Jack In The Box

5858 Del Amo Blvd, Lakewood
(562) 420-9971

Recent Reviews

Jen Combs

Drive thru has very narrow entrance which can cause damage to car.

Chris Syre

They have only one person running the drive through and main dinning, which makes for a long wait if your going to walk in. Server didn't say good morning, never ask me if I wanted cream with my coffee, and they locked the side door which is normally open, which was inconvenient.

Kaleb Shannon

last night was the first time we went to this good restaurant. But It is no doubt not the last time. We passed a splendid evening with the generous service, with the first-rate dishes and wine and with the modest cost. We will definitely go back there again.

Debra Scott

Very nice and fast service. Food hot and fresh.

Frances Knapp

I received 1 orders of chicken terriaci chicken I requested 2 orders. My husband got his lunch and I didn't. I called manager said come back sd not able to I was hungry also but had no time to return. Or #186 on Monday oct 28th this 2nd time in a month I will not going back

Yadira G.

I like the food from here I definitely go back to this location there need to bring back the paninos subs

Eileen A.

After a horrible experience, I told myself I would never go back here but I was in the area & needed to take home some dinner. The staff there was young but they were awesome! Wyatt was super sweet & super respectful!

Serina C.

My food sucked from here. Tacos were cold and stale seems like they've been sitting for hours . They gave me regular fries when I asked for curly , and chicken sandwiches were barely warm. Will not come here again. Very disappointed I was looking forward to that crunch from the tacos and bit into staleness , red flag when they felt cold .

Jerami Johnson

Clean and safe ... staff is really cool... best jack in the area ..

Sheri Stewart

I'm a junk food eater.. Jack in the box is one of my go tos.

Sag Ava

Friendly service good food

Jenna C.

This place stands out for its management (I think he's a manager?). Wyatt is always so polite and customer service oriented. Sure, Jack in the Box is considered your typical drunk/stoner food, but it sure is nice getting the goods from someone who is a fresh breath of air in an industry so full of (rightfully so) people NOT like Wyatt lol.


A man before me got his tacos not cooked. How does he know? The triangle cheese was not melted. After all the waiting he asked for a fresh order.

Stephanie Washington

The food was hot and fresh.

Crystal Valdez

they're not always nice or get the order correct but at least it's kinda fast and the food is good

DanielMonica DanielMonica

Not good. I took my fries back because they were cold. And all the lady did was throw them back in the frier and heat them up. They came out crispy.

Justin Krumme

Friendly staff, quick service, clean eating area, clean restrooms, good humour.


Not good. I took my fries back because they were cold. And all the lady did was throw them back in the frier and heat them up. They came out crispy.

Daquashuntelaroney B.

This place is hella bahm I went here and while I was in the drive thru lambo the workers came out to get my autograph because I am 6ix9ine


Easily the best Jack in the Box in the area. Wait was a little longer than usual, but the service was outstanding and the food was REALLY fresh

Shaylan Mackay

3 buck fries with chili cheese and the bacon cheddar one are awesome thanks Jack.

Romy Cibu

First time togo this place, the guy who take care as is so nice and friendly.and the order is on time. I will recomended to my friend and family if were visiting out friend.


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Wyatt Downing

Amazing food served fast with wonderful staff. Also wyatt's the best cashier.

Ignacio Castro

Fast food for cheap...ive been catering this place for a while...their two tacos for a dollar cant be beaten...and the perennial classic Jumbo Jack is always a great choice...I come here when I need a change from everything else...like their milk shakes too...you dont go to Jack in the Box expecting the best burger in the industry...you go to Jack in the Box when you want a quick, tasty affordable meal for the whole family...however. And ill say it again give me two tacos for a dollar, jumbo jack with cheese combo (large) and an oreo cookie shake and I guarantee you ill be there almost everyday after burning about 700 Calories in cardio...I also like some of their pitas (pouches)...thats what I call them...good tasting food, fast, convenient and if you have children great variety...this place has a Taco Bell and McDonald's within yards and can still be busy...with that kind of competition how can you rate this place lowly...go to this Jack in the Box when you have finnicky picky guests that have different demands...

inri reyes

Bad service manager didn't want to help. Kept saying we can't do nothing

Fred Smith

Drive through took 15 minutes and still.got my order wrong. Don't wast your time.

Mark Laskodi

Jack in the box has been around forever. Its a good place to go get a late bite snack or breakfast or even lunch. Super Tacos are fantastic.

Bob Lee Swagger

Food quality at this location has improved

Lee Suarez

Friendly hard working employees.

Mena G.

I know this is a fast food joint but I figured the food would at least be edible! The simple chicken sandwich was rubbery and dry (not convinced it was a real chicken breast, might have been plastic) and the fries tasted about 2 weeks old. Aren't fries the bread and butter of a fast food joint?? They could have at least given me some that were cooked that same day. Anyways, I overpaid for a meal that I wouldn't feed to a stray dog. I would have been better off eating scraps from the garbage. And I feel like it might be illegal to pass the junk they sold me tonight as actual food for humans.

Younger R.

So much for open till midnight! Race down to my local Jack-in-the-Box pulled up at 11:55 only to be told they close at midnight and we're no longer serving.

Dion B.

This jack in the box is the slowest fast food establishment I have been to in a while! My concerns are there were about 8 people in line waiting to take their order. None of us were ever greeted as we walked in until a man from the back came to the register who also had the audacity to ask us if we were ready when we clearly had been standing here for 15 mins! I feel like their service was very unprofessional and lacked in many areas! Who trained these associates? Only okay plus, was our food was good somewhat after waiting an hour and 12 mins which is ridiculous! Also why wasn't the cashier wearing a name tag and does the manager not have to wear gloves when handling food?

Mike R.

I had promised myself that I would not go back to this location, but I had a hungry family member and this was at the 4th of July holiday evening and no one else was open. While in the drive-thru line, I could hear this giggly girl flirting with the guy in front of me over the intercom, which didn't sit well. We finally order and go to pick up our food. Right after we get our bags, a brown cockroach the size of my thumb crawls across the interior sill of the window. Giggly girl freaks out. I know that bugs can happen, especially around restaurants, but this one was HUGE. Maybe they'll become a menu option...

Esther C.

Food was awful nothing fresh maybe it was because of the time of day I went which was around 6pm

Bobby Burgos

They are a little slow if you are a walk in customer. They take care of the drive through 1st. I was the 2nd person in line and I watched people pull into the drive through order, pick up food and leave. At least 10 cars before the person in front of me got to order. Talked to a girl who had already ordered and she said she had been there almost 30 minutes waiting on 2 tacos.

Raymundo G.

What's a cheeseburger without cheese? Just bread , lettuce and patty?? I asked for a cheeseburger with chz and lettuce only and I get bread, lettuce and a patty. How is that considered a cheeseburger???

Jim Bolton

What can one say?

itsfunneh fan

quick and easy. Nothing fancy just in and out for a quick bite.

Chestopher Harrold

They messed up the order by putting mustard on my ultimate( i asked for no mustard). I then got home and they forgot the tacos with no lettuce. They were nice enough to make me another burger but they put that new bread on it (meh its free right). Then the tacos had lettuce (more annoyed...whatever). And the chicken sandwiches looked like someone sat on the top buns (like the flat earth societies knowledge)... It was a horrible experience and Im going to taco bell next door. The kids from Lakewood high can enjoy this mess.