Snug Harbor

5520 Del Amo Blvd, Lakewood
(562) 425-0964

Recent Reviews

cjani misrasi

Christine is SUCH an attentive bartender, she always remembers me, and what I drink. They treat you like family. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I love playing darts and pool here. This bar is a must stop in Lakewood.

Josie Bravo

I actually score them a zero 0!!! Was celebrating my brother in law’s birthday there and we were discriminated against by the female bartender. Said she didn’t feel comfortable selling to us, but she sure felt comfortable taking the tips from us!!!! How said that in this day and age there are still racist people in our society. If you don’t like people out of your race then don’t work at a place that will attract all nationalities!

Analydia Fernandez

So sad to say that I was discriminated today for my ethnicity at this place. I've been here before but tonight celebrating my husband's birthday with friends and family we were told by the bartender that she didn't feel comfortable selling to us and cut us off. Keep in mind we weren't loud nor rowdy just chillin and it was a little past midnight. But she was selling to others.

Michelle R.

One of my fav spots for a great drink at a great price! Bartenders all all super friendly and fun!!

Buklau G.

Elizabeth is sick met her on her first shift + it was my first time at this bar she was so kind I will definitely be coming back to this bar

Ruben Herrera

Local dive, friendly crowd 30+ w/ 1 pool tabel and decent parking.

Gene Gonzalez

Great place to go!! :-)

Mary Dodson

My favorite neighbor bar!

Linn H.

Shitty Place to go fo drinks. They may be cheap but they r all for the $$$. They don't care if someone gets sexually harassed. 86th a customer cause a guy felt her up. Don't give a shit about women's rights. As long as they can look good. Threatened her and told her they would call the cops if she didnt leave. Nice to know u protect pedofiles and rapists.

Craig Stevens

Fun place to chill out and haven't seen bad issues. Good dive

Russell K. Tiernan

The atmosphere was too good and the service was best !!

Mindy M.

Went to Snug Harbor today on our way to a concert and had the best spicy Bloody Mary today I have never had such a great Bloody Mary in my life everybody has to check it out and her name is briann ..

Steven Price

Snug Harbor is a very local bar. Old school style long skinny bar. They have one pool table, golden golf game and electronic darts2 boards. The restrooms are mostly clean. There is a cash machine but the fees are very high showing only 1 charge but you actually get 2 so beware. If you smoke they have a outside in the back parking area for smoking. No food other than junk snacks but you can order next door.

Mike Shea

So fun and the atmosphere is super chill! The bartender Melissa is AWESOME! She is so fun and energetic, this is a great place!

Victoria V.

Nothing better than a good ol' dive. Went to visit this place during a bike bar "crawl" and had a great time. Friendly service. Cash only.

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