MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes

5365 Alton Pkwy Ste A2, Irvine
(949) 333-3758

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Dan Gorlitsky

OKis burger nothing too amaIng but decent.The atmosphere was not too fun or cool.Service was abut slower than I would have liked.The fries were quite good.Not a top tier burger but decent

Jake Brindle

This is the first time I've visited MOOYAH. The staff was super helpful and friendly! I was looking for a good burger and fries. If you sign on the app, you actually get a fries as a gift! Anyway, I got home and had a great burger. Thanks!

Ryan Palmer

This is my go to burger spot when I am off of work early. The food is very consistent and the staff are all amazing. The buns are cooked on site and are so light and fluffy. It never feels like you’re chewing on too much bread, which lets the burger stand out. The patties are full of flavor and the best topping you can get is onion straws. My personal favorite is the Mushroom Swiss Burger and the A1 Wonderful burger.The French fries are reminiscent of Five Guys and are perfectly salted and just the right amount of crunch and chewiness.Don’t forget to grab a shake on the way out!

Jayla Aldridge

Eddie was so sweet! And was so amazing with asking us if we wanted water or if we needed sauces with our fries I really felt that this added to the fact that I had the best turkey burger of my life made this a place I will come back to again and again


Had the classic burger, it was above average. About one step above in and out burgers.I am mixed between giving three stars and four stars because I can get a double-double for cheaper with only a slight decrease in quality. However the classic is a little cheaper giving a better cost to value ratio than other places I've been to.

Ashley F.

Food is always delicious here, no matter what we get. Mushroom Swiss and the classic Mooyah are our regulars. Don't forget to try a shake!

Seth Gonzalez

This place is RIDICULICIOUS! Kelly and Tyler were very helpful and welcoming! The service was outstanding which made our experience 10x better! I tried the cheddar bacon burger and it was JUICY AF‼️ I will definitely be coming back soon!

Eric Wang

Juicy, crispy, delicious smash burger that punches WAY above their goofy name. I left Irvine 10 yrs ago, but would move back just to eat down their menu.PROs:- medium thick potato fries (think 5 Guys)- crispy sweet potato fries (great pepper seasoning- fresh baked bunsCONs:- parking can be tricky on weekends and around prime dinner- grouchy suburban momsSpecial shout-out:- the ENTIRE staff working tonight was on FIRE! Banging out burgers and fries to large parties w/ screeching kids, and doing it with a smile. These guys and gals are pros!

Steven Skolos

I live down the street from this place, and let's just say it might not be good for my long term health...This place consistently has the best burgers and fries. It is miles above any fast food burger, and much better than a lot of "Sit Down" burger places ive had. It's always consistent, and it never disappoints.Give this place a shot!

Matthew T.

Delicious burgers after the game, I came here. I had a burger craving and was quite hungry. I went there for burgers and was happy to be in a nice setting. Their hamburgers are delicious and really delicious. I was unable to get enough of its flavor. Huge, delicious, and filling patty. The Double Diablo and Little Moo Meal had great flavors. Amazing location with a lovely atmosphere. Excellent service in every way. The wait isn't too lengthy, but it's worthwhile.

KimChi N.

I had the MDC (mooyah double cheese burger) It was huge! Not to mention, you can see the hot juices oozing from the burger. Hot, juicy, flavorful! The sweet potato fries were so crispy and hot! I seriously finished everything, which I rarely do for burgers.

Trent S.

Tired this low key spot during a job site cx meeting, conveniently it was right down the street. Needless to say a for a cool 30 min nothing was said amongst 8 co workers lmao the beauty of lunchtime silence was epic. Then shortly later none of us were worth a damn excuse my language. Great burgers great team! Must try, what ever your heart desires it shall not lead you a stray many tasty options here at this gem.

Juan U.

Loved exploring this burger joint just because of the fun name and branding. Fairly simple inside with a limited menu sticking to what they do best, burgers. I gave this place a four because even though their burgers are tasty, the Pattie's always fall apart. It's like they intentionally smash it too much. I tried the Keto Cheese Burger (lettuce wrapped) and second time the traditional Double Cheese Burger. I love that they give you a hearty portion of fries not limited to a box but they serve it to you in a tray enough to share with your date.


First time trying these burgers ! They were really good but I am not crazy about their Mooyah sauce (1000 island dressing) other than that it was pretty good. Fries were super bomb too!

Nia B.

Randomly found this great burger spot and love that they have build your own burgers with a vegetarian patty option. Their "ice burger" option is a keto version of any of their burgers, and tasted great with grilled onions and their "Mooyah" sauce added. What stood out to me were their fries. They come in a cup & taste absolutely delicious. They're probably some of the best fries I've ever had. They also have a lot of sauces to try which are great with the fries. There's plenty of indoor seating inside & parking is shared in a shopping center.

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