4910 Lakewood Blvd, Lakewood
(562) 531-0478

Recent Reviews

Latoya Pierce

The service was quick and the staff were friendly and polite.Great services and deliitious food....

Ryan L.

If I could give this place a half or NO stars, I would! Horrendous service!!! And this wasn't the first time... but on this night I made an order and because the lady who took my order was in such a rush, SHE made a mistake. I got my order and it was COMPLETELY wrong. Then the manager tried to charge me for their mistake. This is , by far, the worst McDonald's I have ever been too. And thanks to the bad service, my kids didn't get to eat at their favorite restaurant.

NoneOfYour Business

Cold syrup every time. Who wants cold pancakes? I don't u derstand why they must continue to serve syrup that feels like it came out the fridge when other locations literally serve warm syrup that feels like it came off the heating lamp. Cold syrup is the worst. This review is for the one in Lakewood connected to the Chevron by the mall.

Rowe Showe

Always great deals on two sandwiches one low price

Michael H.

The Store hours are not posted correctly on google maps. This is not a 24hr location.

the rowe showe

Always great deals on two sandwiches one low price

Alejandra M.

This is the worst place to go at Night all 3 managers are rude they gave me my order wrong even when they repeated the order I tried to order an apple pie that I forgot and they took forever I try to talk to them they ignored me I order 6 LARGE FRENCH FRIES And 4 of them are only filled half way I asked for the managers name they didn't even look at me I started shaking and having a huge panic attack they are so so so rude they didn't even apologize at all I tried too call and explain that they forgot 3 egg sausage mc muffins and they said they didn't charge me them. I tried to explain that the cashier repeated my order and it was right so I thought they would charge me for them. They didn't even try to help. And I didn't mind to pay for those missing burgers but she repeats my order and it's fine. I'm so disappointed I will never never come back to this place it was an awful experience.

Gene Gonzales

Love their coffee and side salad.

Ricky L.

It was fine but there was 2 old conspicuous Chinese senior women that look homeless going back & forth, back & forth over & over again 5-6 times going out & come back in. Look at my wife & I with unpleasant looks at us every time.

Kanika Wilson

I went in after Work and ordered. A young lady by the Name of Beatrice helped me. Super attentive great customer service. Service with a smile. Food was hot and fresh too.

Francisco Villa

Dam fresh sweat tea gets me coming back

Jay M.

This used to be my go to place for McDonald's but something has taken place in the past few weeks and it has gone downhill. Bought two pancake (big breakfast) platters and other assorted items for family breakfast today. Received no utensils, no pancake syrup, no napkins, no hash browns. It seems to be that something is always wrong here. The drive thru menu speaker doesn't work one day. The next day it takes 20 minutes to receive fries (yes that actually happened one day). This place really needs help. I feel like they fired all the friendly people and now there are only miserable people working there. Last year I got nothing but smiles and good service. Those people have been replaced by incompetent robots.

Machila Henderson

Great customer service. Fast and convenient.

Johnny Lopez

Always good deals

Sonia M.

It's been a while since I been here. I forgot why I stop coming here. They don't fill your drinks to the top. I ordered a LARGE Vanilla latte and I got a medium on a large cup!

Shelly Nickelatti

Food is always good.

Cerritos Vector office

they post higher prices on the menu and hope you don't notice. stay away. it's only 10-20 cents but that adds up, and when I said something they didn't care said I can't do anything about it

Antonio Cruz

Breakfast umm umm good

Patty R.

Website shows as 24/7, Yelp does too. It isn't. It's 12:18AM and as we pulled up to the window the girl inside said it's closed. Hours need to be updated as they are currently inaccurate.

Onyx N.

NOT 24 HOURS!!!!! I don't know when it changed, but I went to their drive thru last night about 10 minutes after midnight and the drive thru was closed. They need to update the Mcdonald's website that still shows this as 24 hours.

Amy Ocampo

Will never return to this location. Tina is too busy talking to her coworkers to remember what she did 5 minutes ago. Completely unprofessional

Marnell Wiley

Ok service but the coke was flat.order the orange drink it's better..

James Hillman

Good acute fast service and friendly

Mary Estudillo

Me gusto mucho siempre boy a ese lugar la atención me escuchan y está limpio

Gio C.

Asked for ketchup and I got the nastiest look ever. Looked at my food which I specified no cheese and It had cheese. Went back to the counter and told them and the lady rolled her eyes and took the bag. Really? If you're that bitter in the morning, why come to work and interact with people!?

Anthony kruzic

Really nicely remodeled,quick service,food was hot and fries crispy. Very clean and pleasant inside.

Eduardo G.

9pm..... "we aren't serving ice cream right now" Maybe put up a sign so we don't have to sit in the drive thru line waiting

ThaUncannyUnseen ?

Miss at the front was real down to earth, normal dude, i like that.

A Cost Le

this particular time and location, made an incredible experience, food will be the same at each McDonalds, being helped is a different story, a very young guy dedicated to his job, was making everybody feel good.

Taylor Johnson

I love the service at this mcdonalds and the food is always good


I hate giving bad reviews but I have to this time. So I ordered a Quarter pounder with cheese it looked good, at the begining as I looked at it... I noticed the meat was half cooked. It still was pink, I attached the picture's of what was left. I ordered chicken nuggets they gave me no sauce, no ketchup. I was really disappointed😒

Framces Gray

It's a good pick up meal for the Lil people, food is hot & always on time the happy meal!

Monica Wilson

The app is great for deals and savings.

Savanna H.

This Mc Donald's is probably the biggest joke I've ever heard of. The staff is extremely rude, And DO NOT order the fries or prepared to be Served hard cold and barely chewable fries. The chicken nuggets are okay but everything else is awful. I wouldn't recommend this but if your looking for good staff and a nice meal I'd recommend the mc Donald's in Downey.

Nor C.

This Mc Donalds is terrible. I just got a 20 pcs. Nuggets and it tasted like it's been sitting out all day and they re heat them up. It's all dried out. So bad that you can't even eat them.

Judy Torrez

Very clean and fast. Has two drive through lanes

Deric C.

They rip you off. Ordered a happy meal for my daughter with a bottle of water for the drink. They gave me a cup of water instead. I questioned this and they told me no, even though it clearly shows on the menu it comes with a bottle of water. Contacted the wecare email and no response. Family won't be going to this place again.

April H.

This McDonalds has incompetent staff. This is the 4th-5th time that this has happened: my order was missing an item. It wasn't busy, and no line in the drive thru at all, it was around 230pm on a Wednesday. I would rather drive to the cherry/south or paramount/carson location than this one, and this is literally across the street from my house. The service here is complete trash, i haven't eaten all day and once I got home from a long work day my family was getting their orders and mine was missing. It was a freakin 2 for $3 deal and we only got one burger, and it was a special order that added Mac sauce. Whoever was reading the ticket is a complete idiot who has selective reading or can't read at all, this is why they aren't getting paid $15/hour and getting replaced with touch screens. I hope that whoever messed up my order gets bad luck for the next 40 years.

Chloe S.

If I could this this place negative stars I would! The service here sucks ass! I waited waaaay too long just for fries and a mcchicken and then the gay fat Mexican worker had the audacity to make me pay extra for one sweet and sour sauce tf!!!! SUCH UNFRIENDLY STAFF THEY CAN KISS MY ASS BRO

Richard Garcia

After having blood work done this morning I drove across the street to McDonald's to pick up a couple of breakfast sandwiches and took them home. I get ready to eat and noticed the most important item was left off a "breakfast sandwich", the eggs! I was pissed, I had to get dressed again and drive back. I asked for a manager and told him what happened, I then told him I want everything remade and I now want it for free for the inconvenience! He placed the order but forgot my