6949 University Ave, La Mesa
(619) 467-7078

Recent Reviews

Rodney G.

This Wienerschnitzel always serves food fresh and delicious. The employees are customer friendly and enjoy serving the communityFood: 5/5

Billy Gibson

I've been coming here for at least 5 years and I think there is the exact same staff that was here 5 years ago which only means one thing The employees are happy The food's greatFood: 5/5

Brandon Martin

It's exactly what you expect. Customer service is almost always great. The food is what it's supposed to be. They are rarely out of anything.Food: 5/5

Robert Chavez

They are always very polite and professional, food is good and place is clean.Food: 5/5


Finally fast food that still cares. Order is right, hot and with plenty of miles. Even called me by name after paying.Food: 5/5


We've waited a very long time for Wienerschnitzel! We used to have one here, in Oklahoma City, but alas that one closed up. Ah well, we had W in La Mesa!

Crystal Shirey

Been coming here for over 20 years and it never lets me down.Food: 4/5

matthew andrews

I will say, wienerschnitzel is not the best most amazing food on the planet, but you really know what you are going to get when you get there. I was VERY hungry and maybe that made everything taste better, but all my food great. The hot dogs, the fries, the jalapeno poppers, everything was cheesy and saucy and delicious. Don't skip out on the dipped ice cream when you pass by, it is just such a nice treat.Parking: This is mostly a drive through place, so there are only like five parking spots and a very few seats. So order at the window and keep driving.

George Lorence

Every time I go there, they are always friendly, nice, and fast. The food is always hot and fresh, and my order is correct! Very rare in this world now a days! Great job guys!!!!

Jess D

Went to Winter since the lab about quarter to 10 and they were closed. I've had a surprised you that I saw that it closed later than 945. So I was a little bit disappointed I couldn't get my chili cheese dogs.

shawn calpito

The black manager in here is racist. I do not like going when he is there. I try to avoid it. He shouldn't be in that position with his attitude!

Lovely S.

I love there ice cream me and my son come here alot and everyone is so friendly and you got to try the freezes they always put in more topings if I ask them to and don't charge me and don't get pissed off if I ask for a cup of water like jack in the box's up the street anyways apart from the line I love it

Darlene Elbert

Drive thru order taker was extremely nice. Good hot dogs.

Jessica Daoodi

Went here at 945 and they were already closed. Not sure why.....thought they were open until 10pm. Otherwise I like the chilli cheese dogs. They are bomb.

George “Georama” B

Good dogs! The only downside is the short drive thru line.

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