Buckle & Boots BBQ & Watering Hole

706 W Lancaster Blvd #111, Lancaster
(661) 522-5005

Recent Reviews

Cade Benson

Really great service. Food was crazy good. Brisket was a little on the rough side, but everything else was perfect. Highly recommend

Savy Lux

Literally had the nicest server named Emily! She was so sweet! Plus, the line dance instructor was super cool and easy to follow :)Food: 5/5

Jay R

The service is not the best. A few of their waiters are slow to take orders and even when you get their attention they seem to just want to blow you off. The DJ plays great music.

Raymond Souza

Overall the experience was very good this too downfalls most of the seating is excellent but there are some seats with whiskey barrels you have to open your legs to fit around them and it's very tight. The food was good service was good the only answer was real good. They had entertainment and that was magnificent then plus it's in a hole in a wall so nobody knows this there they need to do better job on putting aside on the street or somewhere letting people know hey we're here otherwise I would have give them a six all way across I do recommend it to my family and friends. And it reminds me of old time place to get together with friends and do little dancing

Juan F

Vanessa was a great waitress. Amazing bbq!! I had the ribs and my wife had the tri tip, both had an amazing mesquite flavor that is very unique and flavorful. The cornbread is moist and just crumbles in your mouth, one of the best cornbreads I have ever had! All around one of the best places for BBQ in all of the AV !! The outside patio is also a nice place with a nice view to the BLVD. They also have a nice stage with live country music?. ? ??

Aaron Gill

Had a great time friendly fun staff , you can learn line dancing if you would like toService: 5/5

Rosana Reinke

Horrible place and policy. We had a reservation for 6 coming all the way from Edwards AFB and they told us we need to wait for the entire party. So ridiculous. We were hungry and ready to have dinner when we wait for the rest of our party, but they said we can't. Othe people come without reservation after us and the hostess got them a table inmidiatley. This place is very bad, beside the tables and bathrooms are not nice at all. The hostess was very rude and not friendly at all so, we went to spend our money some where else. Horrible management.I called earlier to confirm our reservation and they put me in hold for 30 minutes. Whe I arrived I asked about it and she said we forgot about it. Not good place to go. Don't go here guys, you will be very upset.

elena canchola

The tri tip sandwich to die for! Mashed potatoes were cold and the long islands watered down. Our server was the Best❗My autistic daughter loved the dance floor and was allowed to have fun ?Food: 4/5

Jules Y.

Our waitress was pleasant and accommodating, we ordered some drinks but the buss boy took one of them when we weren’t looking, and when we called him out, he blamed the other staff. Very unprofessional for mediocre drinks at a place where the bathroom had only two sinks in the bathroom that were functional.

Adri B.

Super fun place! Good food. Went for line dancing on a Friday night and had a blast.Food: 5/5


I really wanted to like this place, but the service was beyond subpar. I loved the live music and the drinks but the fact that it took almost an hour just to get 1/2 of our appetizers and than the main entree was such a let down.Also the waitress barely checked on our table, she only made an excuse for the slow service when I asked for the bill and to go boxes. It sucks when you see everyone else being served promptly and then you have to wait an hour.

Matt B.

Started to come here a lot as the wife loves to line dance. I used to like the instruction but they the instructors now don't do the best job as they talk like they are not comfortable leading a group and do not take the time to explain things. When the dancing does start you can tell they really like to show off themselves rather than focus on the customers. I highly recommend the food and drinks. Music is good and the workers are great. Nice place to go to grab a table to eat.

Janice H.

Surprisingly this place is Absolutely Fantastic! When you look at the business you think line dancing & drinking... They have a full menu and the cook is on point! Went there for my coworkers promotion dinner and enjoyed the food so much had to order to go for date night. The Crab Cakes with Wasabi slaw are so crispy on the outside and tender in the middle-I am a repeat customer!! Had the sandwich1st time then had them as the munchie the 2nd time... Cj had the cheesesteak sandwich w/ a side of waffle cut fries. smh it tasted soo good like a mouth watering Philly cheesesteak from back east. We thought we would need extra so we ordered the BBQ 9' pizza with brisket- meat is soo tender and flavorful BUT we were so full we ate that for lunch next day!!! All in All the $43 we spent on that GOURMET bar food was worth every penny and then some 5 out of 5

Emily Flores

Amazing staff and people. Been looking for a nice bar with a nice atmosphere. 10/10 recommend you will feel safer especially If you’re a women I went alone scared from my last experience with a bar and it was amazing!

Jason M.

My friend wrote something on the wall as a joke and got caught. He arranged with the owner to paint the whole bathroom and took time off to go in days later when he was suppose to do it. He showed up and nobody was there. He left his number and wanted to make it right. We have been there several times since and spend money every weekend here. We came in tonight, ordered drinks and met up with friends. All of a sudden the security guard and bartender decided we needed to be thrown out in front of everyone and did not care about the fact that my friend had tried to make everything right weeks ago on the time and date they told him to be there. They did not care what we had to say as we tried to explain the situation. It was very disrespectful, and security was very rude.

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