PhoTasia Restaurant

5329 University Dr, Irvine
(949) 857-0856

Recent Reviews

Zoila M.

Great food, my favorite is P15 with grilled beef. Been coming here for years and it's a drive from Ventura but so worth it. Never been disappointed, always taste so good.Food: 5/5

Kerry Vradenburg

Very nice people, always taking notice of your experience being good. Good food & patio setting...comfortable & good food. I also left my sunglasses there, only to find out they held them for me.. good food, honest hard working people

Kayoung Oh

Tried pho rice noodle soup and charbroiled pork. Soup was way toooooo salty.. and charbroiled pork wasn’t charbroiled actually. It seems the pork was just microwaved because it had not good that pork smell and like chowing a rubber.

Kristy Naccarato

Ordered through DoorDash. I called the restaurant right after I placed my order to confirm that it was accurate (based on online order structure, I had to order a bit differently than I would in person or on the phone to get what it was I was wanting) and the gentleman I spoke with was the absolute sweetest, kindest and most patient. Confirmed my order was correct with a smile on his face, even though I could not see it, I could feel it. Thank u so, so much!! Such service can be far and few in between and so appreciated ; )

Gigi W

I come here almost once a week. The waiters are friendly and the foods are delicious. Although they sometimes make little mistakes like I ordered beef, they gave me pork. By the way, the drinks are not the same as the photos. The ones on the menu look more tempting. Anyway I still like it.

Federico Pennacchini

Great food. Even better coffee. 10/10 stop on by if you're in the area

Robert P.

Love the Pho and the service is good too. Great for lunch and take out. P1 is my favorite

Leilana Y.

Went here to have lunch with a large group of friends and the staff & location were extremely accommodating for my big group. The service was very quick and the entire staff as well as one man, whom I assume is the manager or shift lead, were all very friendly. I would definitely come back, especially since I am new to the Irvine area and am looking into places to regularly visit!

Hee-Jung K.

This is pretty amazing pho restaurant! It has all the best soup, bun and eggroll. Highely recommended. Clean and Simple.

Tea C.

Their iced coffee is on point! Lovely flavors with great coolness. Had to ask for pork only spring rolls because of my upset stomach and shellfish allergy. They delivered and the sauce went great with it. Very filling and did not further agitate my stomach, thankfully! The lemongrass chicken was confusing. There were two sauces or was one a soup? We weren't too sure. The rice was seasoned but it paired well with the juicy chicken. Though some spots of the chicken was over cooked and hard, it was still very tasty!

Laura Hernandezkhr

One of my main spots to eat. good location, clean, and excellent customer service. I recommend this place!

Yu C.

Not worth what you pay for. Quality has gone down. Also skimping on garnishes that used to come with egg rolls. 4 egg rolls for over $10. Thats not worth paying over $10. And skimping on meat with pho order.

tony c.

Today's brisket tastes really stale. Do not know if it is because weekend. But really disappointed and would drive to Westminster in future

Maxim Ivchenko

The food in this restaurant is very good. I tried different dishes, like different types of Pho, rice dishes, vermicelli dishes, salads and never left disappointed. It’s one of those restaurant you can keep coming to for some good and reasonably priced food. Now, there is something demotivating about this restaurant. It seems it’s not very clean. Once there was a caterpillar in a salad, the other time the water glass wasn’t washed and had food stains on it… etc. I started noticing these things relatively recently, but it stopped being “a one time thing”. So, although the food is good, the Pho is one of the best in that area, they would need to improve on cleaning.

Ally T.

Service was poor, and the food was bland and pricey

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