Noodology - Irvine

15455 Jeffrey Rd #300, Irvine
(949) 336-7338

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OC Foodie

Soups with noodles and variety of broths. The environment is no-nonsense, so it's basically a place where you go to slurp up your soup, without any frills. The food is average from what you'd expect from a noodle house in Irvine.

Francis Cheung

Amazing selection of Chinese soup noodles. Deep flavor in every broth option.

Sammy M.

Good satisfaction spot for Chinese noodles. Flavor is not bad, but many of the choices all have the same base broth with a few toppings changed. Overall not a bad spot for some good noodles and pricing is fair. Be sure to double check your orders though as they tend to always give you the wrong soup that you ordered. Food: 4/5 Quality: 4/5

Tracy Y.

Very good noodles. It's a simple and casual restaurant with spicy noodles. We ordered mild but it was still spicy for us. This restaurant has made it to our repeat list.

Emi O.

i think this place is a solid place for chinese noodles. BUT i loved noodology for the wide glass noodles and they no longer serve it which makes me sad :( most likely wont be coming back anymore because of this lol

Teresa N.

I love this place! I came here before the pandemic and liked it, but recently went back and was still very impressed. I've had it twice in the last few weeks. I love getting the braised pork intestine noodle soup. If you're a fan of intestines I highly recommend ordering this one! I love the rice noodles here. It reminds me of bun bo hue noodles. The broth is spicy and flavorful.

Dave T.

We've been ordering takeout more frequently from Noodology since the pandemic started, so this review is overdue. The food is tasty and we like the option for regular or rice noodles. Some of our favorites are any of the Chengdu style dishes, tomato beef noodles and the chicken mushroom corn noodles (if you want something comforting for a cold). They have a very fast turnaround time on the orders and I appreciate how they package the noodles separately from the soup to avoid soggy noodles. Service is very efficient and we're now regular customers.

Sherrill S.

I wanted to give this location a try, since I had it previously elsewhere. The noodles are super authentic tasting. I love how they give a map of China and where the dishes come from in terms of city. There were so many delicious sounding options that I didn't know what to choose at first, but ultimately I chose Cantonese Beef Rice Noodle Soup. It tasted like how my Cantonese mom would make it- so fresh and wholesome. I highly recommend eating here if you like fresh and healthy Chinese noodles.

Ce Li

One of the few places that have integrated the just order on your phone by scanning QR code. Make it easy to just do that once we were seated instead of waiting for a server we just scanned and ordered and waited for our food. Of course the old traditional method isn't gone, so they accommodate everyone.The food portion of the review, the cold wood ear fungi dish was too vinegary, so it was too much to eat on it's own. They could definitely use less vinegar or add a little more sugar. Even when we brought it home and added sugar, it couldn't mellow out the flavor. My noodle dish was pretty decent, but I would've loved to see more of the peanut note to the sauce. My girlfriend's soup noodles were kinda meh because the pieces of beef in her dish were tough so she was only able to eat about 50% of the pieces.I mean I would still give it a try, decent food and fast for lunch time rush.

D Smith

This is my go-to place for soup in the area (if my soup craving is not for ramen). The soups here are good but they do vary a bit. It may take a little trial and error to find the one that fits your preference although I haven't found one yet that I didn't like. I even like their chopsticks, much better than most other soup restaurants.My favorite so far is the #6 - beef rice soup with red and green chili (it's really spicy though). The #1 is also pretty good...but there are still some that I haven't tried yet. It's hard to try new ones when I already have one I really like, but I'm slowly working on it!

Z Fan

Be aware!!! Worst service experience ever and the cashier change tip amount after you left. My wife and I visited this place on May 8th night around 7:30pm. The only table available was by the door. The staff left the entrance door wide open saying the restaurant needs good air and refused to close it. Wind blows and it was freezing cold. As a result, I was dissatisfied with the service and left 1 dollar tip. Surprisingly, when I check my charges just now, I saw they added 6 dollars to my total bill. What a joke, you don’t get tip well if you provide 0 or negative service. The total charge before tip was $43.05, I wrote $44.05 on the receipt and got charged $49.05. I didn’t remember the cashier’s name but he was a short Asian guy. Be careful if he serves your table!!!

Tiffany V.

The food here is pretty good! You scan the QR code to look at the menu and staff take your order. They give huge portions for a great price. I got the #7 hot and sour soup. It was not too spicy if you're worried about that more like mild and it had the perfect sour kick. The only thing is the meat as someone else commented was a little too fleshy/gamey and dry. However, I enjoyed the noodles and the broth. It was not too salty, food comes out quick, and it was very filling.

Gretchen K.

My friends and I were hungry after getting tea drinks from Sunright. We walked around the plaza and spotted this place after checking a few other places. It's in the same plaza as Sunright and Miibox. You might need to look for a parking spot, as it can be tricky to find one depending on when you go. (Some of the spots are marked 30 minutes only.) The restaurant is more on the casual side. You are seated, but you place your order via the website, which is accessed via a QR code on the menu. Sometimes you could flag someone down for more water or napkins, but there were times when it was faster to go up yourself to ask someone at the register. They specialize in noodle dishes from various regions of China. I bought one of the spicy beef noodle dishes. Pricing was comparable to other places I've gone. I would say our order took maybe 7-10 minutes. The portions are large and I took home leftovers. They are generous with the beef pieces - I had 4 good sized beef medallions in my bowl. Broth was well seasoned and not overly salty or too spicy to handle. Noodles were delicious and the bee was good. The food is good if you want a good bowl of Chinese noodles at a fair price. I will say that partly due to the pandemic, their system of ordering at the table and a partial interaction with the wait staff was a little off. As I said, you were better off going to the front to ask for more napkins, the check, etc. versus waiting for someone to walk by. I sense that things were different prior to the pandemic - hopefully they can figure out how to smooth things out.


Tasty noodles especially if you like the “fen” style noodle.

Hope S.

Not my favorite Chinese noodle place in Irvine but still really tasty! Portions are large and service was prompt. Can be hard to pick which item to get if you're not familiar with the different noodle soups but most of them seem like a solid choice. #9. Cantonese Style Braised Beef Briskets Noodle (4/5): broth was flavorful, but I felt like the meat could be more tender. I also liked the bok choy! popcorn chicken (4/5): not exceptional but satisfied the craving dumplings (3/5): the dumpling skin was a little too thick for me, but the sauce was good

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