Little Caesars Pizza

1036 E Ave. J, Lancaster
(661) 948-9100

Recent Reviews

Vanessa Howard

This place is horrible. Usually Little Ceasars pizza is good, I used to love it when I was in LA. But here they are always getting my pizzas messed up. One side is thin and the other one is super thick. Too much cheese on the pizza and only two drops of tomato sauce. I said I want half and half light cheese and pepperoni and they charged me extra (for less cheese and less pepperoni). I am writing this review because I had my pizza made right only once compared to the numerous times I went over there.

Chris Pineda

I ordered through the mobile app maybe 45 mins before heading to the stop, mind you, they had option for time you’ll be able to pick up so they had enough time. By the time I got there, they asked me to wait another 30 mins, like no. After a long day and expected for me to wait that long? No thank you. I asked for a refund and asked why, but like I ordered ahead a time for a reason. The 2 employees, I forgot their name, were really nice and apologized but I hear the rude manager or supervisor asking why I came from far to pick up pizza, like b*** don’t worry about why I’m in town or why I drove to town. Would never order from here again. Ave K has better service than this place!

Joey Cross

Rude, disrespectful, terrible service, and terrible manager. Went in to get a pizza and even though it says they close at 10:00pm they stopped taking orders around 9:25 AND refused to serve me for a pick up. $5 pizza sure but talk about $5 service as well.

Xavier Sanchez

Cashier very nice make my pizza wonderful exceed my expectations thanks


We love the pizza but 45 min wait for 1 pie and 1 order of crazy bread was crazy....the pizza was poorly made and had large bubbles. The crazy crust flavoring didn't even cover the whole crust. The breadsticks looked like bones, thin with knot looking bulges on the end and had minimal flavor. Very disappointing this time around.

Theresa Villalobos

Why every time I go in nothing is hot n ready like it’s supposed to be. I try and call and no answer goes straight to voicemail. Nothing is ever ready. Carlos need to get his stores together

Nicole Vazquez

Never have ready pizzas false advertising now

Robert Michelle Hernandez

east ave J pizza is terrible. I even buy most bestest to try and make it better but it's not worth the extra money at all

Abrie White

Every time I have came to this little caesars they have messed up my pizzas giving me normal pizza when I ordered stuffed crust giving me a pizza that was BURNT, not cutting the pizza what so ever and when I try to call them no answer straight to a full voicemail box. Nothing but an awful experience!

Mandy Negrete

The whole point of hot and ready is for it to be already ready.. I had to wait 35 minutes for a pizza that's supposed to be already ready... Smh.. which means they weren't even trying to already make more to be READY..

Nicole Pratt

It's a neighborhood spot and it's cheap if your on a budget but it can get very busy really quick

Jose Carrillo

The pepperoni calzon was under cooked

Teddy Die

Very slow & unprofessional. The later shift more so. The pizza is also poorly put together. The location on J (next to the 99 cent store) is far better.

Kenneth Lesh

The cashier didn't know what she was doing and the pizza was not very good

Jose Sapiens

Bad service. My order was given to someone else plus they want me to wait on extra 10 minutes when I had wait almost 30 min for my order... not even apologize.

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