Thai Cafe

14715 Jeffrey Rd, Irvine
(949) 559-5382

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Ishka Bibble

Pretty good just a bit too much salt, altho fish fried rice was Very good. Garlic beef cud use more garlic, veggie spring rolls crispy, good filling, pork rolls good, each had a couple of pieces of pork each. Both types come 1/2 dozen per order, Tom yum soup (chicken) tasty, perfect for 4 on cold rainy nite. Shrimp mushroom quite goodFood: 5/5

Christina K.

I've been going here for years. Service is always great and food is wonderful. My favorite dish is the yellow curry with tofu. Highly recommend!

Sarina R.

The food is wonderful and pretty big portions. This is my favorite Thai place taste wise. Definitely try the beef panang!!! That said, I've ordered take out and also have dined in and from experience, the waiters/waitresses are very short with you and kind of standoffish, unfortunately. I always feel like they're not trained well or not trained at all. I hope someone from the establishment sees this and trains the employees!

Kenny Tang

The food was delicious and the price was not too bad. The ambience is a little strange with the setup of the restaurant but regardless, food was very tasty so that's all that matters

Jaimie J.

Great hole-in-the-wall place. Huge portions for a good price, and the food tastes good too. Compared to other places, it's open pretty late, and it's pretty quiet too.

BeachBumBob B.

The food is very good and tasty ! First time here. Luckily I got here early (around 5 Pm or sooner) to order inside for take out. (they have no web page, only what you see on their Yelp page photos of menu) The place was full of sit down customers enjoying it seems, large portions of menu food items. While waiting for my take order (Was told 25 mins, I guess for either cook-staff shortage and that they were really busy serving customers) Wait Staff very nice. This Place is "Very Clean" from what I saw, so that's a Big Plus ! Parking is plentiful so long as you get there early, as there are other restaurants and businesses near by that share. From what I saw, they get very busy with either Big Groups of People coming thru the door or Big Families coming in to dine and eat, so forget about calling during their busy dining hours as they barely have time to seat walk in customers or walk in takeway customers orders. Wait staff do answer the telephone when they can and when not so busy (so with ringing off the hook telephone, I can see way some think that this place has the appearance of being closed is understood, so just drive there!) Again, This Place is Very Clean in Appearance, so I am hopeing the Kitchen is too. We will order from Thai Café again. This Place is way better than Thai Spice restaurant, which is just down the road .

Patty A R.

This place was fabulous! First of all, let me say this place is so darn clean. I really appreciate the details - the utensils were immaculate- there were no spots! The menus were very also clean so thank you for that. The food was plentiful and the flavors were outstanding. I would definitely recommend this place. The parking lot where this restaurant is located is a little busy but if you get there by 11:30 you should have no problem.

Ar T.

My usual go-to Thai restaurant when I'm in Irvine. Have been coming to this place since before the pandemic and for Thai food, it is pretty on point compared to those in the nearby area. I agree that there are likely better Thai restaurants out there but if you'd prefer staying local in the Irvine area, this is the place to go. Prices are moderate and definitely saw the increase due to the recent rise in inflation but generally, the food portions are very generous. If you're looking for some place to fill you up, look no further. I had the Pad Thai, Chicken Fried Rice, and Pad See Ew and they were all hearty and flavorful. I've also tried the Pad Bamie, Chciekn Yellow Curry, and Mix Veggies before and they all hit the spot. If you're from Irvine and want to stay local for Thai food, I'd recommend coming here.

Malia C.

I got a chicken satay, curry, pad Thai, and a yum woo sen. I feel like the chicken satay's salad was really dry, so you have to add some of the pickled cucumber. Do NOT get the chicken satay if you are allergic to peanut sauce because there is a lot of it for your chicken skewers. My brother says the pad thai was scrumptious, delicious, and awesome. My dad says the curry was rich, moist, and tasty. My mom says the yum woo sen was tangy, spicy, and filling. And don't forget to order the rice!!

Mona M.

This place was decent for their stir-fried noodles, but I'm having second thoughts about their food in general. Maybe I need to keep away from their tom yum soup...? I ordered the tom yum noodle soup for the first time and it was sweet? It was not sour nor spicy at all. Pad-see-ew, pad thai, and curry are OK. But honestly, I've never had sweet tom yum soup so I'm confused what happened there. I really wanted that taste hot and sour taste, so yes, I was very disappointed that day. I've had tom yum soup at other Thai places and it was very different. Maybe it's a regional thing. If you like your pad thai on the sweeter side and tom yum extra extra sweet, I guess this is the place for you.

Sonam P.

Great food, good service.. Panang curry, Pad see eww noodles and yellow curry tasted really good...

Brad Glustoff

Had lunch there today, the food was good, but $13 for Pad Thai lunch is too pricey for me.No soup, no egg roll, no salad, just Pad Thai.I won't be back.Oh, and slow service too.


This is the WORST Tom yum soup I’ve ever had. The other two dishes are fine, that’s why three stars

Rich V.

I give this restaurant a 5 star rate. This is my first time coming here with my wife since pandemic has started 2 years ago. What I think is... the food is great. Big dish. Me and mycwife couldn't finish one of dish we ordered. We had Pineapple fried rice and a regular pad thai. Both dish are delicious. But what disappointed was the pineapple fried rice. It used to had a whole dish pineapple scooped out the fruit and place in with the pineapple fried ice in it. Now it's just a regular plate with fried rice in it. other than that... everything is just great food.

Marvin and Thalia

When I tell you this is the best Thai food IT IS! So good like from actual Thailand. Great portions, solid pad Thai, pad see iw and iced Thai tea. Definitely a 10/10, would come back + recommend it! This little place is such a hidden gem, amazing!!

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