5455 Del Amo Blvd, Lakewood
(562) 867-9579

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Maya Cielo C.

Usually I have no problems with BR, but today I do. I went in today to just pick up a birthday cake that I ordered for pickup today at 12. I walked in to see an employee decorating a different cake, WITHOUT HER MASK ON. Immediately when I walked in she tried to hide the fact that she didn't have it on, when she should have, and proceeded to help me. I understand that she was alone, however during such a dangerous time where any type of droplet could result in someone getting sick or dying, a food service worker should wear their mask when working WITH FOOD. I would have understood if she was just checking something at the register and didn't have it on, or was in the back where the food wasn't and it would have been fine, but she was standing over a cake with no mask. Please be cautious when coming here.

Tom S.

If I want BR I drive to the other stores, which are out of the way! Time and time again we've had nothing but bad experiences at this location. Staff is rude. They slap your order together in a rush and the portions are minuscule. If I could rate this with 0 stars I would.



Andreana H.

Just got off the phone with a woman at this location and I am left feeling like I don't want ANY business with BR in general. I know this isn't fair thinking as each location will vary so I thought a review would be best. I called asking for their availability due to the covid-19 pandemic. My goal was to see whether they work with door dash for delivery for a friend's birthday. I wanted to surprise her with a special delivery so that even being stuck at home she could enjoy something nice for her birthday. They're open and apparently have ice cream cakes available but the woman was pretty rude in saying that if I wanted a cake it would have to be ordered through her delivery or not. Okay... what about polar pizza's that are listed on door dash's menu? No pizza's at this location. When I asked about door dash she didn't really know much about it and said I would need to arrange the order with her and then call door dash to arrange the pick up. That doesn't make any sense! At one point I thought she had asked me what it was for so when I said it was for a friends birthday she rudely said "I didn't ask what it was for. WHEN do you need it". Sheesh! Maybe I'm just bummed this wasn't as seamless of a process as I had hoped for but really, the attitude killed it for me. This review is for a telephone call/order only.

Monica M.

I wish I could give 0 went today after school took my daughters for Ice cream Cashier Mohammad was so unprofessional worst attitude ever he kept on rushing us I don't know if he was mad at his boyfriend or something but his attitude was out of control BASKIN ROBBINS needs to train your employees so they can provide better service! Definitely not coming back!!!

Eduardo Chavez

Classic Americana ice cream parlor. Too bad they closed the one near me; no worries I'll travel to get my sweet tooth.

Gil Mrqz

Make sure you are logged in into your account before ordering

Chizu Suehiro

It's a great place for good icecream

Carmen Perez

Didn't have what we wanted

Tracy Avery

Excellent service, would gladly visit again soon!

John Wesselman

Love this place! $1.70 scoops on the 31st. Happy Halloween!

havoc zone

sour short tempered attitude from employee, walked out, felt insulted, will never return


Friendly staff and excellent ice cream!

RedSheBathed .

Friendly staff and excellent ice cream!

Nate L.

Mohammad was very dirty and unprofessional. Grabbed our cone with his bare hand and not on the paper portion after seeing him wipe his nose. Really disgusting. Would never come back again.

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