Yogurtland Irvine

4616 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine
(949) 932-0829

Recent Reviews

Mary T.

I would like this business owner to contact me to discuss the fact that the associates who pour in toppings aren't wearing gloves.

Liberato Garced (Tito)

Is it me or the quality or their yogurts is just awful?I got this much and it was almost 4 dollars.There is not flavor on their yogurts at all. I am still trying to taste the mango and vanilla.It is just plain cream and sugar.

Mike G.

Location is great with the lake view and you can sit down and enjoy an awesome view. I've brought my kids here many times and continue to go back as the location is great.

Ivonne Nohemi Ayala Puente

Delicious frozen yogurt ??

A T.

This location is truly awful. I should have read the reviews before stopping (and fighting for a parking spot) by. Every other Yogurtland location known to man is self service...but not this location. After choosing your yogurt you will be dismayed and absolutely bewildered to find that ALL of the toppings are sequestered behind imposing sheets of industrial plastic. In classic Soup Nazi style, (Seinfeld ' Episode 116- Airdate Nov 2nd 1995) you take two steps to the left after getting your yogurt and hand your bowl to the unsmiling clerk behind the imposing sheets of industrial plastic who begrudgingly drops THE ABSOLUTE MINIMAL AMOUNT of each requested topping onto your bowl making it seem (in true Soup Nazi style) like they are doing you a favor by getting you the minimal amount of your toppings. Although parking is a bit of a hassle at the Yogurtland location at UCI as well I would HIGHLY recommend going to that location if you fancy Yogurtland and are in the Irvine area.

Dana S.

I have not had the best experience at Yogurtland in the past, but the new worker Anne has changed my view. She is so welcoming and always greets me when I come in. The service is good and I do not mind that there are no sample cups/you cannot pour your own toppings. However, I would like to see more dairy free flavors since they only have had one for the longest time and its not that good. Sometimes they get new dairy free ones but they are always kinda weird like chili mango. Besides this I think it is a yummy place and I recommened.

Jason D.

I love getting the largest bowl and getting a bit of everything literally everything. Sometimes I get 2 large bowls to try and get over the boy who cheated on my with my mom.

Ashley Sacchitella

Yougurtland is my favorite. This location? Not so much. We have ordered delivery 2 days in a row, and both days our orders have been wrong and have had half of the container filled with yogurt. And to make it worse I still don't even have my refund from the first order being made wrong. Super frustrating that this location continues to fail on delivery.

Calvin Choi

Just came tonight, and even though Google Maps and the Yogurtland app both say 10pm, this location closes at 9pm on Saturdays. Just wanted to let everyone know for future reference. Other than that, this place has always been good. Just the closing time is misleading.

Mircea D.

Let me be clear...I LOVE Yogurtland!!! It is THE dessert place for our family. But it seems that every time we go this particular Yogurtland location, we have an awful experience. First of all, we come in and ask for sample cups. They said that they do not have sample cups anymore, while all the other Yogurtland locations that I visit still give out sample cups. It's not the end of the world but it's a Yogurtland staple where you can try out all their new flavors. Second of all, they were missing toppings...especially the topping that I usually get which is cookie dough. Third of all, they are still "locked down" as during the Pandemic with a glass/plastic wall around all the toppings. One of the coolest things that we enjoy going to Yogurtland is the fact that we get to customize the yogurt to our liking. At this location, I have to hand my cup to the employee and they put items in the cup for me. I know it may be a tedious thing but being able to put the toppings that we like in the amount that we like is part of the "Yogurtland experience". Finally, management does not care to service its customers. I asked the manager as to why is there a glass/plastic wall around all the toppings. They said that it is a COVID and sanitary precaution. I explained that I visited several other Yogurtland locations in Orange County and this is the only location that has this "precaution". Also, the fact that I am handing my cup to an employee that is not wearing gloves is not very sanitary as they are touching everyone else's cup. I also explained that by not providing the sample cups and removing the ability for the customers to serve themselves, it is taking away from the Yogurtland experience. The management dismissed my concerns and then changed their "excuse" saying that the glass/plastic wall is to keep children away from the toppings. All in all, I assured them that this was the last time our family will be visiting this location. Yogurtland at The Market Place in Irvine and The Village in Orange are the places to be!

Serada H.

The girl that helped us with our toppings tonight was so sweet! Thank you for your great customer service!

Cai Jo

Love frozen yogurt and they have lots of flavor and topping options here! There's also really nice seating outside with a view of the lake and plenty of chairs.

Ethan Wood

What a nice place! The staff is kind, the yogurt tastes amazing, and the prices are decent. Thank you for the enjoyable yogurt, and keep it up!

Youri Y.

I've been to this Yogurtland twice and the location makes this a great spot to get a sweet treat. There's no longer sample cups due to covid protocols but all the flavors available were pretty tasty such as mango, coconut, chocolate and pina colada. What I enjoy about yogurtland is the ability to try all the flavors at whatever portion you want. The employees serve your toppings for you. The mango was not ripe though and it was crunchy and bitter LOL. But everything else was delish to eat while chillin on the patio chairs overlooking the lake on a nice day :)

Steven Luh

It's Yogurtland, pick your favorite flavor from the dispenser, add toppings, weigh it and guess why it costs so much... then enjoy.

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