Shik Do Rak Restaurant

14805 Jeffrey Rd h, Irvine
(949) 653-7668

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FastLane Devs

I’ve eaten at a lot of KBBQ places including a lot in Korea and this is by far the worst meat quality I’ve ever had. Dry and insanely hard to chew. For all you can eat they give you giant meat portions for us 2 people so we only ordered 6 different meat orders and had way too much low quality meat to finish so they charged us a fee on top of that. Service was average. Do not recommend.

Aaron S. Chen

I've come here a couple times, while I lived in Irvine, they always had pretty great service and is also across from 7 leaves which is really nice.

Jeffrey Jiang

This place ruined my vacation. Gave me food poisoning and I had to cancel Universal. You might say, "it's your fault, you didn't cook it correctly" You'd be right but I am going to blame them anyways. You might say "Universal sucks and is a tourist trap". Again you're probably right but you're a square and no one likes you. The food and service was good but my nausea and fever was better.

OC Guide

Come here 2-3 times a month and live this place. Staff is friendly and very reasonably priced. Wait time can be long but definitely worth the wait. I drive past 3-4 Korean bbq places. Definitely worth the drive. Will continue to come back! Thank you.

Celina C.

'Craved for AYCE on Saturday and oh boy, glad I came here. Food is great even when I opted for their fewer selections (real good ones ... still)! I luv the flavor and cuts of their meat and their brisket dip is oohlala! Reasonably priced too! To top it all, great great service from the two ladies in the afternoon shift. One is kailyn. I was not able to get the other lady's name. Sorry! But i am sure, u know who you are! I came with my better half on 7/23/22. We have been here quite a few times already.


We ordered the cheapest option, which I think is $25 per person. We tried the brisket, hot pepper paste pork belly, and beef belly. The brisket was good, pepper pork belly wasn't marinated enough and had too much fat compared to the meat portion. Same for the beef belly. The side menus of bean paste stew and soft tofu soup were salty and thick. If I come back, I'll eat just the brisket.

warit srimadee

Good value for Koren BBQ Buffet recommend Prime Brisket

Plant D.

Good solid kbbq. I usually get beef belly but the last time I went, it tasted a bit gamey (perhaps not fresh that day) They need better ventilation and the grills are slanted a bit which I think can be a bit dangerous.

Anthony A.

I'm not sure who would joyfully pick this restaurant. From the musty, sweaty, moist meaty air to the very BAD food, this may be the worst kbbq i've ever been to. I would not recommend this to ANYONE. Hopefully, you can find another good dinner spot and avoid going here at all costs. Super cheap but awful quality and terrible wait times. I waited two and a half hours for this terrible food. I regret this so much and all my friends hated this. Please, just don't go.

Talia D.

The wait is long for this place but for good reason! The food is absolutely delicious. The banchan. The meats. The service. Everything is go hungry and leave full and happy. And try the spicy tofu soup. It does not disappoint.

Nana C.

It was all good before until today, this is what I got for 2 serving combo, all burned and hard to chew, tossed most of it.

Jazmin R.

My husband and I are obsessed with this KBBQ spot, it is so good! They have AYCE bbq, love their sides also, service is great most of the time although they can get pretty busy sometimes. The AYCE menus have gotten pretty expensive though since COVID so that sucks, we don't go as often now but I definitely recommend. Their brisket and marinated short ribs are my favorite meat. Tip: we liked to order sliced onion and mushrooms to throw on the grill while we cook our brisket, great flavor!

Salvador G.

Great location. Delicious food and friendly staff, always attentive and keep food coming quickly. Awesome waitlist feature!

Chloe L.

This is our favorite place for KBBQ around the area. We always order the combo because the amount of food you receive is absolutely massive for 2 people (at least for me). Their short ribs are so delicious and the service is great too. I highly recommend this place.

Angelica G.

Honestly the best meat I've had at a kkb joint. Especially the brisket. All the sides were good, and they keep the meats coming. Cass beer is available. Downfall is they give you one chili sauce per table. Nice servers.

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