Southern Spice

3850 Barranca Pkwy Suite O, Irvine
(949) 679-6914

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Emily Gengler

We moved here this spring and have gotten Southern Spice on average once a week/once every two weeks. IT IS THE BEST! Nothing has ever been amiss - the flavors, portions, temperatures... The kind of food you think about and want at least once a week. The samosas are perfection; I recommend buying an extra tamarind so you don't have to share. And for families or roommates, take note that they offer free delivery within 5 miles for orders over $50. My only request is to one day offer a general 'Mixed Vegetable Curry', maybe with seasonal veggies, and to incorporate a tofu option. I would order that all the time. Thank you Southern Spice! Now I'm going to go order...

Manish Patel

Worst food and worst service ever I had.Waste of time and waste of money.Even Indian Dhaba place have less noice and good food and service.

David Cramer

Criminally underrated! My new favorite restaurant in Irvine. Best Indian food I've had in a long time. The flavors are rich and intense, the portions are large, the presentation is great. Authentic dishes are the best

William K.

This was some of the best Indian food I've had in some time. We ordered some very basic things and they were all fantastic. With two entrees (the each come with a thing of rice) we needed a bit more rice for the leftovers. But now we just now that for the next time we order. Also, the samosa was fantastic!

Annie H.

Went here on a Thursday for lunch, and the QR Code system was a nice and quick no-contact way of ordering. Medium/large portions for reasonable prices that are good to share. The Malai Kofta and Samosas left good impressions on me (a beginner when it comes to Indian food). I would recommend these for people who enjoy potato dishes or are sensitive to spicy foods (though you can adjust spice of each dish in your order).

Sienna Phan

Great portion sizes and super delicious!! The eggplant curry was my favorite!

Aaron W.

This place has pretty solid Indian food with good portions and reasonable prices. They have casual seating decor and vibe which makes it an easy place for a meal. But they also have an ordering system based on QR codes that is very cumbersome and glitchy. The food: All good, no complaints here. I got a fried cauliflower appetizer (Kempu Bezule) and it was gigantic and yummy. I also got chicken tikka tandoor - large, juicy chunks of grilled chicken in a mild but tasty glaze. Some naan completed the meal. This isn't a gourmet place by any stretch, but it'll fill you up and leave you satisfied. The ordering system: This is a great idea - scan a QR code, place an order through an app, pay through the app, and they just bring it to your table. Problem is, it doesn't work well! I was trying to use a pre-paid debit gift card, which the system would not accept. Both of my friends had issues with their personal credit cards being rejected. It took quite a while for us to place the orders. And, when technical issues arise, they have no work-around. You literally cannot place an order at the counter, in-person (they won't do it). Plus, the touch-screen that is located at the counter is for take-out only, so they didn't let my friend use it when his credit card was declined. If you can get your order placed, this restaurant is solid, but that's a big 'if'.

Luis Huang

Not bad. Pretty good selection of Indian dishes. I would definitely come again.4.5 Stars!

John Sardo

Food was delicious and very satisfying

Narjes G

I always wanted to try biryani and I found it at souther spice. My last order was rachid. I had a piece of hair in my sauce. It's disgusting and I had to throw away my food.

Sharad R.

We dined last weekend with friends here and the good was great and so was the service from Suresh and Ashwin. We wanted to pay for additional onions and chilli but they gave or to us complimentary! We will go there again for sure

Lauren A.

I've eaten here several times over the past year and the food is hands down the best Indian food I've ever had. It's not authentic in the sense you could get it from your Indian friends or neighbors, it's Indian food for a refined pallet. The only reason I knocked off a star is because I've witnessed first hand their operational issues. Not sure what's going on but they've got to pull it together soon because I would hate for this restaurant to close down!

Kathy M.

Fantastic samosas! Perfection! Butter chicken and dal melt in your mouth. The biryanis is always done right! Amazing and staff is accomodating. We always eat in or to go orders. Really tasty authentic Indian food I can't find locally. We always come back here!

Philippe Noël

Waited over half an hour for one entree.


My experience with Southern Spice so far has been great. Mostly i love their briyani's where most restaurant does injustices to the Label Briyani by providing us with the pulav with meats and shamefully labeling as briyani. when ever i order food for delivery at Friday evening my fingers are crossed at the delivery time. because of the frustration late delivery i went to the stores in Friday to order in store and learn why they are delaying my food. wow i am amazed to find a lot people who are waiting to pick up their takeaway food. I guess their business is booming on weekend and a lot of couch potato like me are ordering online. Can't blame the staff or delivery person for food delay right. i mean how could a business could handle a chaotic pattern of online order system. All i can say is they got the best South Indian food in all over Irvine. It's a shame they are not a fine dine-in restaurant and weekend dhamaka on late food delivery. Hope this comment would be useful for fellow review readers. Want to give 5 star but i disappointed with their weekend service. Maybe in the Future.

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