15415-15475, Jeffrey Rd Unit A-109, Irvine
(949) 552-5900

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Thrivikram Chelar

Nice cozy place to have classic Subway sandwiches. Service was good, especially by Sri Lankan lady.Food: 4/5

Dennis Martel

Very Clean store, I was greeted as soon as I walked in the door. My sandwich was made quickly and was very fresh. Thank you very much.Food: 5/5

Yanan Liu

Weird ppl, don't say hi, no smile. They don't even pass the food to the customer. The Indian guy just dumped the order inside the counter and walked away after I paid. Worst service ever, shocked that Subway has this level of service

Darlene D.

Just had a delicious sandwich at this subway. It's new and called the Bella They made it perfect with lots of meat,cheese and vegetables.Love this sandwich My daughter had the Veggie sandwich and it was perfect. Thanks to the staff on Saturday at JeffreyRd subway we ordered on line and picked up Staff was friendly and helpful


5 stars for the staff,1 star for the cheap owner (as they are not participating in any deal or online special)

najila hissami

Poor service I used come here twice a week great customer service the the people used working here after a year I came back there was these two guys very mean looking no way saying hi or welcomed you to the store as I ordered my sandwich one guy was being busy and the other Indian guy came out without saying hi can I help you he was standing staring at me and I had to start saying. Honestly he was so upset like they had a fight before I got there so I ordered my sandwich when I asked for extra onions and extra bell pepper he was saying if I want more bell pepper I have to pay extra for extra toppings I was so upset because I never heard this in any subway this Indian guy was so rude I finished my order and stepped out outside my a friend ordered his food and I took a picture of him to post it for you guys to stay away from this place when this guy is working. I know the owner from the store is an Indian couple very nice people I have seen them in the store before I hope you guys check this review and see what kind of person is working at your store. Ohhhh as you can see he’s not wearing a mask ?Thank you

Keshav S

One of the best subways ive been to. Fresh and good service.

Andrea L.

I wouldn't normally write a review for such a basic place like Subway but I was surprised at how wonderful this staff was! I normally have to ask for extra produce (most Subways tend to be cheap and give 5 shreds of lettuce) but this location STACKED my sandwich which was so nice! I ordered online but went inside to ask for a few extras on the sandwiches. I ended up not even needing them because they put a good amount of everything without me having to ask. The staff was super friendly and working hard to get the line down. A few people in line were chatting to the staff like they were regulars there which was nice to see. A super pleasant surprise for a quick Subway visit.

Sampath Narayanan

Weird people. Very bad customer service. They were really pushing us in the aisle - for every vegetable, they were like, “is that all?”, with hardly anyone behind us.Also they declined to share an additional cup. I know it all adds up. But a cup?

Kyle Tucker

The sandwich artist greet and welcome you as you walk in. Their sandwiches are pretty fresh and fills you up. I usually get the Spicy Italian 6 inch on Italian bread and it's the best! I changed my mind about adding chips and a drink at the last minute and the employee made sure that I was charged for the combo rate. Very considerate and I appreciate people that go out of their way for me.

Brian W. one of the people that likes subway. U know what you're getting, you know the calories and nutrition and u know it will be consistent. Do they make the most incredible food in the world? No. But for price, convenience, it's hard to beat. Also the app is great, I hated that they took away the stamps but the app gives u awesome deals and allows u to build up points. I actually didn't eat there for years after they stopped the stamp program and I ate there like every day in college. Just remember, they have a ton of healthy choices, but just because it is subway does not mean it is healthy!! U know what is and isn't healthy, don't blame them. This place has been particularly good because they are quick and make my sandwiches exactly how I like them. Can't ask for much more than that. Also, for a company to squeeze through the Jared debacle with very little fallout, means you're getting good valued meals!! I hear he gained all the weight back btw...but how do u gain weight in jail? The food seems terrible. Idk. Anyway, this is a very solid, well ran subway

Mena Gadalla

Me and my son got poison food , Owner looking like he hate customers.Fix your food and respect customers .

Sean H

They charged me $12.50 for a wrap…a WRAP! That’s expensive!! They ripped me off when it’s supposed to be $6.99.Customers, make sure you know the price of your sandwiches and double check during checkout. They WILL cheat you.

Ricky Wong

restaurant is a bit small and crowded, take out service is fast

Alex C.

It's subway so you can't really mess up a sandwich. However the woman that was making my sandwich today was crazy rude. I had gone in around noon to order lunch to take back to work. So it was obviously busy with a lot of commotion going on. The woman asked me what kind of sandwich I said turkey with Swiss. She muffled something and I could not understand anything. Mind you it was loud as hell, she had a mask on AND she was practically whispering. So I said I'm sorry what was that? Again she muffled something and I said ma'am I can't hear you. She rolled her eyes and said "we don't have Swiss." The eye rolling was so uncalled for like ma'am you are at your JOB so act like it. Was it so difficult to speak up? They sure do want that tip tho when you check out LOL. Fix your attitude and get a grip.

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