The Donut Palace

20149 Pioneer Blvd, Lakewood
(562) 809-1826

Recent Reviews

EmilyIn Wonderland

Every time I shop at H-Mart, I HAVE to visit The Donut Palace. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of Donuts, but, I love their Glazed Blueberry 'muffin' donut!! I keep going back for their ice. Yes, frozen water. I happily pay $1 for a huge cup of their PERFECT ice! I have a thing for crushed ice & they have THE BEST!!!

Magy Ramirez

Good place

Vane D.

I just came here today and the young lady who helped me was very nice. I tried to buy a lottery after and i got to encounter the old lady a.k.a. Mrs. ANGRY Bird raising her voice with a think accent and telling me where to pay the ticket.

Cat D.

Like their toasted bagels with cream cheese on the side.

Julian Gastelum

Best donuts in town

Su C.

Update: I was helped very promptly after talking to staff. P.S.: The ATM company is not partnershiped with major banks in the U.S. so they might charge

Rob V.

Good. Fresh. Nice variety. Well stocked.

Vibiana Nunez

Very good donuts especially the zebra

Carl McQuillian

Coffee was not great and unfriendly service

Knives, Fish, Firearms

Good doughnuts and thai tea, friendly worker's. Been coming here for years!

Nice Guy

Very nice very friendly delicious donuts

Gordon Corfield

The best oreo cookie donuts.

Joe G.

I just moved into this area. I got 4 four kids so I'm always looking for a good donut place that has fresh and tasty donuts. And ever time we go they tases the same way this is my family new favorite place on Saturday morning

Ignacio Castro

Agreed...patron to this site for over 20 yrs...friendly staff...good doughnuts...never closed...great way to start the day

hydro dragon

Best dunuts

B H.

I visit this shop several times a week. The coffee and donuts are honestly the best in the area! The ladies behind the counter are always smiling and a pleasure to deal with. If the coffee is too old, they're more than willing to make a fresh pot. Their apple fritters and bear claws are the best! The bear claws are filled with just the right amount of apple filling. They offer a frosted/unfrosted cinnamon roll. It can be a little dry at times but tasty nonetheless. Next time you're craving tasty sweets... Stop by The Donut Palace. You won't be sorry. Well unfortunately the service of the Donut Palace has changed. A couple of nice girls behind the counter left, I imagine for other jobs. More importantly they raised the prices on ALL their pastries! All the prices of been increased by at least $.25! There are other donut shops in the area that are just as good.

Cin L.

Went at night and the older man working there was so rude! He made us feel like we were bugging him, I asked for a cream cheese bagel and he said he didn't have any then changed his mind and made it. Never going back.

Aresh Ghiassi

Donuts more expensive than all the shops in the area.

hydrodragon dragons

Best dunuts

Candess C.

Hands down, this is the best donut shop. Ive grown up with them around the corner but didn't realize what a gem they truly were until I started trying donuts at other shops. This is my go to for donuts and sometimes iced coffee. Donuts are always fresh and delicious at a reasonable price. There's a reason they are always so busy. Staff is friendly also.

Dean C.

11/23/18 Well it has a terrible and cheesy name. The counter lady has on a standard b face. The doughnuts are ugly as f and just looking you can imagine how they'd taste..... But you'd be WRONG!!! I got a standard glazed with broken and partially melting glaze.... and it was sooooooo light and fluffy inside!!! Far better dough than at your standard place. So waddya know, don't judge a book by its cover right? #socal #doughnut #donut #lakewood #star

King J.

I've been in the area for over 20 years and this is one great place that has not changed. Always fresh and the staff always friendly. Ham and cheese croissant is boom. Sad they're not 24 hours anymore but understand why. Keep up the good work. Your neighbor.

Scott S.

To be honest I don't use this place for donuts are used to buy my lottery tickets. Place seems to be clean and the workers there are very friendly.

James R.

This place is the best these people have great Donuts a friendly atmosphere and then work really hard how could you not love the Donut Palace

richie c.

Service was friendly and fast. Sandwich was great and cheap. Full assortment of donuts at nearly any time. These are the reasons I like having this place in the area.

Ruby G.

My go to donut place! Great customer service and yummy donuts. Also enjoy their big slices of cornbread!

Joshua C.

I truly liked my experience I had tonight at del taco and donut palace! I ordered the cookies and creme donut. I post a lovely picture of it. I will definitely come back again! I love their donuts, and wasn't disappointed. One note though. At nighttime they start running out of donuts, so maybe best to order at 6:00 a.m. in the morning.

Jimmy Smith

Best pastries in town.

Patricia Revalee

Great little shop

Richard V

Great croissants. Good price

Richard N.

White frosted cinnamon buns are absolutely the best. Blueberry cake is another favorite for me. Parking is easy and the girls are all very friendly. Love this place.

Desmond R.

Absolutely fantastic donuts. They're pillowy soft, with just the right amount of icing or glaze. They have almost all of the classic flavors you would expect in a donut shop. Most of the donuts on sale are yeast, and the cake donuts weren't nearly as outstanding as their leavened brethren. They were still tasty, though. They even come in a classic pink box. The fact that this place is open 24 hours adds to the delight it provides.

Bonnie A.

Love this location. All the people are nice. I always order in the app and pick up. Quick and easy.

Feel F.

Good stuff, but there was a fly in my coffee. I got the coffee for free though, so can't really complain. Thanks guys!

Gian Carlo

Good place for a quick donut, coffee and lottery. Has great smoothie options as well.

PatrickJ T.

Good 24 hour donut shop. Always convenient when one can purchase a donut any time of the day. Also helps that they provide good service. At least I received friendly service the day I stopped in. Tables and display cases were neat and tidy. They seem to do quite a bit of business on Lotto and Scratchers. They even have a large self serve Scratcher machine. Too bad I won nothing. The two doughnuts that I purchased were pretty good. Did not see any gourmet donuts. Everything was fairly basic and standard. Spotted one thing that I do not see everyday. It was an Orange French Cruller. I liked it. The Custard filled chocolate donut was fine too. Overall, a good donut shop to satisfy the sweet tooth. Just don't expect anything palatial.

Telena V.

--LOCATION-- find the del taco; its right next to it --MENU-- donuts, croissants, bagels, coffee (typical donut place finds) Dozen donut hole + jalapeño croissant/ ham & cheese = $5.25 * 50 cent charge on card --SERVICE-- looks like it's run by a Thai family. They didn't warn us about the 50 cent charge. The sign is in the side near the register, tho

Mary N.

They are open 24 hours a day, and whenever I've come through there has always been other costumers often times sitting inside at one of their few tables. They also offer lottery scratchers here. The donuts are pretty standard.

Chee E.

I like the croissants here, and the sugar donuts as well. My favorite is the jalapeno ham and cheese croissant, esp when it is warmed! Delicious. I just wish they replenish the flavored coffee more often. But you may ask them to make a fresh batch anytime!:) People working here are very accommodating too. They might not flash big smiles at you while they are working, but they greet you as soon as you enter the door, and are always nice, and not rude at all.

Justin Hogenauer

When I went there I received great customer service and overall experienced a very enjoyable visit. I had to purchase several dozen donuts for a school function and they very helpful with placing my order on time. And everybody loved the donuts, THANKS DONUT PALACE!