Taco Bell

5850 Del Amo Blvd, Lakewood
(562) 421-8043

Recent Reviews

Gerri Bell

Fresh good tacos

Becky M.

So l go thru drive thru order a spicy tostada extra lettuce, l get it home all it has is sauce beans & cheese, no lettuce no tomatoes....l call to let them know l did not get my order proper, 50 times the phone rang no answer. WTH all thier doing is pick up n drive thru no dining room. They SUCK TODAY

Tim O'Connor

Nice layout, quick service and easy access self serve area.

Margaret Munoz

Service is great the food is made to you order

Kayla B.

This guy messed up my order two times and couldn't even apologize for the mistakes especially after i asked for the refund, he didn't apologize. Horrible customer service!

Brian Langston

This Taco Bell has it's act together, even when the line is long it moves quickly.

Sahil V.

Went to get some Taco Bell cause it's fire, and I ordered 1 Mexican pizza, cheese quesidilla, and nacho fries. We get up to pay and ask for more sauce cause the lady only gave us 3 or 4 sauces, and she says I can't give you more because it's against store policy. I said where does it say that? And she pointed at some sign that didn't even say nothing like that inside the Taco Bell. I pulled up and parked and had to go inside and get more sauce. Wtf is wrong w these people that work here. That lady needs to be fired immediately. And the food wasn't that good either.

Maggie Masouris

It's okay for a quick meal

Mi T.

the food was hot! i cannot believe it. it's a taco bell miracle.

Christopher Wolven

Always busy but well staffed

David M.

This Taco Bell is horrible! If you see a promotion on your t.v and want it, don't bother going to this store. I guarantee that they won't have it

Greg González

Service was king of lacking but overall it was good for a TB, $1 double tacos really hit the spot

Ed A.

Went there a month ago and got some of my order wrong ( please no beans in the burrito supreme ) and of course there's extra beans. Lemonade was watery. Gave it and another try yesterday , ordered nachos supreme with no beans. Nachos had beans and chips were so stale. Horrible !!


Honestly I don't get why people hate this place it's pretty good

Jordan L.

Came in late at 10 to get some food. I'm vegetarian and this is one of the only fast food places that offers vegetarian options. Long story short, I ordered a black bean Crunchwrap and it had meat in it. I also asked the lady working twice to make sure it didn't contain meat.. I couldn't even eat my food. Super bothersome :(

Mike Sanchez

Very good, very clean nice friendly employees

Martin White

There's something off about there Pepsi. It tastes off.

Miguel Angel Garcia Jr

Great customer service

Cia P.

My husband likes it. I prefer real Mexican food.

Zijustic Love

The food here is always fresh and the service is great,I live in Carson and the one on 190Th sucks.The services is good but the food is nasty,so I go way to Lakewood to get a Taco Supreme.

Monica Wilson

I asked a lot of questions as I haf nnot been in a long time. The clerk was very patient and courteous.

Lorinda Leblanc

I went to your Del Amo facility today. I had to correct the order ((as given), then had to reimburse money because he gave me 5$ extra.

David Arias

Great Place to go .. .. Fast Food ..

Edwina Hatcher

Good price. Good food

Jake Mendez



I saw an employee cleaning the trays. I was impressed. Clean diner. Professional ppl.

Mollie T.

Horrible drive thru window service bitch didnt let me get the food i ordered through the mobile through the drive thru window. Had to wait in the drive through wasted my time

Irms R.

Staff friendly, restaurant okay clean, so.etimes the food taste good that day or not.

Jacob Hernandez

Love the remodeln its very a comfortable and open dining area. Tacos are crunchy and it's a good taco bell location.

Bradley Alexander

Very friendly staff, this is the best taco bell for many miles! Tasty food and a clean fresh air conditioned lounge (great for gettin outa the summer heat). Nice remodel inside and out, kinda miss the old Taco Bell of my 90s childhood with the greenhouse style open glass top roof. Be nice and respectfull and keep this Taco Bell clean and beautiful.

Monah H

The man at the counter was so nice & knowledgeable.

Rob D.

In your idea of a fun afternoon is explosive diarrhea within 30 minutes of completing your meal this is the place for you...a memorable case of the "pops and scatters"

Margaret Davie

The tostitos were good the first time I tasted it at Toco Bell in Carson on 223rd St., I believe. But each Toco Bell make it different, I hate that.

Grace Magilicutty

I love all taco bells but this one is quite clean and the staff is present and have great customer service technique. They get u in and out as throughouhly and rapidly as possible. I recommend going to this particular one if u want a guaranteed satisfaction of service

Marc C.

The super thin shells on all my tacos were broken like they dropped the bag.. all the cheap shells were soggy where the meat was and stuck to the cheap thin paper wrapper.. almost no lettuce or cheese.. the tacos completely fell apart on first bite and were unedible.. the paper wrapper on my burrito was so thin that the burrito squirted out the bottom of the tortilla & the paper.. the quesadilla was burnt & was the worst tasting thing i have ever eaten at a fast food restaurant. My wife threw all her tacos in the trash & ate leftovers from fridge.. WTF happened to taco bell.. i used to eat taco bell all the time in the 80's & 90's.. i will never eat taco bell again!

Nate L.

Terrible customer service. Placed a mobile order (so I don't wait in line) around 7pm just to get to the store and see a sign hanging saying the lobby is closed and to go ro the drive thru. I walked there and they wouldn't allow me through drive thru. Knocked on the door and asked an employee for assistance to cancel my mobile order since I can't wait at the drive thru. These two chubby girls just kept staring at me through the corner of their eyes. Stood outside and tried calling the store a few times. I heard the phone ringing inside and no one opened. Finally a guy came up to the door and said he doesn't know how to cancel a mobile order and neither does the manager. Just stole my money and refuse to serve customers. I called HQ and was told management would follow up which they never did. Had to file a credit card dispute to get my money back. I left and will never come back.

Noah F.

Don't particularly like using extra bags when I'm picking up an order and then when I say I'm getting more in person, they give me the other thing I added in a separate bag when I said I wanted all in the same bag. Gave me an uncomfortable look as I said that to them. Place is a little too quiet for my tastes too.

Just Phanes

Just your typical Taco Bell. Quick bite before you head out.

Candace Carteen

This is actually a very nice taco Bell. Very friendly staff, they had high chairs for your little ones and I was able to fill my drink as often as I wanted without them staring me down. The food was very tasty, perfect temperature and plentiful. I ordered the $5 snack box which gave me everything I could possibly ask for, from drink, the main meal, to the desert. It was all in its own little box. The only thing I would have wished is, that they had used a tray for my food instead of the little box and save the tree. It seemed like a lot of wasted material for someone who was staying in the building to eat.

D M.

Thought I'd give it another try, hoping for new management/ownership... even WORSE than before! They refused to make enchiritos. Ok. Ordered Combination Burritos (beans AND meat) -- they charged us for the meat but did not put ANY in!! The sides of pintos and cheese and the sides of rice, which are SMALL to begin with, were half empty!! And again, the Cinnamon Twists HAD NO CINNAMON on them! Everything was skimpy and horrible - the soft tacos were practically BARE hardly any meat, hardly any cheese, just wilted lettuce. This restaurant gives the Taco Bell chain a bad name! Never again!!!