Taco Bell

5850 Del Amo Blvd, Lakewood
(562) 421-8043

Recent Reviews

Lorinda Leblanc

I went to your Del Amo facility today. I had to correct the order ((as given), then had to reimburse money because he gave me 5$ extra.

David Arias

Great Place to go .. .. Fast Food ..

Edwina Hatcher

Good price. Good food

Jake Mendez



I saw an employee cleaning the trays. I was impressed. Clean diner. Professional ppl.

Jacob Hernandez

Love the remodeln its very a comfortable and open dining area. Tacos are crunchy and it's a good taco bell location.

Bradley Alexander

Very friendly staff, this is the best taco bell for many miles! Tasty food and a clean fresh air conditioned lounge (great for gettin outa the summer heat). Nice remodel inside and out, kinda miss the old Taco Bell of my 90s childhood with the greenhouse style open glass top roof. Be nice and respectfull and keep this Taco Bell clean and beautiful.

Monah H

The man at the counter was so nice & knowledgeable.

Rob D.

In your idea of a fun afternoon is explosive diarrhea within 30 minutes of completing your meal this is the place for you...a memorable case of the "pops and scatters"

Grace Magilicutty

I love all taco bells but this one is quite clean and the staff is present and have great customer service technique. They get u in and out as throughouhly and rapidly as possible. I recommend going to this particular one if u want a guaranteed satisfaction of service

Margaret Davie

The tostitos were good the first time I tasted it at Toco Bell in Carson on 223rd St., I believe. But each Toco Bell make it different, I hate that.

Marc C.

The super thin shells on all my tacos were broken like they dropped the bag.. all the cheap shells were soggy where the meat was and stuck to the cheap thin paper wrapper.. almost no lettuce or cheese.. the tacos completely fell apart on first bite and were unedible.. the paper wrapper on my burrito was so thin that the burrito squirted out the bottom of the tortilla & the paper.. the quesadilla was burnt & was the worst tasting thing i have ever eaten at a fast food restaurant. My wife threw all her tacos in the trash & ate leftovers from fridge.. WTF happened to taco bell.. i used to eat taco bell all the time in the 80's & 90's.. i will never eat taco bell again!

Nate L.

Terrible customer service. Placed a mobile order (so I don't wait in line) around 7pm just to get to the store and see a sign hanging saying the lobby is closed and to go ro the drive thru. I walked there and they wouldn't allow me through drive thru. Knocked on the door and asked an employee for assistance to cancel my mobile order since I can't wait at the drive thru. These two chubby girls just kept staring at me through the corner of their eyes. Stood outside and tried calling the store a few times. I heard the phone ringing inside and no one opened. Finally a guy came up to the door and said he doesn't know how to cancel a mobile order and neither does the manager. Just stole my money and refuse to serve customers. I called HQ and was told management would follow up which they never did. Had to file a credit card dispute to get my money back. I left and will never come back.

Noah F.

Don't particularly like using extra bags when I'm picking up an order and then when I say I'm getting more in person, they give me the other thing I added in a separate bag when I said I wanted all in the same bag. Gave me an uncomfortable look as I said that to them. Place is a little too quiet for my tastes too.

Candace Carteen

This is actually a very nice taco Bell. Very friendly staff, they had high chairs for your little ones and I was able to fill my drink as often as I wanted without them staring me down. The food was very tasty, perfect temperature and plentiful. I ordered the $5 snack box which gave me everything I could possibly ask for, from drink, the main meal, to the desert. It was all in its own little box. The only thing I would have wished is, that they had used a tray for my food instead of the little box and save the tree. It seemed like a lot of wasted material for someone who was staying in the building to eat.

Just Phanes

Just your typical Taco Bell. Quick bite before you head out.

D M.

Thought I'd give it another try, hoping for new management/ownership... even WORSE than before! They refused to make enchiritos. Ok. Ordered Combination Burritos (beans AND meat) -- they charged us for the meat but did not put ANY in!! The sides of pintos and cheese and the sides of rice, which are SMALL to begin with, were half empty!! And again, the Cinnamon Twists HAD NO CINNAMON on them! Everything was skimpy and horrible - the soft tacos were practically BARE hardly any meat, hardly any cheese, just wilted lettuce. This restaurant gives the Taco Bell chain a bad name! Never again!!!

Paulina B.

If I had to describe this place with one word it would be disgusting!!!! Ordered a $3 chicken burrito and didn't see any chicken in it sell some disintegrated rice and lots of sour cream and mostly tortilla. Horrific!!! Never coming back here again

Emy K.

I was going through drive thru when we we thought the man on the speaker repeated our order wrong so we asked him to repeat it and a women took over the microphone and yelled at us and was very rude so we canceled our order and won't be returning

Valerie R.

So very disappointed and pissed, AN EMPLOYEE NAMED JACOBO A . was the most disrespectful employee it was 1:58 through the drive thru and wanted to get the freeze happy hour at 2 pm and he straight said we couldn't get it and couldn't wait two minutes and tried to rush my man into ordering his food and once at the window another fat kid in the back was like next time we aren't going to give them the happy hour like once we got to the window it was two a clock dumb fucking kids and they quote said that it's because they have too "nice" of a manager . Fire them because those two boys need to be in a different job not one they hate

Nadine Rodriguez


Evelyn-Lyvia Lohnig

Quick for the kids, but I had to throw my food away. The taco was not even heated, nor was my burrito. I will MAYBE try next time.

Robert Ross

Almost always good food. Been a customer for over 50yrs. Keep the Bell ringing.


This particular taco bell is usually great. Hot, fresh tasting food. Sometimes you get lukewarm but for the most part it's good


Ordered and paid on the app, super easy, drive-thru staff really on top of things! A+

Roney C.

Seriously tho.. I was pretty clear with what i wanted and the lady still got my order wrong. 2 nacho fries beefy fritos burrito and a mini quesadilla isnt hard to hear..

Carol Rosenberg-Smith

Donna and I agree that this is the best Taco Bell around. Pleasant employees who listen and get our orders right. The restaurant is always clean and so is the restroom...

Mark Earls

Good snack sometimes you just need Taco Bell service was good

Matthew Collier

I had got a double chalupa box and it was very tasty

Tristian J.

Terrible Terrible Terrible! This is the second time I've come to this Taco Bell and have found a long strand of hair in my food

Native, Brown

This is one of the better Taco Bells around, I gave it as three star because they never seem to put enough meat or vegetables. But a five-star for service and quality of food

Timothy Bee

The drive-thru line was crazy backed up, but they moved it quickly and were apologetic. These folks seem to really care about doing a quality job. The five star review was for the burritos I ordered. These were perfectly wrapped and perfect for driving! So many times I get burritos where they leave one end open. This place does a perfect, tight fold on both ends and wraps it nicely. It's not good to eat burritos while driving, but the way they wrap them it was perfect. They also give lots of napkins and tons of sauce. They don't skimp on the product or the bag accoutrement. Friendly place with reliably quick service.

Fernando G.

Thank you Giselle for helping me out through drive thru, You greeted me with a smile and you were patient with me when I asked for 20 hot sauce packets and you added extra sauces without making a face or seeming like it came out of your paycheck. Thank you for the great customer service! For greeting us so politely and just an overall wonderful experience!!! Will be eating here again.

Marco Antonio G.

About time I find a taco bell that has actual crunchy tacos. I usually don't go to taco bell anymore because of stale tacos. But this here is da bomb!

Kyana Q.

Homegirl working the drive-thru right now, so sweet and made a good food suggestion. keep her .

Debbie Snyder

Took well over 15 min in drive thru with only 3 cars before us, terrible wait

Lisa Wentz

Left my breakfast sandwich out of my order. Hit or miss on full orders delivered complete

Michael Campos

Classic 🌮 Bell, but need a bit quicker drive thru

Jodi Rammer

It's clean and fast. They get your order right most of the time

Crystal H.

I don't really write yelp reviews but this was just horrendous. I was in the drive thru line at 7pm on a Monday and didn't get my food until 7:35pm. The line was very slow it was like traffic on the 405 at 5pm..... Food was always good. Except for the cheese fries supreme the plate is small and nothing really special on it..