Pho Ba Co

4250 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine
(949) 857-8808

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Quick service and generous portion size for the duo appetizer. The pho and Vietnamese iced coffee were also quite good.

jerry c.

Food here is really good, eating atmosphere is great, and service is awesome. I have been to many Vietnamese restaurant, this place is the best

Paige C.

Just tried this place out for the first time so glad I did. I ordered Thai tea yesterday and it was good just wish there wasn't more than just boba in it. I ordered the rare steak pho today and oh man the noodles are so perfect and the broth and steak are perfect as well. Definitely will go again next time.

Chris L.

First time coming here. Tried the crunchy chow mein...very tasty! :-) the service was great too.... Very friendly and helped me order by giving me recommendations. Plan on being back again soon.

Marc S.

Service was excellent. My walk up order was done within 10-15 minutes. They actually walked my order out to my car where I was putting on my license plate. Pho Tai was perfect. Only problem was 1/2 the egg rolls didn't make it home.

Tarin K.

Great please for delicious pho! The portions are large and the food is delicious. Parking is also pretty easy.

Minho Beak

Delicious spring rolls, and very clear broth. Noodles were very well cooked and tasted great. There was also a generous amount of meat in my special combo.

Ezra K.

Love the service and the food lady that talked to us about student discount. She was very nice.

Caitlin K.

My family rushed in at 7:40pm right before closing and super thankful they sat us! We ordered two things 1/ pho with rare and well-done steak and tendon and 2/ the dinner special which includes plain pho, a grilled steak dish and since we arrived so late they didn't have spring rolls but gave us 4 egg rolls. First, the pho was phenomenal! The soup had such full flavors and even the plain pho which had no meat was flavorful. I would 100% recommend the dinner special! For $19.99 you get a large pho, a dish of grilled steak which was grilled and seasoned perfectly. I didn't get to try the spring rolls, but the egg rolls were honestly the only disappointing part. What's keeping me from giving this place a 5 star. The egg rolls were kinda just there not too much flavor, too much wrapping almost. Overall, the pho tasted great, large portions so def worth the bang for my buck!

Grace C.

Pho was so good! Staff was very accommodating and friendly. It was very clean inside and they also had outdoor seating. We also got egg rolls and coffee, which were great. Located in a plaza with a lot of parking.

Jj Y.

The pho was authentic. My egg rolls were perfect and the service was friendly and helpful. I ordered the number 12 and the meat was great.

Taehyun K.

Omg! The food was absolutely mind bendingly amazing. The owner is very nice and kind. I will definetly 100% comeback again and eat everything.

vinh nguyen

All look but no substance. We ordered rice and pho to go. The soup tasted like something pre-packed from super market. The vegetables were not steamed according to order. The fish sauce with the rice were sour. The avocado smoothie tasted like wrong, it was as if they used old avocado. The package the food was put in were tilted sideways so the rice almost spilled out.

Aubrey H.

Wow! I can't say enough great things about this restaurant. From the staff/service to the food, they really go above and beyond. How I discovered them: My sister and I had just gotten our nails done at City Nails (highly recommend them as well) and we stepped outside and I said "Wow, what's they smell?! It smells amazing!" We realized it was coming from Phó Ba Co. I just moved up to this area and she has been living here for a bit longer so she mentioned she had tried their food before a d it was really good. So I decided to order to go and take it home with me for dinner. Ordering to-go experience/service: I walked up to check out the menu and was greeted warmly. I had several questions regarding the differences between some of the dishes since I am not familiar with Vietnamese food. The first man was having trouble understanding my questions so he went and grabbed a woman whose name was Thi (not sure how she spells it). Thi went on to answer all my questions and really took her time to help me navigate the menu and choose a dish that would be best for me. This meant a lot to me because I have health issues that are gut based and I often have to ask many questions before ordering but usually people get irritated or just don't really care the way Thi cared. The food: With Thi's help I chose #37A - the lemongrass chicken with garlic rice. It came with what they call salad but it was less of a salad and more some sliced veggies. Still a nice little refreshing addition to the other food. I especially liked the carrots they were marinated in some sort of vinaigrette and it was lovely. It also came with a little cup of their phó broth and WOW, it was so flavorful! Probably some of the best phó broth I've had. Not greasy at all. Makes me look forward to ordering the phó here next time! The lemongrass chicken was AMAZINGGGG! Omg the flavor on that chicken... again... just WOW! I wish I could get extra of that flavor from the chicken on the side so I could pour it over my rice! I probably shouldn't admit this publicly but it was so good that I locked the chicken flavor juice off the lid of the soup container lol! The garlic rice was also very good. It was not dry at all, fluffy and flavorful. The garlic flavor is not overwhelming but it's just good. Kindness & Tea's: I had mentioned to Thi that I was new to the area and trying different restaurants and that I was also not too familiar with Vietnamese food in general. An extra shout out to Thi again for her kindness, hospitality, and patience. Before I left she said hold on I have a gift for you, she came back with a milk tea for me! So sweet of her! And the milk tea was delicious!! Thank you Thi!! And I'm sorry if I've completely spelled your name wrong throughout this review. Oh I almost forgot I also had their jasmine iced tea. It's a green tea and they brew it very strong. It's unsweetened and has that nice green tea bite to it with a floral essence from the jasmine. So if you enjoy that kind of flavor then def get the jasmine tea, I loved it! 10/10 - if you're on the fence about trying this place, try it. And you can thank me later.

Omead Pooladzandi

My favorite pho spot in OC. I have been coming here for 21 years (since I was 4) and this is by far my favorite style of pho. What an amazing broth and the noodles are also great.The staff are always friendly and gosh those egg rolls are yummy too! Be sure to ask for more lime and chili pepper if you want!

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