Buckle & Boots BBQ & Watering Hole

706 W Lancaster Blvd #111, Lancaster
(661) 522-5005

Recent Reviews

Grace M.

I cannot say enough great things about buckles. I've been coming here since 2018 and love everything about it. The staff is fantastic, every single one of them are kind, friendly and always smiling. The food is incredible and the dancing is always so much fun. They have an awesome DJ who plays a mixture of all music and live bands on the weekends. Within the last few months me and my best friend have made it a point to come every Thursday to learn the line dances from the incredible instructors they have. Since then we have been there every week and everyone has been so welcoming. It is an incredible atmosphere to be in and I highly recommend coming here! I wish I could give them a thousand stars.

Taj A.

The tri trip sandwich was served with ultra thick cuts of meat, delicious bbq sauce, and crunchy, perfectly cooked onion rings. For the side I ordered the brisket chili loaded with onions, sour cream and cheddar cheese. Every bite was absolute perfection. The staff was cool and there's a big stage for live performances. Will always visit whenever I'm in town!


Best watering hole in town!!Clean, fun, safe atmosphere. Young old and in between all can enjoy the live music and line dancing. Amazing food and drinks.10/10 recommend

Tamara Walters

Buckle and Boots is one of my favorite restaurants. The food is delicious. The waitresses and waiters are awesome. They consistently come and check on the table throughout the night to make sure we are good and if we need anything. They are very personable. We've had the owners come to our table and check on us. When it comes to a restaurant I like it when the owners come by to check in things. Also I've that there's live music on the weekends

Rachel Giroux

So much fun learning to linedance

Ann T.

I would be super cool if your staff attempted to wear mask Since it's a mandate and all. Super lame. And we won't be back. Went to lucky Luke's and every employee wore a mask. I will be spending my money Over there.

Pamela R.

Awesome Music! Great a food! Perfect Decor! My New Favorite in Lancaster! Loved the Atmosphere!!

Sapphire Ann

So if your coming for alcohol and appetizers they are ok, not near best. Any family dining before "party" hours is a waste. My family has been waiting for food for 1 hour while others around are served and gone. Waitress doesnt seem to push the cooks/care. Just not somewhere Id go again especially with this being a first time. Food was a waste of money, 35 dollar steaks were bland, no A1 in the place. Daughters wrap was sour to where she wouldnt eat it. All in all awful, just awful. $133 dollars for some of the worst/tastless food we've ever had.

Ivan Cardenas

1: I didnt know there were that many line dances. We sat and watched people dance all night, not in a creepy way.2: The food was awesome. Brisket and burgers.3: The staff is amazing.

Richard Huston

Very comfortable with a western style setting. Friendly Bar and good food.

Norah Salas

What a great place to come and enjoy the atmosphere lol super delicious food, we got the crunchiest onion rings ever and the pulled pork is some of the best I've ever had!! The pizza is sooo good too, will definitely come back

Belac Ickekl

I got the pulled pork sandwich, and it was quite solid. Their fries are satisfying too. I do miss the mac and cheese chicken and waffles, but I know that finding cooks is really hard.

Tia Yates

Fantastic service, and flavorful food. We had the sharable pulled pork, mashed potatoes and green beans. The pulled pork was tender and had a rich and savory flavor. We will definitely be back.

Jose Ivan Cardenas

Had an awesome time watching everyone line dancing. Elizabeth was an awesome waitress and the food was great. The pulled pork mac and cheese fries were my favorite.

Nisie L.

What can I say but HOT DAMN and WOW!!! This place...first off..I am a straight female but like everyone on the planet..love to be served by drop dead gorgeous females. The lady searing us, our waitress just BE A UT I FUL!! My man was all gaga...and so was I. But I already knew the "ambience" was great..but the food was OFF THE HOOK! I ate here last year during Covid (outside) and still remember the taste of the tri tip barbecued steak. U mean literally my taste buds remembered. That never ever happens. I told him..8f I am wrong I pay. Well...we had the 3 types 9f barbecue, tri tip, chicken and pulled pork. Huge side of Mac n cheese and beans with bacon. The beans melted in your mouth., BEST MAC N CHEESE..but the barbecue chicken, tri tip and pulled pork..melts in your mouth. No joke..it MELTS. They barbecue in front of you, and huge platters..less than $100...INCLUDING DRINKS!! If you need a break from same old same old...THIS IS IT!!

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