El Pollo Loco

42839 10th St W, Lancaster
(661) 945-6094

Recent Reviews

Ryan K

I used to be able to buy a honest meal here. They have reduced the amount of chicken and size too small. So small it's like an ordurve .Food: 2/5

Pedro R.

customer service its very bad, I order my food online when i get there at 9pm they tell me to pickup in drive thru

Sarah Rodriguez-Guerrero

They forgot a couple sides. Called in to let them know and Anthony was really nice and corrected the issue for me. I appreciate it thank you guys!

Christine Servin

Anthony is a great manager all his employees seem really happy and helpful and Liz shift manager decorated the place so amazing ? ? ? ? will always go to this location good job allFood: 5/5

Don P.

The person over the the intercom was having a whole conversation with someone laughing while I'm trying to order my food.Then when you get to the window all you hear is loud music. It always same when I come here .If you can make the drive to the other location highly recommended. And to top it all off she didn't even give me a receipt.Had to go back and get it.Her name is Victoria

Carlos Adrian Hernandez

This location is no good. Quality is way lower than other locations. Wait time is horrendous. The drive thru gets overcrowded so everyone inside gets put to the end of the line. Min wait is 20 min.

Adrian H.

This is the worst El Pollo Loco in the valley. They do not know customer service and are vengeful when you ask a question. The manager is the worst. Corporate please contact this location.

Rachel Morse

I always go to the el pollo loco on J. They are amazing but today I went to the one on avenue L and first off they got our order wrong and gave us nachos instead of the shredded chicken fire grill combo. So we went back in to correct the order and went home. When we got home the quesadilla tasted so different like they grabbed the chicken from a soup or something. I always get this combo and whatever they made was disgusting

Stephanie Baurac

August 18th visit for Pollo Bowl combo resulted in me ripping the lining in my throat from throwing up so much.Something tasted off, but I was heading back down the hill and couldn't return to the restaurant.?????

Carol Farley

Well, I have learned DONOT go thur the drive thru around 3;00.2 weeks ago I ordered the shrimp bowl, the shrimp was so tough and rubbery, today I thought maybe it was just a fluke...ordered the chicken tosdada, the chicken was dry and hard. Sotheby's must be giving the drive thur customers the left order lunch stuff.My suggestion go in and oder and ask if the chicken is freshly cooked etc. Then oder.Soooooo disappointing!

Brandy R.

Horrible service I scheduled a curbside pickup, checked in and 20 minutes later called the store the employee said someone would be out, 15 minutes later tried calling again no answer and was charged and never received the order.

krystol Red

They always get the order wrong. They ask a million times and they go over it and they still get it wrong. I have to ask for the chicken to be warm. The cashier said, we always give hot chicken. ?then why have I gotten cold chicken in my pollo bowl?

Daniella Hidalgo

I had order from Uber eats and my order ended up containing burnt rice and they missed several order notes on top of giving me burnt chicken. When I reached out to the establishment no one was able to pick up the phone, having to return back to the store on my own to get the situation corrected was a waste of my time and money. Please consider a change in management, it’s sad such a well known establishment still has problems with its foundation. Improve the order quality and customer service.

Leann Spurlock

Out of birra tacos so had quesidia. It was good but messy. Had chicken meal and breast was dry, wing was good.

Lu Riv

Chicken generally tastes bland and occasionally overcooked or dry. Taste varies among EL Pollo Locos. Some are better than others. In general their quality has gone down. In Lancaster I prefer the Valley Central Way location as opposed to the store on avenue K location which lacks customer service and consistent Quality.

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