Ben's Butcher Block and Deli

42035 10th St W #115, Lancaster
(661) 948-4745

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Aj Miller

Very nice family owned shop, with a very generous military discount as well.


Very friendly people, don’t believe into the reviews. I’m brown and I didn’t feel any racial tension from the owners, just smiles and kind customer service. It’s California people are just looking to support their liberalism. If you didn’t like the sign on door, it did say take your business elsewhere. It takes courage for the owners to post that sign, I commend it.

Joseph H.

First off there is nothing wrong with the sign , this is why we live in the country we do , LAND OF THE FREE , anyways the quality of meat is great , I will be getting my meat here from now on , and I don't mind them not wearing gloves cause the meat is going to cook all the bacteria away anyway and I lived through covid so pretty sure it's not a big deal. Thank you Jeff at the butcher block will be back to give you my business often.

Virginia B.

The sign on door. Best butcher market in world. Corned Beef on Rye yay. Keep up the good work.

Jim C.

Always fresh meats and deli. Seems to be family run, and the service is great! Asked for duck fat, they did not have it, so they ordered it for me. Fantastic service, good prices. Also ordered me a prime rib. And they give service men, prior and present, 10 percent off...

Sandy W.

Don't go if your not a Trumper,Sign on the door to let you know you are Not welcome !!! Actually thank you for letting us know.

Kainoa Fragas

I have been going to Ben’s for years because of the freshness and selection. In my opinion the prime rib roast we did this Christmas was the best we ever had. I also enjoy the fact the owner is willing to stand behind his principles and lose customers over it.The service is really great too even with Jillian constantly roasting me, Jasmine always looking ready to fight me and don’t get me started about Paris and her sister…

Bryan Schwing

I was under the impression this was a butcher shop.They get the meat already cut.The steaks we got were a little tough.They don't carry filet mignon.She says it's to expensive.To who?Was not satisfied with the cut I got.

Piero Pan

The political statement on the front door is extremely unappealing and in bad taste. Nobody likes to have someone’s obvious political affiliation shoved in their face. The employees also don’t wear gloves or use any protection when handling raw meat and they don’t seem to care about cross contaminating their other products. One more thing, when I used to walk in with my Hispanic family I can immediately sense the tension and the unwelcoming atmosphere, this place is definitely not friendly to anyone who isn’t the shade of a Pringle if you know what I mean. 0/10 I would never recommend this place to anyone. It used to be a great place with good meat but it just went downhill. It’s truly a shame.

Valerie Puckett

I really don't care what your political affiliations are but I don't like them pushed in my face. On another note, I have observed unsafe food handling - workers not wearing gloves when handling customers meat orders, not wearing masks when working with the meat products. Quality of the meat has gone down while price of the meat has gone up. I will no longer be shopping at Ben's for my meat.

Joni T.

Great me all-around wonderful environment clean mask free American owned amazing place.

Valerie P.

I don't care what your political beliefs are but when you shove them in my face on your front door telling me my business is not needed, well okay. I will shop elsewhere for my meat. On a side note, I also want to point out that several workers in this butcher shop do not wear gloves when handling the meat. I have watched one lady go from customer to customer, package their purchase without washing hands between orders and not wear gloves. Also they do not wear masks when working with the meat, so they are breathing all over your meat. Additionally, the quality of their meat has gone down while the prices have gone up. My family will no longer be shopping at Ben's.

Angelica S.

My wife and I ordered a prime rib for the holidays at Ben's Butcher. We had never shopped at Ben's Butcher before. We heard about Ben's Butcher off the recommendation of a friend, and we were happy to support a small business. However, we will not be back to Ben's Butcher due to the sign at the door prominently telling us we are unwelcome to shop there. Apparently, if you don't vote or believe the same things the owners do, you are told not to shop at their store. I think it's repulsive that in the United States you can find places that tell you to "please take your business elsewhere" simply because you are different and believe and vote differently from your neighbor.

Bonnie C.

I will never shop at this establishment again as a result of their sign telling me not to. Disgusting that a business would bring politics to their doorstep in such a way. I will go to Santa Clarita for my meat. It's better anyhow.

John R.

I use to love to come to Ben's Butcher, but after seeing what I would deem an unwise move, the political statement on the front door, I will never go back. As much as I love local businesses, keep your political views out of your business. I don't care if your a trumpite, or a screaming, tree hugging liberal, I just want meat or a good sandwich. I don't care if you think the world is flat. If you can give me a pound of pork belly, I'm happy. It's sad that you had to ruin a good thing. See ya.

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