FloraDonna's Cakery

706 W Lancaster Blvd #103, Lancaster
(661) 510-0480

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Cindy D.

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE!! Do yourself a favor and go a few doors down to CARAMEL PASTRIES. You will get fresh, delicious, made from scratch desserts there. I'm not sure where all these 5* star reviews come from. I've tried this place several times, over the past year. Each time my hubby & I get something different, and I think to myself, 'well.. maybe I'll like this one better'. It never happens. Visually, items look great. But that's it. Spinach Fetta Croissant, tasted so awful I had to throw it in the trash. It was disgusting. Sorry. It was. Tried several cupcakes over the year, all dry & lacking flavor. Frosting was dry, grainy and stiff. Brownie with fruity pebbles, omg we get home and my poor husband brings me his brownie and half of it is rock hard, & the other half is firm. I tried crushing it with my fingers and I could barely break crumbs off. Trash. Pumpkin 'leftovers' in a cup, consisted of about half a cupcake, crumbs, but mostly frosting. I tried to eat around the frosting. Trash. Vegan brownie, tastes ok. A bit dry but the only decent edible thing so far. Banana pudding cup, smelled great! But that's it. Overall, it was a cup of cool whip, with two thin layers of banana pudding (with a paper thin layer on top). I had to spoon most of the whip out, to try and enjoy the pudding. No such luck. It tasted artificial. Went into the trash. Today was our last time giving them "another chance".

Mercedes W.

I discovered this bakery a few months back after the farmers market came back to Lancaster. I love their cupcakes but I ordered a strawberry cake for my baby's 6 month last month and it was a little dry and not what I expected. It was beautifully decorated and exactly what I asked for as far as design. They did give me a few options for how I wanted them to make the cake, so maybe I didn't pick the best option...it was strawberries baked into vanilla cake...I would still recommend this bakery though because the staff is friendly and I do enjoy their red velvet and apple cupcakes.

Joshua F

Got some cupcakes from them for my birthday, they were so tasty and everytime I have been in there they have been so nice and helpful with any questions that I had!

Kimberly J.

Delicious cupcakes, great customer service! Although the yogurt/ice cream is not good and neither are the add ins but definitely recommend their desserts

stephanie McAlister

The best cupcakes everywhere. On the Blvd. Highly recommend

Nayda F.

Absolutely recommend hands down! Red Velvet is amazing. They are also a great supporter in the community for our Veterans. Locally owned and operated. I came across them one day several years ago and have never been disappointed. Very friendly staff also.

Romeo C.

Loved how friendly the staff is I was near by in a late night and was able to try the cupcakes they are delicious thank you so much !!

Stephen E.

This establishment has delicious desserts, fair prices, and excellent customer service. I always walk away from my visit with a smile. The apple cupcakes are my favorite.

DeeLo C.

As a SFV Native totally Unfamiliar with the AV came into town seeking Cupcakes, and this bakery was suggested in AVs Top 10... It should be more like the spot 1... the Customer Service, the Ambiance, the Energy, the Cleanliness and Pleasing Appearance of their Entire Bakery was soooo cute, welcoming, fresh and well, Lovely! Definitely recommending this Spot to EVERYONE... Thank U Guys for an Amazing ans Welcoming Experience...

Lisa Krikorian

They don't even deserve one star I ordered 8inch size cake with 12 inch height but instead when the time came to pick up it was 5 inches height they damaged my cake

Susie P.

My cake was exactly how I showed them to make it. Loved it. Not thrilled with the taste of cake. Cookies were perfect and taste amazing.

Joseph T.

In Lancaster CA, we have a new dessert shop in town well at least new to me. Usually I wait for the hype to reduce then try everything I like or looks appealing when I go to the shop. I started by looking on line of course to see what's the biz and I couldn't find a menu? I looked at the pictures and I think it was like the 7th picture I saw a cinnamon roll. Once I saw that, I was for sure going! I got the cinnamon roll and a couple of mini cupcakes, a cake pop and an vegan brownie. The cinnamon roll was great. At $5 it's a stretch but I understand why it's that much. Now the mini chocolate was very chocolatey the frosting was so good. The apple pie cupcake was ok. The salted caramel was interesting. And, the vegan brownie was very very interesting. The shop seems to use dark chocolate for their choice of chocolate which was unexpected. In all, I have to say the staff was cordial. The cinnamon roll is good and so far the frosting will keep me coming back. It's a nice little shop.

Dollar N.

Great variety and full of flavor cupcakes where soft and yummy a def must stop family loved them.

Che E.

Great place for cakes, cupcakes and the brownies are delicious. Definitely a go-to on The BLVD.

Kasey C.

Went to a friend's party this weekend, food was great. However the cake was not so great. It was raw and hard in someplaces. The flavor was weird. Every one was throwing away whole pieces of cake.I felt bad for the host. Will not buy will from this place. Good for decorations not for eating!

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