Donut Center

4182 Woodruff Ave, Lakewood
(562) 421-2631

Recent Reviews

Anthony kruzic

Best donuts on that side of the City. Large, and filled are filled. Good prices an friendly owners. Always someone there having coffee and donuts. L I b like this place and recommend it to anyone in the Lakewood high school area.


I will never return. I went in this morning with my 4 year old son, had a older $20 bill that was in circulation, the lady that was helping us said this is old and I agreed. She then says it looks funny, I said compared to the new bill yes it does. Line is getting longer, she says it looks funny, I asked her donâ??t you have a way to check bills? Youâ??ll see itâ??s real, she say it feels funny.. Iâ??m going to have my husband check it. Proceeds to take the bill to the back and she comes back and continues to tell me it looks funny. I asked her if she was trying to embarrass me? Again I asked if didnâ??t she have a way to check it.. she looks at her husband in the back and looks at me giggles and says it ok. Itâ??s not ok as a business owner that you donâ??t have ways to check your bills, without making a scene or make customers uncomfortable. Iâ??m sure my little bit of business wonâ??t be missed.

Mike M.

Absolutely the best donuts around. I have been getting donuts here for years and have never been disappointed. Customer service is always top notch.

Brett N.

Went here last Saturday and bought three doughnuts while I was on lunch from work. The young lady to help me was kind, but only thing is she dropped the doughnut on the floor and to be honest, I didn't see if it was the same one she gave me or not. A few hours later I got home and got a doughnut to eat and then decided to rip the bag open (to cut a large chocolate doughnut in half) and I saw a small black thing like rat poop (I've seen rat poop before to know what it looks like) in the bottom of the bag I tried calling but they were closed and I had to call them the next day on Sunday. I called and described what happened and whoever was on the phone was very, very rude and was not listening to anything I was saying. They ignored me and told me to come in to talk about it instead, I asked the lady for her name several times so I know who to ask for, and she refused to give me her name. So instead of trying to resolve it over the phone, I'll just let others know, so they can be aware and if they get doughnuts, make sure you double check your stuff.

Ernest Williams

Same old stuff as every other donut store. Except Krispy Kreme and Dunkin donuts.

Damion Lacrap

This place is cool I'd give it high reviews but the prices make you feel as if you'd been mugged

Jim Johnson Jr

Opps old doughnuts

William Jimenez

Good stuff

Al M.

Ok i wanted to like this place because its down the street from my house and i like to support small business but come on quit being so damn cheap and put some filling in the ham n cheese croissant .. i just paid $6 bucks for a donut and a ham n cheese and got home warmed it up took one bite and was like here we go again no damn ham n cheese if your like me and u pay what fells like way too much for a donut these days then please put what i paid for in it HAM n CHEESE .. sad 1 lil slice of ham and one slice of cheese , plus had the chocolate bars and the underside of the donut was straight greasy ,, no bueno . Like i said trying to be cool but paying a premium for donuts and getting jipped is not cool

Tracey Riel

They only accept cash and were very rude. They also didnt have a great selection, not even chocolate bars. Good thing there is about 3 or 4 other places near by.

Joseph Cochran

Great service.

Larry Garcia

Great coffee and always fresh Dough Nuts. Its Family owned and they are always friendly.

Heather G.

Donuts are good , average . The donut holes lacked a little sweetness . Glad they still had a variety at 8 am. The apple fritter was cooked perfectly not doughy and just a little crispy

Frances R.

Their donuts are amazing! Their croissants are hugh and buttery! They have this 12" twist with maple or chocolate thicker glaze! OMG! Every time I crave a donut, I go to The Donut Center. Formerly known as D&D Donuts.

Tessa L.

I don't understand why this place has 3.5 stars. Their donuts are delicious and always fresh. Every other donut place I have gone to in the area is either too sweet or dry. This place has amazing croissants as well. Will be a life long customer!!!

Paint N' G.

I was welcomed right away. Such friendly staff. Clean and smelled delicious. This is my new donut place!!!

D.j. E.

First time visit. Very nice lady in the front, donuts were fresh and not stale like some other places. There are some old guys hanging out inside, the place looks clean. 5 stars...oh and the donuts tasted good. Not very much sugar on them which I like, will return. Also there is a drive through wells fargo atm near by that came in handy. This place accepts cash only

Rachel Rebecca

The service here is somewhat miserly, and not very helpful at all. The donuts are not that good, it's just about standard. I had a plane buttermilk donut. This place seems a little cheaper though.

Edward Vidal

Really good local donuts & quick service also it's cash only!

William Young

Great donuts, great service!!

Steve D

Fast, friendly service. Busy at peak times, but moves quickly.

Robyn B.

This shop is near my house, and it is my regular donut stop. I brought donuts to work today, and my staff raved about the donuts. The maple and chocolate cake were the most popular. Given the blind reaction of my staff, the donuts themselves seem to be regarded well above average.

Haley Minavono

Really delicious donuts

S M.

Great Buttermilk bars, plain or chocolate, the absolute best! Good coffee, reasonable prices, clean and friendly. Seating inside and outside. Easy parking even on a busy morning for an oversized truck.

Stephanie G.

The donuts are huge and tasty! The staff is friendly! Would recommend this donut shop.

Katie V.

Excellent sprinkle donuts. Fantastic cronuts. Delicious maple bar. And football on the tv?!? You have won us over, Donut Center. Thank you for making all our donut dreams come true. Sincerely, The couple who served donuts at their wedding instead of cake PS- the fact that you sell fruit-by-the-foot, Advil, cigarettes, Oreos, and 5-hour energies was an added bonus. PPS- sorry we brought our own milk. I know it's weird and cheap but we're Dutch and we can't stand buying overpriced milk.

Rudy S.

Delicious donuts, fresh coffee, nice owners. What more can you ask for? They have all the usuals, as well as monster sized donuts that are insanely good.

Martin Ramos

Very good donuts and very good service

Ernest G.

Went to get a dozen donuts......due to the under par selection I was 3 donuts short of a dozen. Asked the clerk if i could get a couple donut holes just so i wouldnt have to pay full price for a dozen and be shorted. Clerk shook his head and said no like i was asking to dip in his 401k. Horrible service and selection.

Rusty S.

Nothing to rave about, but the donuts here are alright-- and inexpensive. The coffee sucks, though. Service was quick, and the employee who helped us was very friendly.

Aubrey S.

Eek! I've never met a donut I didn't like, until I tried these :( Maybe we got a bad batch, but the donuts were SO OILY. Don't get me wrong - the fattier the better, but this tasted like pure, bitter grease. It actually made the donut taste significantly less sweet. We ordered some ham and cheese croissants as well, and I found them to be soggy and limp, on top of the oiliness. Just can't recommend.

Rhett Y.

Some of the best donuts around. Hands down. It shows to with the lines you will encounter each morning! The price is the best around to boot!!!

Steven M.

I've been coming here for a very long time and have just forgotten to rate them. The owners are friendly and the guy makes his own donuts (not shipped in from somewhere else). Locals hang out here and the place is clean. All in all this is all you could ask from a donut shop. I've never been disappointed in the years I've been coming here so this is a winner IMHO. Enjoy! Cash only so be prepared.

Dave M

Cash only. Good luck finding a seat on the weekends: the "regulars" take up most of them and there are few tables anyhow. But this place has fantastic donuts and great owners. My #1 spot!

David Foodie F.

Yeah I walked in looked around... and then said NO THANKS... very dirty.... owner uses half of the shop as personal storage... .......eeeewwww not a place u would want to eat at...

Jozie L.

I'm really picky about donut shops. So many keep their donuts way too long or the shop isn't very clean or attractive. Stopped in after reading previous Yelp reviews. Donuts should really be judged in the morning, when they're plentiful for comparison/contrast and fresh out of the vat. I visited after 2pm in the afternoon. Few donuts in the case. Some of them didn't look so attractive. The sugar coating seemed to shrivel the puffiness of the donuts. Like someone added too much water to the sugar coating. The donuts are definitely larger than most places. Each donut cost about 80cents. I bought 2 donuts: a plain cake, and a chocolate covered raised donut. - The plain donut was tasty - good flavor, nice consistancy. - The raised donut was good, too - light, fluffy, tasty, but the frosting, most of it came off on the bag because it was too thin. Not much chocolate left for flavoring. Like I said, I might have gone to the shop too late in the day to fairly judge their merchandise. I'd definitely stop again. My local donut shop closes around noon. Sometimes we want a donut in the later afternoon and I believe these would fill the bill. Two main reasons to return: - Great customer service. Enjoyed a nice chat with the solictor. She was welcoming, charming and personable. - Extra clean, airy shop. Not an easy task to keep a place clean with traffic coming and going all day. The owners obviously take great pride in their business.