Sam's World Famous Steak Sandwiches

3205 E Carson St, Lakewood
(562) 420-6585

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Bryan Sandoval

Food taste great! Zucchini sticks and the chili cheese fries were awesome

evelyn hileman

Sams is everybodys favorite place for a steak sandwich and all kinds of food. David (the owner) is MY FAVORITE OWNER HANDS DOWN!!

Snifer Fimf

1st time here. Had passed by this place a few times noticed their sign. Had the beef dip sandwich. Very good. Owner even came out from the kitchen, he noticed he had never seen me before. Welcomed & thanked me for eating there. Came out to ask if I wanted more fries. Will eat here again when I'm near by

Brian D.

Really great steak sandwiches cooked to order. Owner took my order and couldn't be any more friendly and welcoming. it felt like a place that actually cares. great spot for a good steak sandwich onion rings were great with plenty of them. also if you get a fried jalapeño expect the HEAT.

Manny G.

Just stumbled on this place being in the area. So glad I did. The service was great and the food was amazing. The steak sandwich was soooo good! Meat seasoned perfectly. I got a side of chili cheese fries and a grilled jalapeño such a good combination. If you're looking for a great place with great sandwiches you're at the right place. Next time I'm getting the pastrami! Can't wait to come back

Latrunda S.

I really enjoy stopping through Sam's. I have tried several of the burgers and the steak sandwiches. I typically order the 7 inch steak sandwich but I have ordered the 10 inch for days where I wanted to have enough for later. Although I really love their sandwiches the real star of the show is the chili cheese fries. I always add raw chopped onion on top. They are always coated in chili and cheese and piping hot. Make it a combo for 3.95. Upgrade to chili cheese fries for an additional 1.50. Chili cheese fries regular $2.75 and large $3.75. Ask for grilled onions and peppers. Also, the onion rings are really tasty. Onion rings $3 The owner is super friendly and they cook to order so your food is always fresh. The parking lot is shared with other businesses and can get pretty full. The restaurant has ample seating. Refills are unlimited. They also have specials. There is free WiFi while you dine.

Mikisha C.

So delicious. Try the chili cheese fries. The Chili is homemade and David was really kind and hospitable. Thank you David!

Karina O.

This place is . The sandwiches were delicious but what had me were the chili cheese fries. It's hard to find good chili cheese fries. They're either too dry, too greasy or the cheese becomes hard within minutes. Not these my friends. These chili cheese fries were perfection and the grilled onion/jalapeño was the cherry on top.

Maral S.

Super delicious food! I think I spoke with the owner himself, who was very sweet and made the ordering process easy. These were the BEST ZUCHINNI FRIES I've ever had! Loved my steak sandwich too! Definitely will be coming back to try more.


Good food and service with a nice owner who has lots of history with Sams. Nice place, odd location and a tad hard to find. Easy place to drive by and miss if you are not looking or get distracted. The steak sandwich is great with a couple of fried jalapenos.

Trevor Moat

People working are nice and is great

Garrett G.

I have been coming to this place for years his steak sandwich is totally off the hook.

Victor G.

Pretty straight forward, great attention to detail. The chef came out of the kitchen to confirm that our order met our expectations, which it did. The food was delicious. The restroom was clean and eating area was clean. We had the pastrami, chili fries and added onion with jalapenos.

LifeOn 2s

Wanted a quick bite to eat so just popped in and i cannot be more happy with both service and Food! Steak sandwich was amazing and the owner brought out a sample of Pastrami for me to try and it was the best tasting pastrami i have ever tried! Lean perfect spices i am definitely coming back! The owner is the friendliest guy ever as well!

Rebecca Macklin

Found this place by googling pastrami! My Husband ran the Long Beach Half Marathon and he wanted a pastrami sandwich.... Samâ??s did not disappoint! Excellent pastrami and steak sandwiches! French fries were good too! Such sweet and friendly people! We will totally return! Want to try some of the other offerings! Good sized menu! Thanks for the great lunch!!

Leigh B.

So this is my first time here.... had to try it after seeing the amazing reviews... I thought it was too good to be true... incorrect!!! The owner treated me like family... several regulars came in while I was there and it felt like a family party!!! I felt so welcome that I almost didn't care about the food... mistake on my part!!! The food is out of this world delicious!!! Hot, fresh, well seasoned and the steak was very tender as well as reasonably priced... I'm already planning my return visit! We ordered steak sandwiches spicy fries with onions and jalapeños and zucchini.... could not have asked for a better meal!!! Do yourself a favor and savor the flavor of Sam's!!! Your tastebuds will thank you!!

Robert Cuarthma

The fresh stake sandwich was delicious at this place.


Visited this place last weekend after searching online for a good steak sandwich and WOW!! ... nailed it on the first attempt I can't believe I hadn't known of this place previously. Not only are they delicious, but very reasonably priced as well. I was lucky enough to have met the very charming owner David and his cook Max that day. The place is simple and the atmosphere inviting.. David's hospitality is over the top and he even provided a sample of the exceptional pastrami (which I'm definitely getting next time). I highly recommend this spot and will definitely be back

Michelle B.

Had the pastrami and au jus. It wasn't that great. Didn't care for the steak sandwich. It was a bit tough and did not like condiments on the bread.

Kim T.

The owner was very friendly, even coming to the door to greet our party as we came in. He recommended the most popular dishes to us and checked up on us while we were eating. However, while taking our order (and other customers' orders), the person helping us kept switching his attention between watching the TV and taking our order. He did not make the customer feel like they were the #1 priority. The food did not meet the high expectations we held coming in, despite the high reviews of other customers. The sandwiches were subpar, with some soggy bread and the food not being super hot.

StormShadow A.

Went there for lunch. Had the teriyaki steak sandwich. It was great. Great service! Gave us extra grilled jalapeños and onions. Sooooo good!

Laura N.

The steak Sandwich amazing and the service is great The owner Cook's your meal and wants you to enjoy your food. This used to be in Downey until 2 cars demolished it and he has to move This is a must!

Ethan L.

Yes, there are a lot of great new food spots popping up but this place is something special. If you are a person who respects the old school and a good old fashion steak sandwich this is the place for you. The owner greeted me personally and asked how I liked my sandwich. You know when the owner cooks the food how good it's going to be!! The teriyaki steak is INCREDIBLE! Absolutely delicious. You don't see many of these old little gems around much more so get in while it's good. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IF YOU LOVE A GOOD SANDWICH! :)

Chris Montoya

Excellent tender steak and delicious flavored fries, grilled onions and jalapeno

Rafael B.

Great service with great sandwiches. Owner is very welcoming. Literally a hidden gem since it is a bit hidden. Best steak sandwich I've had so far.

charlie J.

I wish we had this in la. Steak sandwich was very good. Meat was very well marinated. Chili fries are nice and loaded. Would def come again

Yvonne L.

The BEST steak sandwiches in town!!!! I think everything on the menu is delicious. The owner makes you feel like family. Super sweet and friendly!!! I DEFINITELY recommend this spot to everyone.

Kulbir S.

Stopped by Sam's World Famous Steak Sandwiches for lunch after reading some of the Yelp reviews on here and IT WAS SO WORTH IT. Javier not only cooked an amazing steak sandwich but was also extremely nice. He ensured I was completely taken care of and the food was delicious. P.S. The spicy fries are really good!

Jessica M.

Came here from Rancho Cucamonga, worth the drive! Steak sandwich is amazing and so was the grilled chicken sandwich. Great customer service and the place was super clean. 10 stars in my book.

Sherryl R.

I love the patty melts and steak sandwiches are delicious! Chili cheese fries are a must as well... request it spicy and makes it 10x more yummy! Never a disappointment eating here! Owner is also very friendly and provides great service! Definitely recommended.

Lis K.

Owner makes you feel like a regular and a welcome guest. This is rare service. 6:35 pm Tuesday Steak Sandwich Beef Dip Regular Fries Food is solid Service is excellent One man in the back Owner in the front Gave us free grilled spicy pepper and onions to try! Be patient, food is made with care. Our arrived in 20 minutes Crispy bread Flavorful tender beef Everything was well seasoned and delicious. Support local businesses and excellent service!

John Primrose

The best steak sandwiches in the world you will not be disappointed. Well worth the drive from anywhere. I drove from Phoenix Arizona for 1

Harvey C.

Sam's World Famous Steak is great and delicious! The pastrami and steak sandwich is so delicious. The chilli cheese fries was delicious especially with the caramelized onions and jalapeno. Service was excellent. Javier made us feel really welcomed. Customers there swore by this place and it did not disappoint. Javier treated us like family and we definitely found our pastrami spot!

Cortney W.

Sam's is a top notch burger spot in LB. I was satisfied with my mean and the cost. The restore extremly clean and the workers are some of the nicest. My only issue was the wait time. It took about 15 mins for me to get my food after I ordered Lessened learned the food is great I will return but will call ahead even if eating there.

Carol M Neumayer

I used to eat there in the late 70's early 80's. A good friend of mine used to work there. I LOVED there steak sandwich and if I could get a couple of them sent over night to me, I would do it in a heartbeat. LOL

Corinna L.

I was near the area searching for a chili dog spot and boom sam's pops right on top of the list on yelp. My o my! The chili dog was exactly what I expected! If you're in town go try this place.

Lacey Fox

Love this place since I was a kid. It use to be in paramount until its original location burned down. I live in downey and drive all the way to its location. They have the best steak sandwiches, also their pastrami is excellent.


Best steak sandwiches! Great service and friendly staff.

Gina A.

the wait is long david needs a cook and help up front esperanza only works a few days so he needs help he let me go because he didnt know what to do so let go of one of ur good employees ok so i hope you all enjoy the food i did thanks david.....

Amber I.

Best Pastrami. Such a happy environment. The cook was all smiles and very welcoming. My step family has been coming here for over a decade. I finally tried it a couple months ago and have been obsessed with their Pastrami meal. Just had it last night for dinner. Totally hit the spot. Thank you so much Sam's for satisfying my tummy!

Sam's World Famous Steak Sandwiches

3205 E Carson St, Lakewood, CA 90712
(562) 420-6585