food today that they'd call us back. I've been a customer of theirs at least 15 years or more. I've never had a single complaint for them. Getting sick from their food and being ignored by the owner is not a good business policy, especially now that their portions have gotten smaller and their prices have gone up. I'll be looking for another sushi spot that hopefully won't get me sick and will show better customer appreciation.

Alan H.

My brother and I took my father there for Father's day and it was pretty good. The fish was fresh and there was a big variety of rolls. Our favorite was the Ichiban Roll. They didn't have any desserts, which disappointed my father. The hot and spicy garlic edamame was very spicy, a bit too spicy for me, but my brother liked it. Hand rolls were huge, with big chunks of sashimi hanging out.

Shaunte S.

Great quality sushi! Amazing customer service!! Sushi is my favorite food and it's hard finding a place that checks all my boxes. Happy I found Maizuru! I have dined in and this time took it to go. Just as great at home as is it sitting inside. Highly recommend and can't wait to go back!

Rose E.

This is my first experience with food from this sushi restaurant. For sushi this expensive, the taste was the most underwhelming and subpar I have ever eaten. The batter on the shrimp tasted quite old, as was the panko on one of the sushi rolls.

Yash M.

I got a spider roll, crunch roll, and california roll to go for $40 which is pretty expensive. I'd expect pretty decent quality food. The sushi all ended up tasting the same because they use mostly the same ingredients but the biggest reason is they use so much of the artificial crab. The proportions on everything was off. The tempura from the shrimp wasn't even crunchy. I live very close to I ate this very shorty after eating. For the price, I was very very let down with the quality and the taste. Lower end sushi places use the tactic of a bunch of sauce and use a ton of artificial crab so everything just tastes the same. I will not be returning here again.


Amazing food, location was great, friendly staff and quick service. Highly recommended to go because I will be returning.

T C.

Love the sushi and the low key feel. We have been going to Maizuru for a while. We are a family of 4 with 2 small children (that eat very little). We brought my mother in law the other day and were shocked at the mandatory 20% tip that appeared on our bill because we were a party of 5 (1 kid ate soup and 1 ate a cucumber roll. Additionally, my M.I.L. had udon soup and no sushi). On top of that, the bill had another suggested 20% tip which I found really tacky. We asked about the bill and the server told us that this is the new policy. Just doesn't feel right. A party of 5 is not typically large enough to warrant the mandatory gratuity policy. Sushi is good, but beware of the added taxes and tip. The bill was $170 for 3 adults and 2 small children).

N R.

This is a solid sushi option in Irvine. I've tried maybe about half of sushi restaurants in town, and this may be my 1st or 2nd choice because of how fresh fish tastes. The service is pretty fast, and the ambiance is nice too. The portion size is rather small, so if you're very hungry, you'd better go to taiko for their kitchen food!

Hesam Abedini

Great sushi place in Irvine. I highly recommend checking out this place! The portions are great and make sense! I really liked their sushi and sashimi combo! The fish was very fresh! Also the space is cozy and nice! The staff were friendly and helpful. We had a great time and highly recommend the place!

Rooney P.

Best sushi in town! Whenever you're not in the mood for pizza, burgers, tacos or sandwiches, check this place out! Very nice staff and tasty rolls.

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Maizuru Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant

5623 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 551-6802