Sakana Sushi & Roll

303 Arlington Ave #1, Kensington
(510) 524-7096

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Sung Hae Kim

High quality sushi and great service! We love the purple rice too.


My mind was blown by the freshness and quality of ingredients. By far the best sushi I’ve had in while. Vegi Lover roll was extraordinarily flavorful and even something as simple as sunomono was elevated in quality. Thank you to the chef and staff who know their craft, for sure!

David P

The neighborhood and shopping area had a cozy vibe. Ordered at around 30min before close. Roll, 6 pc sashimi, and miso soup. I’m Asian so already familiar with purple rice. In my opinion it tastes exactly the same as white rice with the texture being slightly different. The spicy tuna roll was good which I think is rare... many other restaurants are lazy with it. The sashimi was tasty, cut thick, and nicely presented in the togo box. The only thing I didn’t like was the miso soup. Tasted a bit watery.

Christopher Bazil

Decent sushi. They only serve purple rice for every dish and role, which is good - but it would be nice to have a white rice option. They also constantly run out of rice, sometimes hours before closing. Order early if you’re depending on this place for dinner.

Daniel B.

Outstanding! Everything was beyond fresh and delicious. The staff are adorable. 6 stars

cyndie waldichuk

Best sushi in town! Service was amazing and the sushi was really good! Fresh and good portions! We will definitely be back!

Rachel R.

Delicious sushi, adorable server, beautiful black rice coming out purple after cooking....wait a minute. Only two tables right now. Don't go there when I want to!

Kyungji M.

I wish I took a picture of my chirashi bowl that I got to-go from Caviar. The fish was delicious with variety. The wild rice they provide was also very delicious. I think this chirashi bowl is worthy of its price! I will definitely be ordering from here again.

Shari A.

Hands down the best sushi we have ever had. I. Do. Not. Like. Fancy. Rolls. Just give me good quality raw fish and that should do it. Let me taste the fish. Not the sauces that some places pour on that disguise the substandard fish. Hamachi was $6.50 for THREE pieces, a bargain, and was absolutely the best quality hamachi I've ever had. Haven't been to Japan: am sure it's better there, but this has to be close. California rolls, $6.50, were delicious, the right proportion of crab and avocado to the unusual but tasty red rice. Husband and sons had variety of other nigiri including maguro, all of which they said were outstanding. Our order took an hour and a half, but more than worth the wait!!!

Oliver J.

We totally agree with the previous 5 star reviews: the fish was fresh and delicious, the service was friendly and impeccable, the plating gorgeous and inviting, and the portion size generous, meaning it was very good value. We live in the neighborhood and didn't know they had opened again. We were walking by, stopped and ordered our food in person at the door, and happily walked home with our take-out order 12 minutes later. I had the sashimi special, which came with a delicious miso soup and had many thick sashimi slices, several pieces of Nigiri, and a choice of California roll or spicy tuna roll (I chose the latter). Superb--and I could not finish it all. Certainly could have shared it with my partner. My daughter chose the vegan option which she loved; again, it was beautifully, had interesting, harmonious flavors, and was too much for a single person to eat in one sitting. Highly recommended!

Natalia Carney

Best sushi place in Kensington! Food is fresh and super tasty ?. I can help but buying from them at least once a week.

Siriporn Y.

I've been looking for my new favorite sushi place for a year since I moved from SF to Berkeley. My husband went through yelp and found this place. I saw they got 5 stars and was very curious if the food is that good. We made pickup order for some appetizers, nigiri and rolls. I normally do more sushi than rolls because I love good fresh fish. but this time we only order toro, salmon, and madai because I wasn't sure if they are fresh or not. Once I opened the sushi box I was shocked! I saw sushi I order are very beautiful especially TORO ($12 for 2pc, the cheapest price ever for this very good grade toro!) One of my favorite plates is Ankimo (monk fish liver). There are 2 choices which are 3pc and 4pc, I order the 4pc one. They came on beets and daikon bed with thin slices. First I thought it's too expensive for this one because it's actually small portion. However, I totally forgot about the money after I put one of them in my mouth. It was very tasty!!!! Not fishy at all! Recommend it! The rolls we ordered were as big as it's prices with quality! The service was great! They are very nice. I will definitely go back. Next time I would like to eat out there. They have a few outside table. So I can eat more fresh fishes! Oh! One more thing, they use Japanese Black Rice instead of white rice. So healthy!9/21/2020

Nadine Y.

[Covid Review]Decided to come here with my fiance and a couple friends to eat outside and boy was it a great idea. We called ahead to let them know that we wanted to eat outside and so we made a reservation. This restaurant is located on Arlington and has a small parking lot if you wanted to park there. I feel like the restaurant is hidden because of the fact it's not on a busy street and it's surrounded by competitors that are on Solano Ave. Our service here was fantastic, they were attentive and even apologized when one of our rolls came with avocado because one of our friends was allergic to it. They were very sincere, attentive, and always making sure we had enough water and were satisfied. What makes this place unique compared to other sushi places is the fact they use black rice instead of white rice. INow the good stuff....FOOD! - Edamame :: Very delicious and honestly one bowl came with A LOT of edamame. I felt that they were very generous with the amount they gave which was awesome- Ichiban Roll :: Delicious on a 5/5 scale. The sushi itself was very fresh, the right amount of sauce and the unagi was soooo delicious. I've never had a roll of sushi that had unagi AND yellowtail so this was really good and different from what I usually order. -Natsu Yasumi Roll :: That spicy salmon was bomb and the seasoning that was put on top of this was so delicious. The seasonal white fish that came with this was so fresh and it had a nice touch with the shiso (mint leaf). I really liked that this had ponzu sauce and the way this whole roll was crafted together made it superb.- Lion King Roll :: I base a lot of sushi restaurants on this roll and it makes a restaurant a hit or miss for me. This roll was 5/5, wasn't soaking in the sauce, the amount of time this roll had to bake was perfect! I would definitely come back here again to have this roll and even try the spicy lion king roll. - Bay Scallop Roll : This sushi is baked and while other sushi restaurants make this dish too, I would have to say the difference is that this roll literally melts in your mouth. The scallops are small, but it doesn't make this sushi roll bad. I think it makes it great because you really savor the scallops.- Aloha Poki Bowl :: This dish came out huge! My friend wasn't able to finish it, but he said it was delicious. The crab tasted amazing with a slight sweet taste to it and even though it had a lot of ingredients involved in the bowl, it all worked together nicely. I would honestly come back here just for more sushi and the service was fantastic. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants some bomb sushi.

Ryan M.

I got take out from this place, and I loved it. Its honestly the best sushi I've had in a long time. The fish was fresh and high quality, they had a large variety of rolls, and fun ways to customize your rolls. I was a little apprehensive about the purple rice at first - I'm not a big fan of brown rice on my sushi due to the overwhelming barley-ish flavor - but purple rice is the way to go. The flavor is subtle like white sushi rice, but with a bit more bite to it.The place is pricier than other sushi in the area. But after trying the sushi, its totally justified.

Damon L.

I was in the Berkeley Hills area when I had a sudden craving for sushi. We found Sakana, a small sushi shop tucked away by the hills and a short drive away from Tilden. I found out they are fairly new having opened in November 2019 but closed down for a few months with COVID. We were planning on sitting at the outdoor seating area but I didn't realize just how small the restaurant and outdoor area was! There was only one seat. No big deal. We arrived and ordered at the front. We ordered the Kyuri Three and the Orange Blossom. Sakana uses purple rice. This was my first time trying it and I can say it definitely provides a unique grainy texture but flavorful taste to the rolls. Kyuri Three - one of the special Sakana rolls with no rice. Instead it's wrapped with cucumber. Perfect for a hot summer heatwave type of day! I thought the roll was priced a little high but taste and quality was definitely there. Orange Blossom - can't go wrong with salmon and avocado on a roll. Great cuts of salmon here. Overall, we were satisfied with our meal. The staff here are super friendly. Last but not least, their cuts of fish are so fresh here! This is a great spot to check out after a hike in the hills.

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