Carl's Jr.

852 W Ave L, Lancaster
(661) 948-3165

Recent Reviews

Brent Clark Palmer

I guess they changed their menu recently, or the way they make things, but the food there is delicious, more delicious than I ever remember!

Rocket boy

I can't ever remember having bad food at any Carl's Jr. that's why we continue to patronize them.

Susie Banks

I got food poisoning! Ordered a bacon western cheeseburger and I knew something didn't look right. But didn't think much of it... until later!

Lu Riv

Based on my past experience it appears that quality service at Carl's on Ave L & 10th generally provided with day shift as opposed to evening shift. Ordered Swiss chicken combo with onion rings to go. I ordered from inside dining room and they still couldn't get it right. Got home and really disappointed. I tossed the really.. soggy tasteless fries that were not in my order.The chicken sandwich was average. Basically, I paid $12.56 for a mediocore chicken sandwich and a small drink. Definitely will stay away from this fast food bandit, especially during evening late shift.

Lou Urzua

Keto option. Super Star lettuce wrapped is very good. Come here often for lunch break.



Gerry Stanley

Is Carl's Jr. Same as always. Nothing special but they are the best tasting of all the fast food, with the exception of Jack in the Box tacos... lol

Daniel Lima

Excellent, very nice place, by the way, I don't know if I was hungry because the hamburger was very tasty.

Jorge Macias

The employees are very kind and well-mannered. Even if they are under stress, they know how to handle things. They never mess up my order because they know what they're doing. Thank you, guys!

Arturo Gonzalez

This place has been doing better than before my food is finally coming out hot I noticed they change the stuff they are very nice now

Charlybrown “Charly brown” Renteria

Great customer service quick and well prepared. A little expensive but worth the money

Jazzdeeva 661

Food is good just expensive. Friendly service.

Luna the midnight Fox yo

Food was good but my coffee had tons of grounds in it...had to throw it away...yuk

Autumn Weber (Autumnbomb69)

I love their jalapeno burgers and a cheesecakes when they used to have the Jolly Rancher Shake I used to get it all the time is it was so damn good

Alicia Simms

Carl's Jr is always good. This particular one always messes up my order though and the burgers aren't warm.

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