Collaborative Coffee Bar

4836 Paramount Blvd, Lakewood

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Fernanda R.

Okay so I've been hearing about this coffee shop for a while and finally had time to check it out!Store is very well kept and clean! Staff was friendly and helpful when asked about a latte!I ordered 2 lucky charms iced coffee and let me tell you they are to die for! Definitely replacing Starbucks with Collaborative Coffee Bar!!Thank youuuuu

Diane L.

Good customer service, enjoyed the coffee. In terms of taste this is more so if you enjoy unique coffee flavors, but they also have general coffee as well. The atmosphere of the place is quite nice though!

Irene D.

I've been coming to this shop for a while and couldn't be more pleased with each experience there!The owner and other baristas are very helpful if you have questions about coffee, and are very knowledgeable about flavor notes and what goes well together.I usually get a vanilla oat milk latte on ice or the Chagaccino, and both have unique flavors I always enjoy. Their menu is still expanding, but you can customize your drink so they have something for everyone. They have a small pastry selection that includes muffins, vegan donuts, and chorizo hand pies, but call ahead or check their socials to see what their selection is for the day.Pre-pandemic, they had a good amount of indoor seating with a very nice atmosphere that included lots of plants! They have a big couch, nice comfy chairs, and card games if you want to play with friends.They offer a rotating selection of freshly roasted coffee beans from local roasters, t-shirts, sweaters, mugs, and totes.Ask for a stamp card on your next visit, and when you get enough stamps, claim your free drink!

Laura Alicia Narvaez

I've never been to that coffee shop and when I asked for a recomendation they were right in the money! I loved the drinks! Support local especially right now! Great job you guys! Will keep coming back!

Paula M.

Love this place! Superb customer service even during COVID. They have a website where you can order ahead and you can do curbside pickup. They have a small stand by the entrance where they place your online to-go order. Just be on time when you pick up coz you won't want it sitting outside too long, and boy, they are fast! So, when you order online, try to be there 5 minutes before the time it tells you to pick up. Lol! Better early than late! This place is also super close from my house, and I seriously would choose this place over Starbucks. Can't remember the last time I went to Starbucks. Oh and the interior is simple, a bit rustic, a bit contemporary, and cool to the eye.

Francisco M.

Had seen this place open recently and had not had the initiative to visit until now. Glad I did.Staff was warm and welcoming (I believe it might've been the owner), the environment is aesthetic, the seating layout is spacious, and the coffee was pretty good.Will come back for sure to try the Chagaccino and other pastries. Thanks for having me!

Alicia W.

Loved everything about this cute little coffee shop. I'm no longer going to Starbucks. Long story as to why, but I was on the hunt to find a new coffee shop. This coffee shop has good reviews and the service and coffee didn't disappoint! The prices are pretty much equivalent to what you would pay at Starbucks. It's just not as crowded and it's a cute little shop with nice decor. It's clean inside and ample parking within the shopping center. They have a variety of milk alternatives for those who are lactose like myself. The barista was very friendly. I definitely plan on coming here at least once to twice a week.

Stephen Mason

I love this place, including the coffee and the owner and staff. They take their coffee seriously and know what to do with it. True coffee experts!!!Totally high quality...a class act.

Elizabeth C.

I became a regular after my first visit! Friendly and welcoming staff ALL THE TIME. Great variety of drink options so there is something for everyone even those who aren't coffee drinkers! WiFi works great so I love to get my work done here!! PLUS, the high quality pastry selection is a bonus! I won't share my favorite pastry item because I don't want them to run out

Cindy B.

I was so disappointed after coming here! I went with my expectations set high and I left not wanting to come back again. The customer service was great, but the coffee was not. I ordered a lavender latte with oat milk and it literally tasted like it had fish sauce. I went back inside to change it to a iced vanilla latte with regular whole milk and I still didn't like it! The prices aren't so great either, but I understand when it's quality coffee. I guess I don't understand the hype to this place?

Diana Q.

This is my absolute favorite coffee shop! I am not a coffee drinker but they make the coffees so perfect. I highly recommend the strawberry iced latte and purple moon latte if you like your coffee on the sweeter side. Their syrups definitely taste natural and homemade rather than artificial and gross. The strawberry iced coffee tastes like a strawberry agua Fresca de leche mixed with coffee. Whereas the purple moon latte tastes foamy and great for any ube lover (and yes the fruity loops go very well with it!). I've tried the chagacchino and let me tell you it is pretty good for something that is healthy for you! I've had Four Sigmatic blends that I've bought at the store but this Chagaccino has the perfect balance of mushroom & coffee (very smooth and likable taste at only 40 calories!!! Like what!?! I would drink this everyday if I was watching my calories). I have tried the chai latte as well here, and as a strong chai drinker I feel it was decent (not spiced enough for me but still does the job). I appreciate the baristas here as well for being accommodating and personable. Happy to have a local coffee shop with so many options & creativity.

Jenny O.

Tried the lavender latte here and it's just okay. I wanted to try some pastries too but after seeing a fly flying around the cookies, I decided not to. It is in a sketchy part of neighborhood too so don't think I'll go out of my way to get a drink here again. However, the design of the place is hipster/cool and they put their logo on the coffee sleeves which I thought was a good branding practice.

Elna S.

I just love this place! Brought a friend with me today because she saw my constant IG posts of this place. So we went today to try one of their specialty drinks, Cinnamon Toast Latte. And it was amazing! Who would of thought cereal would go so well with iced latte!? Obviously I'll be back again

Mackenzie H.

This place is worth the hype!! Good coffee, it's a small business, the decor is so cute & it's reasonably priced!! We tried the lucky charms oat milk latte and the chai latte. Both were so good. We will most definitely be back!

Bobby R.

I highly recommend this coffee shop. Finding them was a life saver that day. We had wanted a coffee for miles and they were the cure. We popped in, were greeted with excellent customer service, delivered a delicious latte, and carried on with our day. Cheers to them.

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Collaborative Coffee Bar

4836 Paramount Blvd, Lakewood, CA 90712