Mr Sheng BBQ

15455 Jeffrey Rd Ste 325, Irvine
(626) 725-1525

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(Translated by Google) Worst restaurant to eat in Irvine and here's why:1. I came with Korean colleagues, but there is no English menu;2. The waiter will not take the initiative to ask you if you want water. Both the napkins and water need to be asked by the customer, and it will take a long time for them to be delivered; if the water is spilled, they will not take the initiative to wipe or hand over the tissue. The waiter does nothing but collect money. Not active!3. The taste is not good, the meat skewers are not tasty, some dishes are salty and some are light;4. ExpensiveStrongly recommend not to come to this store!(Original)在尔湾吃的最差的一家餐厅,原因如下:1. 和韩国同事一起来的,却没有英文菜单;2. 服务员不会主动问你是否要水,餐巾纸和水都需要顾客主动去问,而且过很久才送上来;看到水撒了不会主动来擦或递上纸巾,服务员除了收钱以外什么都不主动!3. 味道不好,肉串不入味,菜有的咸有的淡;4. 价格贵强烈建议不要来这家店!

Yu Xie

(Translated by Google) BBQ tastes very good, but the price is a bit expensive(Original)烧烤味道非常不错,但定价有点贵

Claire Bai


t liu

They have very good BBQ skewers. I had beef, enoki mushroom wrapped with beef, chicken wings, chicken feet, grill Chinese lettuce, tofu skin with cilantro. They were tender and juicy. Originally, I ordered mild but they were still a bit spicy to me though. Overall, I can't wait to try their other dishes.

getty Gan

Delicious authentic Chinese BBQ!!! Good customer service, the waiter check on the customers regularly and ask if needs any drink refills and make us aware of the status of our orders.


(Translated by Google) No credit card is allowed, only transfers and cash are allowed, and it is expensive. It is 108,000 miles away from Guijie. It is an extremely poor experience and will never come again!(Original)不让刷卡,只能转账和现金,还死贵,比簋街差十万八千里,极差的体验,永远不会再来了!

Mia Sun

(Translated by Google) Delicious and delicious Irvine finally has a delicious barbecue restaurant! ! The ambience is also good! You can drink and chat! !(Original)好吃好吃 尔湾终于有一家好吃的烧烤店了!!氛围感也很好!喝酒聊天可以去!!

Jazz G.

Had some super delicious bbq here last night. Every meal was yummy: from their bbq lamb, beef, chicken wings to their huge grilled oysters and spicy clams!! The menu is entirely in mandarin and you may need help to order but the servers were very attentive! Definitely an authentic experience!!

Xiao W.

Terrible food! Worst service! The worst place I have been ever! Horrible! All food are cold!!They premade them and just microwave them. Don't waste your money here!!!!!!!!! They buy frozen food from grocery store, heat it, Triple price and sell them to you!

Kai N.

Refused to take credit card and even asked for 25% tips. We didn't know the BBQ vegetables come 1 plate and we thought it's like one stick. They didn't remind us and just let us order toooooo much. Bad experience. The food are too spicy and salty.

David L.

Great food and music! Skewers are great! Best pickled cucumbers and the lamb soup with glass noodles!

Summer W.

Ordered food for to-go. Wait was about 1 hour, which I could understand because of Covid. However, while I was waiting at the back door waiting area for the order, I could see nobody in the kitchen was actually wearing any mask/face-covering while cooking and preparing food. This has violated the LA county rules for restaurant during Covid. Not to mention they were actually opening their indoor seating. I was not sure if that seating area has outdoor access because i did not go into indoor but apparently their front door was closed, light was off and you could not know the restaurant was actually open.

Xiao M.

Waited 45 mins for the foods, but that is ok since taste of the food is fine. The worst part is they allow people smoking in the restaurant, we reported to the waiter and they ignored.

Cristal Y.

The service here was horrible! I meant the attitude is soooooo rude! Much better to go Monterey Park spot!

Yibang X.

READ ME!!!! We wait almost 1 hour for dishes. There are someone smoking inside and the owner doesn't care about it. No second time. Disappointed. Not recommended.

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