Carl's Jr.

2710 Del Amo, Lakewood
(562) 422-1463

Recent Reviews

Blair Stanford

Quick and friendly service. Good food.

Gabriela Harris

Good food but, getting pricey.

Anthony kruzic

Long wait need to hire up

Allen L.

The slowest service ever!!! It takes them 20min to take your order. Not welcoming when you come in, they just look at you and continue to take care of the drive thru. Then takes another 10 minutes to get your food.Food is messy and fries are stale. Only good thing about this place it has amazon lockers, so now you can have your amazon packages delivered here and you can pick it up yourself.

Priscilla Acosta

My favorite.

Veronica V.

The best Carl's jr. Everyone welcome this place it's great. They make you feel it's your home thank you guys

duck Barajas

Service was excellent and fast. They were also very nice!!!

Bobby N.

So I came in and got TWO spicy western cheese burger WITH LETTUCE. TWO famous star with cheese. Chicken tender combo with fries and a drink. Small fried zucchini. I go up and the kid says yeah he'll give me sauce, some fat Mexican old lady came up and said No only 6 per order. Like bithc do you know I got a lot of stuff and it's not like I ordered the dollar menu. Anyways I wasn't going to write this but since I got home, I was eating my spicy western cheeseburger BUT WITHOUT LETTUCE ON BOTH BURGERS. And she can't give me no more than 6 sauce. I just got robbed blinded from Carl's Jr. and it's not right. The old lady knows who she is and I hope she remembers me! Y'all owe me money or a free combo super size.

Benjamin Gutierrez

They do not honor prices on windows.

George Barello

Went on Saturday @ 11 am for carry out Got food order @ 5 min.Enjoyed the bbq charbroiled chicken sandwich.A healthier option to the fried one

Hey Mulligan Man

Went on Saturday @ 11 am for carry out Got food order @ 5 min.Enjoyed the bbq charbroiled chicken sandwich.A healthier option to the fried one

Teresa & Kozie Rodriguez

Food is always fresh.

Averey Jalend

This place is definitely one of the most pleasant place in the neighborhood. Every time I visit this place I am so glad. They maintain their high level service and the topmost level of food they serve. You surely will enjoy this this place. Warmly recommended.

Kevin Bumpers

Sorry but I hate it that Carl's jr. No one's in there as of customers and still had to wait 15 to 20 minutes before food came out which was cold! I like Carl's jr. Food BUT! everyone I go to the food is cold maybe need to find some other way of keeping the food hot when you serve it to the customers??

Caden V.

I waited 25+ minutes for a Famous Star, and a 5 piece chicken tenders with a ranch, barbecue and buffalo sauce . I get home and I find there is no chicken tenders.. instead an Impossible burger with jalapeños. And on top of that there was no ranch and buffalo sauce. This is unacceptable and there should be a better system, although it is fast food there I should not wait 25+ minutes for the wrong order. I wish I could rate this place Lower.

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