Phans55 Vietnamese Bistro and Bar

6000 Scholarship, Irvine
(949) 724-1236

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Brock Bigard

Had the chef selection after a suggestion from my co-worker. Great choice! The dish was delicious. I thought the pork was fantastic, really flavorful. Would definitely go back and try other dishes.

Steve Marino

Too fancy for their own good. Serve up a good pho and call it good. Having said that, the pho was good, run of the mill. Skip the chicken curry. It was way too watery and the chicken was grey in color. Totally unappetising. Instead of trying so hard to elevate this by pressing the chicken into a form and serving it in the middle the dish, just work on that curry flavor and consistency. It tasted like someone added two tablespoons of curry powder mix to some water and called it good. Oh...and to improve, maybe listen to feedback. When the cook says that's how we do it and that's how we've always cooked it...well that doesn't make it good. My suggestion: pass this one by and get some good old pho at a fraction of the cost without all of the pretentiousness.

Priscilla Raj

It was my first time eating here with my friend who comes here and orders out often. I was very impressed with the food quality, but especially the excellent service. All Staff were so kind and accommodating. I would like to come back and try a new dish:) see you soon!

Civan Orakcilar

Classy Vietnamese restaurant. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the filet mignon pho was tasty. Note that the parking for this place is behind the row of restaurants.

edgar vargas

I have a gluten allergy and was surprised at how accommodating and attentive Bernie was. She assured me the kitchen would cook my food separately and it was delivered to me separately from the other dishes to ensure no confusion.Bernie was very helpful in explaining the menu and and I excellent waitress. I would come back just because of her!

Vency Leung

Im so glad tumbled upon this gem! Hidden near the apartments, this Vietnamese bistro really hit the spot. I got the special pho and it was very delicious. My waitress, Bernie, had excellent customer service and made the experience very enjoyable. She was very attentive throughout the dinner. I will be back.


Delicious dumplings and ginger sauce.Love the short ribs!!❤️

Turner Binkley

First time here. Food was great, but service was very slow. Could have been an off day.

Dang Vu

Years ago when $12/bowl of pho seemed outrageous, we went here as the special occasion pho for the quality and environment. Somehow they've managed to keep the same price and quality so now theres almost no reason to go to the typical grungy pho places.

Puneet Singh

Good food and lots of options on the menu.

MOE Saadi

This restaurant is nice, the ambiance is great.We had :Beef brisket RaguPho: brisketOverall, it was goodThe food came out in totally different times which was not what we wanted

Billy Bob

Well I’m confused why this place isn’t a 4.8 rating at least. I have had fried rice at so so many places. All over the country. Best I’ve ever had so far was my good friends mom growing up. She was Vietnamese Chef. Out of the 100s of different Asian Food places over the last 30 years. Her food was still at the top. Until now. Props to you guys. Best egg rolls ever!!!! and house fried rice ever had in my life. And I’m picky af lol Thank you

Wade S. Cowper

Great food. Always nice to have a full bar at an Asian food restaurant.The tuna spring rolls are masterful fusion while the pho remains the best in Orange County.

Danny Douglass

The best Jerry .....the best !Cross between Brodard Chateau (Graden Grove ,OG) and Bamboo bristro..., So damn good, quality ,quantity , great service friendly staff...Shout out to Chris,See you soon

Silas Ferguson

I take my family to this nice place quite a bit! This is my favorite restaurant to have a bite. I visit this spot many times. The food is just great, the staff is professional and the rates are fair. I enjoy being in this spot for a rich supper.

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Phans55 Vietnamese Bistro and Bar

6000 Scholarship, Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 724-1236