The Weevil Burger Restaurant

9104 Fletcher Pkwy, La Mesa
(619) 644-1010

Recent Reviews

Julianne Ritenour

Very accommodating to families with young children & excellent friendly servers who work hard to feed your family so you don't have to! Can't beat that!

Anthony Mark

Great place! I love the service as well stacy and tori were great. Stacy really took pride in how she taught tori how to be a waitress and made sure i was tooken care of and that i was happy. The food was great and my food was out quickly. I definitely will be brining my family back. Thanks for the great service

Patrick Scott

Food is average. I could of gotten a better burger at Carl Jrs. Atmosphere is average. I think these guys are going backwards in food quality meaning taste. Hamburger buns suck. Should offer types of buns. The asra was cleaner than the one on College though. I was hoping to get better food at this location than college. No luck

Laura Klosterman

Heidi was the best! Had a rough day and being at Weevil Burger made it all better. Thanks Heidi!

shulamit nelson

Great service and deals. Best fried zucchini sticks I've had in ages!!

Edie Gilmore

The service was excellent and the food was delicious. They have sweet potato fries!

Tim Garcia

Good food. Good prices and friendly staff

Charles Damaro

Friendly service. Great food and company.

Wisam Shamo

Love this place. The owner John, and the staff make us feel at home always. Food is absolutely delicious and the service is amazing.

Devon Michelle

We originally went in, because of the reviews and it showed it was on the low price range... not the case. It cost $40 for two adults and a child's drink. I was honestly so taken aback by the price. If we didn't have our young kids with us, we would have just left. The food is noo where near the price tag. Honestly it's bowling alley quality. I would have been happier eating for half price at a Wendy's or for the full price at Stacked. $3 for a single glass of soda. No fries included with their burgers. Ooofta!

deborah g

This place is horrible, do not recommend. The wait was crazy long, she kept lying and saying “soon” took 2 hours and was no packed. Was accused of not paying and chased me into the street then realized it was someone else. Food was horrible, will never go there again.

Allen Hays

I love their burgers and the casual atmosphere makes it a go to option just about anytime. Lots of TVs, pool table,and cold beer.

Steve Habercom

This is absolutely one of my favorite spots. You can get a steer burger and fries for 7.99 most of the week. Their happy hour pitchers for $6 are amazing, and it's just an overall fun environment.

Eva Naputi

We would come here at least once a month but it's been a while (4 months) the pickles taste different.


The restaurant staff was very friendly. When ordering the food it came out really quickly , well cooked and the portions were huge. You can tell as soon as you walk in that the food is going to be good because it feels like a mom and pop shop.

Nayeli Bensor-Dominguez

They should not be confusing people, this looks sooooo much (Almost identical) to Boll Weevil

Kevin Hoy

This place has gone downhill over the years. Loved this place growing up but there are alot better burgers now a days.

Tristain Cotter

Always great burgers, service, and shakes! Fantastic family atmosphere!

Dave Robertson

GREAT for the family. MADDY is the best

Desiree V.

I am so excited to write this review. I want to take a moment to recognize a server at this establishment named BRENDA!! Yesterday was my sons birthday dinner that I had planned for 7pm. I messed Up and told my guests 6:30pm, silly me! As my family showed up they were shocked at by amount of people that were there! A party of 50 or More came In last minute because of the weather (they were originally at a park). To be completely honest it was overwhelming for me. Loud and too many people to my liking. However, Brenda made me and my family feel like we were the only ones there! She took SUCH good care of us (a party of at least 25) in addition, she was taking other tables too!! Big shout out to the kitchen staff too because our food was not delayed and came out fast!! I couldn't believe how calm, cool, and collected Brenda was with so many people! She was also very Patient with me. Originally, my guest total was 15 but, grew to 25 and added tables and chairs as we needed them (even when another server told us NO!) my baby boys birthday was seamless. Thank you Brenda!

Wes Ciesielski

Always a nice place to take the family for a informal dinner at a reasonable price

Nanette Solorzano

A great family friendly restaurant. I find the service is always friendly and food is delicious and filling. Come hungry! My favorite is the bacon blue cheese burger. So many delicious sides and appetizers to choose from as well.

Naughtius Maximus

Some of the best service around. The first local restaurant I have been to since moving to San Diego that is actually good. Food is fantastic, everything, including the beer, is reasonably priced. My biggest complaint about here is the group of parents that were here let their kids run wild and the staff didn’t say anything about it. There is something uncomfortable about a bunch of 8-10 year old running around with pool sticks, acting roudy as their parents drink away at pitchers of beer.

Guen G.

Husband and I have been in living in La Mesa for a few years and we only finally ate here and we are satisfied. I had the euro which was super delicious. I also had nachos which made me happy because I recently got bad nachos at a different restaurant where they tried too hard with too much crap on it and the cheese sucked. I just wanted the simplicity of tortilla chips and gooey nacho cheese for goodness sakes and weevil burger delivered with some jalapeños too. (I know I'm ranting too much about nachos lol) Husband got the 1/2 pound steerburger special and he was happy too. We will be back.

Bob R.

Used to be consistently good....not sure what is happening. To be clear the service was good and friendly as always. The food however not so much. "Warm toasted bun" was cold and not particularly fresh. Burger dry, fries warm at best, soggy. Onion rings good, hot and fresh. Fish and shrimp good, but again sad fries. Overall a bit disappointing may or may not go back.

Rita Mccrerey

Average burgers but good selection. Fries crispy...yum. Friendly service was great! Good neighborhood casual spot.

J.D. J

Good food good sized portions comfortable atmosphere

Gina D.

Waitress was rude. We felt very unwelcome. Overcharged. The food was okay but nothing exceptional. We won't be returning, there are plenty of other burger places with a less grim attitude.

Dawn Z.

This place has gone WAY downhill! We went there yesterday and ordered the burger special. The waitress asked us if we wanted lettuce and tomato and we said yes, only to find that there's a charge for each topping! Aren't lettuce and tomato standard on a burger at any joint? Wow...we will not be back.

Slwan N.

I love the weevil burger because they bring the food in time my family goes there twice a week we love weevil burger so much weevil burger is the number 1 place a nice owner there is games there for kids to play the place is clean you get to pick what table you want it is not the weevil burger people's choice .

Violet L.

I needed something to eat and rest a bit after shopping, so thought I'd stop for a hamburger, or?? Well I decided on the Gyro and some onion rings, which were utterly delicious. The Gyro meat itself was tender, tasty and the lettuce, tomatoes, onions were fresh and crunchy. The sauce was very tasty too. The Weevil Onion Rings speak for themselves, even at $5.99. The Gyro was only $3.99. Best of all was the young lady that served my food. I don't know her name, but my ticket says clerk ID 3. It was late on a Sat.afternoon, and the place was empty , just a few customers, which was very surprising, but after looking at what I thought was a very expensive menu, I wondered if that might be the reason.

James L.

Been sitting here waiting for over 20 minutes for a refill while our waitress is just in the back at a counter laughing and joking around

Danielle K.

Absolutely adore this place! Definitely no-frills, casual dining spot and a small arcade for those with kids (or kids at heart!). Food was good; we ordered the Big Daddy and the Chili Size, which both tasted good. The chili was flavorful and not too salty like it tends to be at other places. There was also large party when we went, however the waitresses were still attentive to my party of two and ensured our drinks never went dry. My only criticism of the place was the condiments tray, particularly the little plastic container trays they used; it was a little gross to think about having to reach into some cheap plastic container just for some onions or some banana peppers. My suggestion would be to maybe serve them with tongs for each container or even serve small dishes with the toppings. But make no mistake, I love the concept of being able to add whatever the hell I wanted to my burger especially for a picky eater like me! Will certainly come again.

Nick E.

Best deal in sit down burger biz, .99 nachos and .99 hot dogs on Saturdays. Must buy a drink, but no biggie because its still a good deal. We've come here frequently, I'd say at least 1-2 times a month and the service is always good, the food is always great and the kids love the coin operated games/trinket dispensers. However, there is a machine or two that robbed a dollar from our kiddo and she was in tears. But the gadget machines aren't why we were here. Just be warned, you might get burnt on the games/dispensers. A+ for food, A for service, B for ambiance, C for games. Ok, enough. Very consistent each time and that's hard to find. We will continue to come here.

Katie G.

We really like this place ! They have a good sized dining room and their booths are very comfy and roomy . During the summer it gets so hot in east county, so it's nice to eat here because they blast their air conditioning and it feels so good . Their servers are very friendly and you never have to wait for refills and your food is served quickly . Their cheese burgers are delicious . We really love their cheese burgers . They have a special Monday through Thursday a 1/2 lb steer burger and fries for 6.99 . It costs 1.00 to add cheese , tomato and lettuce. I add grilled onions for 1.00 also . It's a perfect burger ! I also really like their French fries too . They're cooked perfectly and you get a large portion of them .

Susan W.

Great burger place. Local..sit sitting in hit car for an hour. Forget In and Out go Weevil Burger. Horrible name great food.


Food is not bad however the service is lacking. The servers try to be friendly by talking to tables however it leaves other tables sitting without service. We literally sat for 15 min waiting for a server to come by.

Kat Rice

Food was edible, but not good. Service was ridiculously slow. No desire to go back.

Michael Vitali

Not the Boll Weevil I remember. Used to be a lot better.

Joe O.

This evening, May 12, 2018, we met our son and daughter in law for an early Mother's Day dinner. We enjoy the food at Weevil Burger, not so much the food servers. This would be no exception, except it reached the point that it was necessary to speak to one of the food servers that appeared to be the "manager". As we sat down, I observed the one staff that appeared to be handing out orders to the other food servers. After a brief interview with another food server, I was advised this persons name was "Heidi". Wether this is correct or not, I have no way to prove if it is true or untrue. As we had been promised a condiments tray by our food server, which had never arrived, my granddaughter, went to the counter and spoke to this person that obviously has no positive demeanor to other employees and certainly not to the patrons of the restaurant! My granddaughter asked for a condiments tray, I witnessed my granddaughter being told that someone would bring the tray to the table. This person, "Heidi" was not doing anything visible to assistant in the running of the restaurant and it took her several minutes of doing nothing, to walk to the refrigerator and bring out some containers of onions and place on the condiments tray. A few minutes later, the tray was delivered to our table ! At that time I mentioned to "Heidi " that it takes three requests to receive a condiments tray. Her reply was, " I don't know about that". I lost my patience with this person and let her know that she had a very poor demeanor to be working in the front end of a service industry, such as a restaurant. She gave me a look of " how dare you talk to me that way"! and questioned if it was her I was talking about. I was then told by this person that it was I that had the poor attitude! What type of restaurant hires an employee to treat their customers this way? I asked if she was the manager, she made a gesture and commented, who me, the manager? I asked who is the manager, she commented, there is not a manager tonight. I asked who is in charge tonight, she said "nobody"? What? She refused to tell me who the manager was for the evening. If there was a way of giving a mark less than 1, I would have done it. My daughter in law was upset and commented, watch, she will probably spit in our food, I had direct view of the kitchen and knew this would not happen. We have come to this restaurant many times, but, will NOT return until something is done about the attitude of this employee!!!