44810 Valley Central Way #2A, Lancaster
(661) 729-3000

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Auzuray Pittman

I will start by saying the food was good. The beef and chicken had good flavor. The fried rice was not the best and was mushy. Everything else was not too memorable and was basic. The atmosphere was nice. The service was decent. The waiters made sure to inform me that a to go box was $9.99 per pound of food. At that moment I realized this place was a rip off. Although, the prices being blacked out on the menu should have been the first red flag. I took my 6 yr. Old niece out to eat. I asked if we could share since she wouldn't eat much and I was told kids under 7 get half off but they have to have their own plate. Again, that should have been a red flag as well. We did enjoy our food and I felt happy because my niece ate her food and she can be picky at times. Also, our order did come with a decent amount of food. I would have been happy with this place and gave it 5 stars if it weren't over priced. I mean the food is already crazy expensive and to charge for a to go box for food I paid for is insane. They literally have a scale at checkout to weigh your left overs. Mine weighted 0.6 lbs. so I was charged $6 to take my leftovers home. The place definitely was not worth the $80 I spent. The servers don't even bring you silverware and plates. You have to get up and grab PLASTIC UTENSILS and plates from the buffet. Why am I paying $80 to eat at a place with plastic utensils???? Also, each table does not come with its own sauce. You have to get up and use the sauce from the buffet. The food is good but honestly, I could've went to the Korean BBQ place in Palmdale and had a better experience.

Alexa Islas

The food was soooo goooddd. They even gave us free ice cream. Would def come again.

Jordan Shanbrom

Overall, the food was decent. The service was good, there's a button to summon your waiter which good. The atmosphere was expansive and felt like you were really far away from things but the tables are really tight around each other so it is a weird mix of far away and claustrophobic. They also force gratuity on your check which is never a good experience or feeling in general.

Mystery Mix

Best Korean barbecue in the av. I strongly recommend this restaurant if your wanting to try something new!The food taste great, you can tell all the meat is marinated I'm differnt flavors, the vegetables are fresh, and the whole place is clean!Vegetarian options: Lots of vegetables to choice from

Luna M

Seasoned boneless beef rib is saltySpicy squid is so soBasically, paid $49.99 each of us for buffet but not worth it.The guys crews are nice. Very accommodating.

John Entwistle

While the food they have is good their sides which are very important in Korean food are very very minimal.The restaurant was clean, The staff was friendly and good for the most part.The owner was very nice.I would give it a six out of 10 in comparison to other Korean restaurants I've been to.Oh yes $$$$$$$

LaVerta Young

I Love This Place - I don't love the PRICES? I often get the all you can eat but The Bowls Are Just Enough and Reasonably Priced. The Beef Bulgogi (Love Yourself and Add a Fried Egg?) and L. A. Galbi are my favorite - They need a few more alcoholic drinks to choose from?? and Sushi on the menu? but I'll Keep Supporting Their Business - Nurse Chuckles

Kristen Diaz

Spent around $40 per person, family of 4. Made a reservation and our table was ready as soon as we walked in. Great selection on the side and salad bar, everything was labeled and looked fresh. Our waitress explained how everything worked and made sure we knew exactly what we were getting. Everything we ordered from the back came out quickly and looked very fresh. Everything we cooked at our table and ate was very tasty. I'd absolutely go back in a heartbeat. For the price it won't be often, but maybe that's why the patrons that were there seemed like they knew they were in a place that you wouldn't act a fool in. Atmosphere was fantastic, no screaming kids or people just being rude.

Kaylene Palacios

The food here was good, as well as the service. The prices are reasonable and they have a great selection as well. We enjoyed our dinner date. Highly recommended restaurant!

Antonio A.

Great place to eat. Very family friendly. We loved the atmosphere, very friendly staff. The food was great. We had miso soup, tempura shrimp, beef bulgogi, pork belly, fried rice, you name it. It was very delicious. We'll definitely stop by again next time we pass through town.

Jackie C.

Overpriced for shit quality food... nearly $200 for 4 people.. I'd Rather take the drive to the valley or Palmdale love bbq for better food


The food here was good, as well as the service. The prices are reasonable and they have a great selection as well. We enjoyed our dinner date. Highly recommended restaurant!

Madison Gale

BEST K-bbq in the AV! My husband and I are big K-bbq fans, and we are not sure how it took us so long to find this gem in Lancaster. The buffet was great with traditional Korean sides, and the lettuce for the salad bar was so fresh, cold and crisp. The whole place was very clean, our waitress was kind and attentive, and the meat was excellent quality! Beef Bulgogi marinade was on point, the brisket had great flavor on its own, the sauces were good, and it all was fresh. We will definitely be back, I'm grateful to not have to drive to LA for this experience!Parking: Ample spaces in the parking lot.


Man, I want my money back. It cost 70.00 (BEFORE tip) for my boyfriend and I to eat here and it genuinely felt like a fast food version of what we were craving. 35.00 I would have been ok with, but anything over that was way too much for what it was.Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty tasty. But we ordered delivery and the shrimp tempura and dumplings were cold and soggy, we had to use our air fryer to warm and crisp them up. The bowls were really yummy, but we paid 2.00 extra for “fried rice” that was actually just plain rice with maybe five pieces of vegetable and some sauce on it. Immediately after eating, I felt sick. My boyfriend didn’t, but he has a stronger stomach than I do. I DO NOT think it was bad or spoiled food, just to clarify. I think I felt sick from how greasy it was.I would probably revisit if it weren’t for the price, I really don’t want another 70.00 stomach ache.

Monica M.

Second time here and all I can say is as good as those LA Korean bbq, great meat and atmosphere, the dj or whoever picks the music is 10/10 will for sure be back more.

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