CC Hawaiian BBQ

1006 E Ave. J, Lancaster
(661) 942-1999

Recent Reviews

Stephanie Roman

I been eating here for a while and the lady at the front, I’m not sure of her name, but she always so rude. She will yell at you and get mad when my you ask a question. I thought it was just that time I went the first time but I realized it’s everytime I go and order. i suggest eating at another Hawaiian bbq.

Maria Aguilar

My favorite sushi spot very affordable and. Delicious


I was excited to try this place....thou the food was good, the woman running the place has a TERRIBLE attitude!! I ordered a couple sushi rolls and they were decent but I will likely not go back because of how horrible her attitude was, it made it hard to order.

Janet Cauble

always love this place. the food is always so fresh

Chris Ariza

A customer favorite among my Uber Eats customers and for good reasons. Excellent, fresh, quality food at an average price. Very filling portions that are guaranteed to satisfy. Helpful staff who ensure your order is fulfilled to entirety in a super timely and efficient manner. Something delicious for everyone.

Alfonso Mendoza

The food is good with my experience, however the customer service isn't.Due to the virus you order through a speaker here and it creates a lot of audio issues, which causes a lot of understandable communication issues. The lady behind the register does not handle this well and tends to become rude and annoyed at the customer when ordering. Although the food is good i don't feel compelled to come again after being treated poorly and seeing others being treated the same way.

Jay Dee

The cashier lady is so rude. Always giving attitude. I even got yelled at on the phone haha.. acting like we’re entitled to give them our money. Not coming back.

ile ramos

Delicious food! Took a star off for too much cabbage and rude service. I will put up with the service because the food is great. Check your orders and request no cabbage at least less cabbages

Speedy G

The 1 star reviews tripping. They don't know about food and how it's cut and prepped. Good simple food. Fills you up

Kassandra Silva

Honestly the worst I always go to the one on L and these past 2 x I’ve gone to the one on J and just know I’m never going back. RUDE plain RUDE. Would love to speak to a manager I don’t even want my money back I just want to speak to someone smh !

Krechelle Cabrera

Best bbq place between Palmdale and Lancaster. The macaroni salad is so good. Very big portions. Two meals for the price of one basically.

Jee Nou Xiong

Never order their short ribs if you value your teeth.They have shards of bone on them that when bitten into, you can crack or damage your teethOver a year ago I stopped ordering them for this reason. Now, I thought to give it another try. Same issue. Maybe they purposely throw those shards in because I circle the “Signature Not Required” on their receipts. They give you the receipts to sign so that you tip. Even though the receipt says “Signature Not Required.”

Jme Z

Had it delivered to west Lancaster, food was still hot, cooked fully and very tasty. Would order again and again. Got the fried fish, shrimp and teriyaki chicken combo.

Karen Stephens

Love this place nice fresh and clean and covet safe love it food is great and excellent staff

Jamie Carter

Had it delivered to west Lancaster, food was still hot, cooked fully and very tasty. Would order again and again. Got the fried fish, shrimp and teriyaki chicken combo.

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