Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

4634 Candlewood St, Lakewood
(562) 408-4820

Recent Reviews

Gary Backlund

Some pretty great chicken strips. Decent portions for the price and the people are really friendly. Great place to go for good food!!

Melanie Sexton

This chicken is so juicy it's actually worth the wait time involved which is always noteworthy given the length of the line up of cars at the drive thru. Raising Cane's really only sells one thing and that's Chicken Fingers. Your only other menu items are french fries, Cole slaw and Texas toast. It's crazy to me that their menu is so limited but but those chicken fingers are damn good. Totally juicy and not a soggy, nasty, slimy excuse for fried chicken like kfc.

Gia's Channel

They are a bit expensive but I would go back. Not anytime soon though. This is my subjective opinion on Cane's. Cane's chicken tenders, to me, are similar to Carl's Jr's tenders. Cane's breading in the tenders are better though. It reminds me of Jolly Bee's chicken and to me, that's the best fried chicken. It tastes homemade. It also reminds me of a tempura batter. Their Cane's sauce is good but it is similar to McDonald's Signature sauce (yes they taste different, but that was the first thing that came to mind), their fries were good to me and it was an extra brownie point that their fries didn't have a lot of salt on them and that's without me having to ask for light salt, but they are similar to DelTaco's fries but thinner. Their Cole slaw was edible but it seem like it was missing something but I just don't know what. And last but not least, the bread that they served with it was perfect to me. Overall, they are good and I would go back, but not anytime soon. This was my first time eating here after hearing all of the rave about Cane's and I'm not disappointed but I'm not wowed.

Angel Mejia

Food is really good and crew is friendly. But the 30 minute wait really sucks. Build more stores and they will come!! LOL Next opening is in LBC by traffic Circle. So they are listening.

Kaysen Villarreal

I celebrated my birthday earlier this evening in this great restaurant. happy to tell that it was a cool evening and the place was undoubtedly the reason for that successful celebration. The team helped in a sweet manner, the cooking was yummy and my guests were so happy. We shall no dout return for more joyful events. Thank you very much.

Brynner Ramos

The lines are long but the food is always great! Tasty chicken and delicious bread. It's always worth the wait. I would recommend giving it a try.

Michael Winchester

Good chicken fingers and fries. the Cane sauce is like an Old Bay ranch. The line was long but the service was fast. It's loud inside, but they play classic rock so it's all good. Drive thru looked super crazy but if the service is as fast at the window as it was inside you should be good. It's on the backside of the Lakewood Mall so there is plenty of parking. I'm sure we will be back.


Bets Chicken I have tasted for a good minute. Kinda sad they are not near my home. I drove like 1 and a half and it well worth it. Would recommend to friends.

Mikel Predium

Great food. Tender, crispy, and tasty. Their chicken is awesome. The lemonade was some of the bes I've had in a while. Service was quick and attentive. Great business.

Kathryn Lenz

Excellent food. May end up waiting awhile in long lines but the food is worth it. You may not find a table during rush hour though but you will definitely not be disappointed with the food.

Alan Noriega

My favorite chicken sandwiches in the world. Orders are completely fast and will call you within less than 5 minutes. For me it was always a 1 minute wait time or less. Chicken is so tender and it goes so well with the buns. If you donâ??t like coleslaw you can substitute it for the bread. The bread itself it also a must have. Also donâ??t forget to try their signature sauce.

daryl howard

Service is always amazing. Although they employ young people, they are always very professional, courteous and super fast. This location is always busy, but you'll be surprised how fast they serve you.

Christian Valentino

Terribly upset when I got home to find out my Caniac Combo only had 5 tenders when it should have 6 and some were soggy some were fresh, it was an obvious I got some from the old batch. I don't like leaving bad reviews but you can imagine sadness.. 5/6 tenders I was heartbroken.

Yeet Franco

The chicken is absolutely delicious and the Cane sauce makes it even better. But the fries arent as good as other restraints such as In N Out

Cynthia Garcia

This place is always crowed and a line whether it be drive through or ordering inside.

Zippora Jackson

Chicken is good and flavourful, but the only side is coleslaw. Sucks for people like me who DONT eat it. Fries were over cooked. Good but could be better. 3 stars

Zoey Scott

I love Raising Canes so much. I totally recommend it. When you go try the Canes sauce. And if you don't want coleslaw you can tell them to exchange it for a extra bread

Ellise Jacobs

Those chicken strips are so tender and juicy. The bread is so fresh and the fries are crunchy yummy. The service was fast and has a friendly staff. This place was truly amazing and surely be back here with friends.

Tammy Rummy

Crazy long lines especially since they only serve chicken, bread & fries but moves pretty quick.

Marquella Harry

Food is okay. Chicken strips are too soft for my liking. Toast is great. Busy anytime after lunch hours. Friendly staff.

Inekka Sanders

Yummy chicken and fries. Like a homestyle/fast food. I like that it's not greasy. Light and tasty. Crinkle fries. Hello.

Brenda Sunio

Those chicken strips are so tender and juicy. The bread is so fresh and the fries are crunchy yummy. The employess are super nice, they will come and wipe off a table right away if you need to have that done. My only complaint is that it's difficult to find seating right away, on the other hand, the food food is worth the waitð???ð???ð???ð???ð???

L. Vram Gamalyan

Came here for a quick lunch and decided to go in since the drive through line was a bit long. Service inside was quick and friendly which is always appreciated. My food was ready within 5 minutes and everything was hot and fresh. The chicken tenders and fries get a thumbs up but their sauce needs some work. Overall good and would go back.

James Wright

Line moves quickly. Limited menu means you know why you're here and don't waste time on deciding. It's basically "how many chicken fingers do you want?" Texas toast is tasty.

Gabriela Harris

Love their chicken fingers. Drive through service is quick and got my order correct. Highly recommend the place.

Anthony Falucho

For one thing it is Cane's, amazing chicken and sauce. It is great to receive a hearty welcome with a smile even when it is busy as you approach the counter.

Lauren Bonner

I expected better, especially because of all the hype. Chicken didn't have any flavor, like it wasn't seasoned. Texas toast was the best part of the meal. I'm patiently waiting for the Popeye's to open down the street.

Pure Elegants

Really good customer service and the food is great. My daughter challenges me on taste because she loves going to New Orleans for hers. It's the original place of where Cane's started.ð???â??â??â??

Nap Aldredge

Settle down take a deep breath and try it. The chicken of course is what I'm talking about. All of these people wouldn't be coming back if the chicken was bad, would they? ð???ð???

Darryl Wesley

Super flavorful chicken and bread! I will say the chicken could have been a bit more crispy but imma let that slide. The flavor alone gave it a 5. Their sauce was on point too

Mark Azer

It's my first time coming here. The staff were friendly but the line was long for the dine in & drive through. The menu does not have a lot of options and for the dipping sauce there is very limited options as well. It took 15-20 minutes to get our food and it was hard to find a table. Overall the price is reasonable but nothing special.

Alexander Lepkowski

Raising Cane's is always a favorite! Wish there was one closer to Central LA but it's still worth the drive. We ordered a large catering order here recently and they got the food out quickly and it was delicious! A lot of the people eating never had Cane's but they loved it!

Mark V

I love eating here the chicken is good but its all about the sauce! My favorite is the sandwich. The ketchup packets here are the best, squeezed or dipped packet is amazing. Long drive through line for dinner sometimes but worth it!

David Choto

I love this chicken place! This place is so good the line for both dine in and drive through are longer than in n out! I bought a hat and it was only $9.99 the meal for a 3 piece was 7 dollars! It's a really good price. I love the toast. In my opinion better than chick fil a! Totes need to try.

Andrew Benjamin

It's a great and chaotic environment but in a good way. The workers are very helpful and the food is great. Very clean and neat. Wonderful experience. If you go, ask for a sandwich on toast and make the toast "butter on both sides" or "B.O.B.S"..... You WILL thank me later

Rochell Miller

We went through the drive through and the girl helping us was so kind and friendly. Even my 10 year old daughter commented as we were leaving "Mom, they always have such a great attitude here". We love that there's a Cane's in our neighborhood!! Great service and great custom service!!

Fergel Cruz Sr.

Great Food ! great Prices

elaine Greer

So good. The line is always long but it goes really fast. The fastest fast food no joke. Clean good music give them a try you won't regret it ð???ð??

Juno Chaos

The chicken there is very very very tender and yummy. I don't recommend going there on a Friday or Saturday night however, because you will be waiting in line a long time! It seems to be the place to be if you are in high school or in your early twenties.

Ely Schaffer

I don't like cole slaw in general, so I always opt for fries instead. The sauce is amazing, always get some extra for yourself. Staff is friendly, hard working and efficient.