Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

4634 Candlewood St, Lakewood
(562) 408-4820

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Ari Cosores

Don't go around 1:30pm. Waited in line 20 minutes, then told they are closing for about 20 minutes for shift change and to clean. That would have been better if we were told this before getting into line

Ari C.

Don't go around 1:30pm. Waited in line 20 minutes, then told they are closing for about 20 minutes for shift change and to clean. That would have been better if we were told this before getting into line.


The chicken is always delicious. But the line was out of this world. Not to mention my french fries were room temperature. In my opinion there better when the first open up.

Sofia Hofos

Super flavorful chicken and bread! I will say the chicken could have been a bit more crispy but imma let that slide. The flavor alone gave it a 5. Their sauce was on point too

Beach City562

usually I do not enter fast food place with long drive thru lines but this food is pretty good my 2nd visit I'm very satisfied with my meal the chicken strip, special sauce, bread is excellent I always buys one more extra and drinks come with crunch ice very sweet

Derek A.

Food is ok but this location is terrible. Last visit I waited in drive through line for 40 minutes (wondering why I would even sit there for that long for mediocre chicken strips). 40 minutes in, halfway through the line, they go car to car to say they're "stopping operations" for 30 minutes and I am welcome to wait for them to resume. No offer of any compensation for my time at all. Horrible customer service. Maybe Cane's thinks it has so many customers waiting it can treat them poorly? My advice is avoid this place unless you have an hour or so to waste. I've had faster and more enjoyable waits at the DMV.

Ben T.

Ok, I want to take that back. I went In with a high expectation and it wasn't met but the food was good. As a matter of fact I really like the chicken. I'm a man and I can admit when I made a mistake and this is just that. I rock with RC. Especially the one In Lakewood. It's bomb.

Alicia W.

Hmmmm okay y'all, you know I keep it real. And believe it or not I don't enjoy giving one star reviews. But, if it's a 1 Star experience I have to speak on it! The one star is because I have to at least give one star in order to write a review. And customer service at this location is amazing! But, lemme tell you what's NOT AMAZING! The long ass lines and the bland tasting food is NOT AMAZING! I wish I would've taken my ass across the street to Chick-Fil-A instead. At least their chicken strip meal is worth $10!So I frequent Lakewood mall and every time I pass by this restaurant it's a long line of like 30 plus cars. So I assumed the food is BOMB since the lines are so long every time I pass by. Well, boy was I wrong! Y'all I paid $10 for this meal that was gross and honestly I threw most of it away. Only thing I ate in its entirety were the fries because those were decent and taste good in their dipping sauce. But the rest was garbage! The chicken is bland with no flavor and certain parts of my chicken were too moist and look like it wasn't cooked all the way.The yummy sauce didn't even help the chicken strips y'all. Their chicken is nasty. Not sure if I just got a super bland and not thoroughly cooked batch or what, but I know it was GROSS! The so called amazing toast had no flavor and was hard. I could've made better toast at home. The lemonade that the nice employee raved about. Telling me how they freshly squeeze their lemonade and it's some of the best lemonade around. God bless her heart because she was very kind and I appreciate it. But, that lemonade was watery and had absolutely no lemon flavor to it! Honestly it was like I was drinking colored water. I'm NOT trying to be funny I'm being very SERIOUS. I'm not sure whats up with all the hype over this establishment. The meal was a complete disappointment. The fries and dipping sauce were the only edible thing I had on my plate. NEVER AGAIN! Don't fall for the hype y'all! Also thanks to this place my stomach has been hurting since I ate that chicken!

Rob D.

Well..the old saying is true.."They screw you at the drive thru.."..after waiting for almost an hour in the drive thru I got bent over and screwed.. I ordered two 3 piece boxes... One of the boxes had just two scrawny pieces of chicken not 3... Oh well I guess I'll enjoy the sparrow fingers... Thanks a lot Raisin' Cain...!!

Tam B.

Chicken has absolutely no flavor. Totally not worth the wait or price. Do yourself a favor and go across to chick fila where they know how to season food.

Joshua Admin

Delicious but they have to open more. The lines are too long!! Like double In and out sometimes. Scary long!! Stay away if you're really hungry.

Nick C.

What is the deal with the lines around the block? Can someone explain this to me?? I've eaten here a handful of times and it's just... okay. If I could give it 2.5 stars I would. Extremely right down the middle. Like, maybe half a step above any other chicken fingers from a fast food place. Do you people just love waiting in line for mediocre food?If this were routinely as crowded as your average jack in the box, I'd be like "yeah, it's pretty good, check it out, no big deal"Anyway, the sauce is good I guess.

Karla A.

Ordered extra canes sauce at drive thru. Asked at window to make sure the extra sauce is in the box. Got home. No sauce.

Juan Bernal

Small menu, super long line, it's not that great but!! It's the chicken is what it should be. Crispy, not greasy, smooth flavor. Really good. The partner got hooked on then.

Reka Lett

great place nice and hot and fresh food good and fast service thanks Canes...

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