4325 Del Amo Blvd, Lakewood
(562) 232-2000

Recent Reviews

Axa Martin

Great chopped salad but they didn't have salmon on the day I stopped by. Also, they need to tell you when you order your food that silverware and drinks are in the back. Food and service good.

mike tyson

everything was very fresh, the salad was unbelievable and filling. THE salmon was out of this world.

Eric Nicsinger

Came here when I was in the area to take care of some family matters. The layout works for a convenient line and dine set up. The line stretched outside the door so you know the food is good. First time here and my order was complete in less than 30 seconds. So it?s suprising to have to wait 30 minutes in line to order where there are 10 people in front of you and 2 cashiers at the stations taking orders.

Rachel Flores

Love the atmosphere here. It's very clean & staff members are very helpful. But most importantly, food is delicious!

Thomas Conlin

1st time. Waitress and whole crew great

steven fine

I've enjoyed this place on many occasions. The pizza and tri- tip are great. Also love their pesto pasta

Jeanette B. Salvador

My friends and I always have Sunday late lunch here. Its good portion size food. Especially the meal for 2 for 19.99. We ate alot and still had enough for another meal to take home. Will suggest anyone who hasn't dined here to do so. You'll not regret it. The larger the group, the more fun to enjoy thr food. Stop by sometime. If you like this review, please click the like button. Thanks and have a good day!

Stephanie Blumenthal

Cauliflower w/meat sauce, BBQ beef sandwich, chips w/chipotle dressing & an awesome Salad was our our table tonight. As usual, the food & service did not disappoint! Yummy!

Violet Logan

I had a nice lunch date with my boo. Kiss kiss .great food , wide variety to choose from and large portions especially with the salads.

Rafael M.

Excellent food, great service and pleasant atmosphere. I would definitely recommend it any day.

Julie S.

A fantastic place for large groups! I didn't really know what to expect coming here - I had thought it was more of a typical casual restaurant like the nearby Red Robin or Applebee's, but it's much more fast causal in the sense that you order your food at a counter, get your own silverware and drinks, etc. but I would argue that the quality of the food is much better, and healthier! A lot of the menu options are family-style, like a combo of chicken & ribs with sides and breadsticks. We tried the: roasted chicken (lemon & garlic), baby back ribs, trip tip, bbq salad, Greek salad, mac n cheese, and breadsticks. Honestly all of it was good. But beware - the portions are large! My friend got the "small" Mac & cheese, and unless they made a mistake with the portion, it was literally enough for 6-8 people to split as a side! Also - if you like carrot cake, my husband absolutely RAVES about theirs!

Mary A.

Love love the cheeseburger with home chips. Not one bad thing to say about this place. Customer service is amazing too.

Niree S.

I can't believe I've never reviewed this place considering I'm here almost every week! I'll keep the simple and to the point: the food is delicious, the vibe is social, the serving style is family style so make sure to bring your whole entire clan with you, and the service is great! It could get packed during lunch hours but there's plenty of room and seating indoors and outdoors. My absolute favorite salad is the south of the border with tri-tip! It is so good! For the pizzas, you can't go wrong with the classic Margherita pizza,and lately I've been obsessed with their tomesto pasta as well (half marinara/half pesto= full delicious). The breadsticks can come out a bit mushy so I always ask the server to make them a bit crispy. Also, if you enroll in the StoneFire rewards program, you'll rake up points that eventually leads to dollars! You'll receive two points for every dollar spent and after 250 points, you'll get a $5 reward. I only enrolled four months ago and yesterday I received my five dollar reward( you can see how often I visit this place)! Happy eats!

Chino Estacio

Good food. Very spacious.

Charles L.

Nice selection, good prices! Those stimulus packages make going out to eat very affordable. Great salads, pizza, breadsticks and tri tip. Yum!

Felicitas Plascencia

Friendly personal the place is so clean exelent place to spend time with friends and family!

Maria Figueroa

Good food and atmosphere for reasonable price and excellent customer service.

Kalla R.

Great customer service all around. Nice ambiance for a Saturday dinner. Ordered the pesto plate, a small one is enough for two adults. Plan on returning to location again.

Sherman Jewell

Best American casual restaurant in the entire Lakewood mall complex. VERY big portions, consistent quality comfort food and super fast sit down and service. It's like a small menu Olive garden with BBQ and American salads added, hits the spot. Pro tips, share dessert and the trip-tip special saves you $6ish bucks.

Valio Madre

Love this place, great salads and garlic chicken! Pricing is great too

Katrina T.

I would like to give 5 but just one thing. We ordered the lemon garlic chicken breast with pepper garlic tri tip medium rare. Cesar salad and bread sticks. I absolutely love love love the garlic. The tri tip on the other hand was very chewy and tough to eat. I enjoyed my garlic chicken and cesar salad. I did ask a server if we could have the tri tip taken back and she said yes absolutely. But at that point we were stuffed. She was able to offer us a desert which I happily chose the cheesecake. Omg it was delicious. The blueberry topping was so good.

Margot C.

I had to run some errands in the area during my lunch hour so I decided to stop by Stonefire to get some lunch to bring back to the office. I got there just after 1pm and the place was fairly empty. I ordered the petite tri tip meal with Caesar salad. I sat down to wait and after about 15 minutes, I still didn't have my food. I asked someone at the front counter where it was and he assured me that they were just packing it up and it would only be another minute or two. Well, almost 10 minutes later, I still didn't have my food and now I was going to be late getting back to work. I asked to speak to a manager who was finally able to get me my order. While she apologized for the wait, she said that they were really busy (they definitely didn't seem like they were), and it seemed more like they had just forgotten my order. The food was fine, although the tri tip was a bit fatty. I would not recommend stopping in here for lunch if you need something that's quick, as the 20 plus minute wait for my order ended up making me get back to work late.

Luciana G.

Food was ok , nothing special. It felt like fast food . But you have to order at the door then find your table , then get your plates , silverware, drinks. I didn't know it's a self-service kind of place . We went with our toddler and it was hard to leave the table to get stuff to eat .

Cynthia Tapia

Love the food and great prices. Terry were polite and everything was clean.

Cassandra W.

I had no idea how good their Caesar salad was soooo good! The dressing is so garlicky, it burns a bit (which I LOVE). Their sandwiches and pastas are really good, too. They get very busy, so take advantage of their online ordering system to save yourself some time.

Francisco Salazar

Not really good this time. The cauliflower side salad was not good... Had the brisket and ribs and it was just ok, served warm to almost cold :(

Rl R.

Stonefire, stonefire, stonefire... I think you're falling off, again! I am definitely a regular togo guest but I think I need to see what other restaurants are out there. Today I ordered the Cobb salad and a pound of tri tip. They said it would be ready in 15-20. More like 45 minutes. :/ We're going over my order and I noticed there was A TON of fat and grissle on the tri tip. I brought it to the lady's attention and she said "ohhhh yeahhh, that is kinda a lot. Did you want to wait for another one?!" Uhhhhhhh, I've already have waited long enough, I'll just take the crappy meat and go. Cobb salad was warm and the kids Mac n cheese was bland. $50 worth of food and less than half was eaten.. no bueno

Haixing Wang

You'll order food up front and pay for it. They give you a buzzer and you can take food to your seat. Fountain drinks are available to fill up on your own. I got the petite pesto lunch special with bread stick. Everything came pretty fast. The pesto was very yummy. Bread stick was kind of small and also very greasy. Still great price for everything you got.

stuart gordon

The food was fine and the prices were reasonable. I don't like ordering at the front and then having the food brought to the table. My sons were fine with that so I guess it's a generational thing.

Jeffrey Davis

Fresh...and nice portions. With reasonable price. The carrot cake top notch

Rodney S.

A former bank, now a Stonefire Grill. A foodbank? Having never been to a Stonefire Grill before, National Meatball Day created the perfect opportunity to go. In my inbox, I had a coupon for a free order of meatballs with any purchase. In addition, I also had a coupon for a free order of breadsticks with any order. Time to double up on coupons! Hard to resist breadsticks. Stonefire Grill's breadsticks had a fluffy interior surrounded by a crusty shell. The only thing missing would be a dipping sauce of sorts. We decided on a 1/4 chicken & tri tip plate. Chicken would be lemon pepper, and the tri tip mesquite BBQ. The tri tip was very tender, cooked medium rare. I really enjoyed eating it. The lemon pepper chicken was dripping with garlic, which is a good thing! The best part? That delectable skin, naturally. Of course, I can't forget to mention the meatballs on National Meatball Day. These were quite good! A little smoky, a little spicy, the meatballs proved to be a hearty dish. The sauce, I wasn't too thrilled about. I just imagined all the corn syrup in it, so used it sparingly. Now, carrot cake is one of my favorite desserts, and Stonefire Grill's Incredible carrot cake certainly lives up to it's moniker. Moist, velvety smooth and just enough cream cheese frosting to not feel too guilty about eating it, afterwards. I relished each forkful, almost obscenely. Service was good. We were checked upon on a regular basis, and the staff were gracious & welcoming. Ample seating, both in the interior and out on the patio. Parking is at the Lakewood Center, with Stonefire Grill being directly front of the Del Amo Blvd. side of JC Penney. National Meatball Day led me to Stonefire Grill, and the delicious food & friendly service will keep me coming back. I was quite impressed with the meat selections we had, and that carrot cake is something to spectacle at. For places to eat, Stonefire Grill is an excellent option which shouldn't be overlooked. Highly recommend! NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM

Gina S.

We just had another great dinner at Stonefire Grill. Nice Decor ... excellent service... delicious food... great specials. Ben, the manager, always takes the time to say hi and welcome back. One of our favorite restaurants.

Brian T.

I really enjoyed my meal here. I ended up choosing the tritip and the ribs meal. They were both very good. The service here was really quite good as well. I had three different people help me; they were all attentive and polite. I enjoyed it- recomend.

Melody L.

2 stars for the friendly employees but unfortunately my eating experience wasn't so nice. I'm shocked! I have never been to this location until this week and my food was undercooked. I didn't complain because when I saw the chicken I was eating I instantly felt sick so I left my plate and left. I have such a poor stomach and I can't see raw chicken and not want to puke knowing I was eating it without noticing. I usually go to the Irvine location and I guess I'll just keep going there.

Hannah B.

Sooo... my first time trying stonefire grill. I ordered the sea bass and my boyfriend ordered the tri-tip. Upon first glance both dishes were smaller than anticipated for the price $$$, but moving on. The tri-tip came out lukewarm at best. When we asked the server if it was supposed to come out this temperature cuz we ordered medium... she just says sorry. Nothing else??? All the food tasted great that's why they still get the 2 stars. I'll be back to try it again and MAYBE update this review.

Giles Duce

We went to this restaurant for first time and this place you have to order food yourself at the front then pay and find your own seats (it's almost like fast food but they serve your food except soft drinks you fill up yourself) This place look nice not too big or too small. Food are okay. I really like the salad and salmon. I tried to eat different salad every time I go and they are all fresh and delicious but my favorite is the Mediterranean salad it is a bomb.

Oralia G.

When my family wants to enjoy a good meal we always look forward to go to Stonefire grill for some reason the food today was lousy, no taste. my son and I we were disappointed, even dessert tasted awful. We hope that managers do something about it.

Armen V.

Tri tip was very dry and cooked beyond well done when we ordered medium rare. Had no time to ask for it to be recooked I had to get back to work.

Bobbi A.

If you have not been to this place you must go They have excellent food and the service was even better. The price was well worth it and we will definately be going back

Patti Pearson

Wonderful place for small family gathering...we were seated in covered outdoor area which eliminated the din of main restaurant eating. Ordered family style, great tasty meat, healthy chopped salads!