Lancaster Marketplace

44960 Vly Central Wy, Lancaster
(661) 942-7897

Recent Reviews


Nice place

Josie Aidulis

Very nice people kind. Enjoyed it

Cartridge Calls

Always people pan handling.

Connie Page

It's nice to see this little strip mall grow... stop by, check it out :)

Rae Lynn Love

Went to Metro Floors, great experience

Rei Ahn

Puppy flowers did not bloom. I came two weeks ago and didn't see any flowers, so I came again, but it looks like the puffy flowers won't bloom this year.

Veronica Murillo

Excellent place

Rudy Chavez

This place has got most everything.

Samuel Meade

Coffee / Gelato, dollar tree, dentist, Ramen Boy ? & other businesses. Check it out.

Kimberly Trawick

I love doing my three mile walk here. It's quiet, the sidewalks are wide enough to give everyone room. The dollar plus store is my favorite place to buy a drink after my walk.

David Villegas

Very nice store employees are friendly and helpful. Good products for your money.


This shopping center/strip mall has gone through hard times and now it seems it is back with many business creating activity and buzz. It is good to see the spaces utilized by all kinds of business from restaurants to a great hobby shop, Harbor Freight, and a great Bin Store.

Harriett Jones

goods store

Isom Harris

There are stores for shoes. Supplies and even a super dollar store

Heinrich Soltow

Loved just seeing everything because I rarely get out as a hermit.

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