El Toreo L10

830 W Ave L # 139, Lancaster
(661) 974-8683

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Allen V.

I gave it 4 stars mainly on the service. it was excellent. The chips and salsa are great. I ordered the Chile Verde plate. The beans and rice were very good. Chile Verde was alright not great. Way too much liquid on the plate and also too much cumin in their recipe. I would give it a C rating. I will go back based on what I saw but I will order something else.

David Aguilar

This food is average at best. This is not authentic Mexican food it's Americanized Mexican food which is not a bad thing if you like that. The food portions are big but the taste is not good. The sauce and salsa taste like it's out of a can. The meat in the chimichanga and flautas have been bolied to the point where it has become mush. And its the same meat in all the dishes. The rice and beans are like every cheap Mexican restaurant. There is nothing outstanding about this place. It's not very clean the prices are high but the quality is low. If you want authentic Mexican food this is not it. If you think this is authentic Mexican food you've never tasted real Mexican food. Try Puerto Nuevo on Palmdale Blvd they are much closer to real Mexican food than this place.*Para los Hispanos* Amigos esta comida no vale la pena. Esta cara y sabe como que salio de una lata. La carne estaba hecha un masacote y los frijoles y arroz sabían como los que se compran en Sams club o Costco. Ahorren el dinero y vayan a un puesto al lado de la carretera. Perdón El Tereo pero la comida de ustedes es para güeros.

Cole Hickman

This is my first stop every time I come back to the high desert to visit.Some of the best Mexican food outside of Mexico. Everything is a standout, their tacos are probably the best I’ve ever had. Margaritas are massive and strong, well worth the very reasonable price.Extremely attentive and kind service.

William M.

I learned Something new today. If you want to eat "inside" this restaurant be prepared to pay a premium for the luxury of using their premises. I only order form here to-go since I do not have much time to seat and eat; today I ordered to-go but I changed my mind when I got to the restaurant and told them that I would eat there instead and to my surprise the guy told me that if I wanted to eat there then my food will be more expensive, yes the same food that I ordered to-go would be more expensive if I wanted to eat there. Well, he saved me a lot of money by telling me that and I'll never eat there, I'll keep ordering to-go only. Some people still do not understand that we (customers) are doing them a favor by choosing their business to spend our money and not the other way around and they still dare to charge you more if you chose to eat at their place. I guess not everyone knows this little trick they use or perhaps is just me but the economy is not in the best shape and they are taking advantage of people with this sneaky trick. Well done El Toreo (Costco location).

Deanna M.

Our go to spot for work gatherings. They are always so accommodating and welcoming. Drinks are tasty and you can't beat the chips and salsa.

Rebecca Winkels

The food is real good as is the service! The seating layout is a bit weird, maybe it's just me, but I don't like sitting directly across another party with no divider, it felt like they were watching us eat lol. They give complimentary chips and 2 types of salsas, one is spicy and the other mild, we enjoyed both but especially the spicy one. I ordered a chile verde burrito, the sauce was so good and it had a spicy kick which I loved! The pork was real tender and delicious! I will definitely order again. My husband got a tostada with steak which he liked. There's not a lot of seating so we had to wait about 5 minutes to get seated, the place was full but the service was still fast and the servers were polite and prompt! Prices were fair as well. Will definitely be back.

Minerva Camacho

Food was ok, I had the chicken enchiladas 6/10. My guy had the fish tacos and he like them, lots of shrimp. The salsa and chips are really good 10/10. Overall good place to eat.

Crystal B.

Great authentic Mexican food. Been there twice for take out only but will be dining in soon. Nice staff super friendly. Highly recommend.

Lou Urzua

Great service and the food was great with reasonable prices. I come here for lunch.

Armando Ortiz

Excellent sit down Mexican restaurant with various lunch specials. Wife ordered the 2 item combo, she chose 2 crunchy beef tacos, which were perfectly crispy and loaded with beef. I ordered the Carnitas Taco plate. These Carintas were seasoned well, juicy and overflowing the tortillas. So good! I topped it off with some mild salsa and guacamole that came with the dish. Probably some of the best Carnitas I have had in a restaurant in years.

Chatisee Fuqua

Ordered the lunch special shredded beef burrito but the wet sauce was bland and the burrito was filled with runny beans and very little meat

Shelly Tidino

The portions are huge. Everyone who got the chicken was satisfied but everyone who got this carne asada tacos did not eat the meat. Did not resemble carne asada whatsoever unfortunately. Spent a lot but only ate half

Travis C.

Fantastic food! Best Carnitas I may have ever had. Wife got the chicken tostada and loved it too. Will definitely become a regular spot.

Babiak Jim

Food was FANTASTIC! Covid or inflation didn't seem to affect prices. Great hardworking crew at this location. Again, food was excellent!

Veronica P.

Placed an order on Friday night for a pickup. The food was good but I like the one in West Palmdale better. I specifically asked them to give me an enchilada combo with CORN TORTILLAS INSTEAD OF FLOUR TORTILLAS!! But when I got home and ready to eat, I got flour tortillas instead. Plus he tipped himself by adding $2.00 to my order. No use asking for a receipt because it won't be detailed. Do your math before you pick up !

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