The Kluckin Chicken

3747 Foothill Blvd Unit C, La Crescenta-Montrose
(818) 369-7761

Recent Reviews

Daniel Ghanbari

Here are a list of reason why this place deserves 5 starts.1. Open late2. Reliable hours of operation3. Delicious items on the menu4. Reasonable pricing5. Great customer service

Princess Z.

Tried this place out for the first time and I can say it was extremely delicious. Fresh food. Chicken was nice and juicy , very flavorful and the fries and slaw were 10/10. This will be my favorite new place to go! Also the inside was extremely clean and the staff was beyond friendly and welcoming

Sergey G.

This place is the best!!! Friendliest staff, fresh all the time, perfect portions and great for family gatherings. Highly recommended.

Allen D.

Kluckin chicken is quick , consistent and has great food. Phone ordered the combo 2 (two sandwiches on French roll) and was ready in 10 minutes. Sandwiches had hearty pieces of chicken that were fried great, not like other places that serve them to you with oil still leaking off. You get to choose your spice level and I got medium, I have a good tolerance for spicy food so next time till be trying hot. Medium felt like a "mild +" but you could still feel the heat. Ample interior & outdoor seating (which is a plus) & nice service. Will definitely be back

Albert J.

It says they "close" at 2am, So I called at 1:20 for carry out. They said they last called at 1:10am. I work in the restaurant industry, you don't last call 50min before closing. 10-15min is standard, 50min is lazy and creates Inconsistency. Next time I'll just figure they close at 1am. (Update) I was personally called me back and an apology extended. I appreciate it and will give this place another shot.

Tx S.

This is place great with a lot of good options as well. Friendly customer service , good quality food and I would highly recommend kluckin chicken as there sandwiches are terrific !

Nathalie U.

The tacos are the best thing here! Not a fan of the chicken sandwiches and tenders tho.

Kerrington Hurley

This place is so good! If you want the best chicken you will never eat.... look up BBQ chicken. Yep not this place but trust me BBQ chicken is the best chicken you will ever have. I live for that chicken.

Rita S.

Not too crazy about this location. Service and people were great cant complain about that. It was extremely hyped so we figured to give it a shot. To me it felt like any ordinary chicken based eatery.

Izzy T.

Get the Quesadilla it is really godly good, get it with the fries that are crinkle cut ...standard. if you have a chick filet sauce laying around...dip quesadilla in that. THAT IS ALL

Arpa A.

One of my favorite hot chicken spots. Large portions and crispy chicken that you can get with various levels of heat.

Mania A.

My favorite!!! I come here often. I dont know why it took me so long to write a review. We order the Kluckin bowl and the quesadillas and sometimes their fried pickles. Never disappoints. Fast and clean w/ great customer service.

Chris D.

I have eaten here 5 times Perfection every time Spice level is adjustable Gourmet bun is grilled, buttery and tender The slaw is crispy and sweet The sauce is piquant without being overbearing Sandwich and fries cooked to order Served hot enough to make you wait for that first delicious bite Very reasonable prices for a high quality product 2 huge flat screens on either wall My NFL hangout spot this fall Open until 2am Only game in town after a concert or last call Super cool guys work here So tip like you mean it Kluckin Chicken May you fry chicken sandwiches for a thousand years And never taste defeat

Jeff K.

Stopped by to give this place a try after reading lots of good reviews. I got the Kluckin Bowl and a taco as well. The bowl was huge and definitely could be shared among 2-3 people. The chicken was crispy and juicy. The slaw underneath helped to cut some of the richness and the fries at the bottom helped to round up all the flavors. Their Kluckin sauce is amazing and I ended up drizzling more of it for a more flavorful punch. Overall, a must try if you're in the area and want some quick comfort food that hits the spot.

Brandon G.

Prices are miscalculated in every aspect and possible way. For example: combo 2 (2 sandwiches and fries) is priced at $17.49 however, each sandwich is $9.99. The 2 tacos from the menu is priced at $12.99 however, if you look at the sides, each one is $4.99. Then, the sandwiches are extremely hot that it burned my mouth! There is no note or advises to tell customers the sandwiches are extremely hot. Also, when you order the Kluckin bowl with cheese, the cheese is not melted and it's not edible. Lastly, to conclude this, there it's not a friendly atmosphere inside the restaurant. Employees keep looking at customers while eating... but To be honest, the place is clean.

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