N D'S Burgers

421 E Ave L, Lancaster
(661) 949-2211

Recent Reviews

eduardo gomez

The food is ok. Over priced for the product.Food: 1/5

Brian Griffin

.....over $9. Unmelted cheese dry old looking muffin. I removed all sorts of items like lettuce etc still 9. Never coming here again.

Danielle Harper

Food always fast and on time. Love this place. Always delicious.

Jonathan Donis

This is just observation., If you ask me I dunno how many cashier's work there ., But My personal experience WhitThe girl whit tattoos make you not coming back to the place. Look at Me and my girl Like if we was asking for Free food

kelly r.

Fist time trying this place. To my surprise it wasn't bad at all. Only tried the carne asada salad but will try some other menu items in the future.

valentini a.

Wet burrito Only pic I took of my wet burrito! WOOOOOWWWW!! red salsa was spicy but green salsa was flavorful! NDz is always consistent!! Very good! Great customer service as well. Thank you.

Kennedi Guillory

We got a breakfast burrito that was ok a regular French toast that was also only ok and strawberry French toast that was absolutely disgusting the strawberries were completely mush not fresh and the bread no cinnamon or powdered sugar it was like eat wet strawberries bread not even toast

Ronney Rodriguez

Good fresh tasting food , at Hella specials.Not the same old fast ( rush ) same tasting food and out the door you go only to forget what you just ate before you leave the parking lot .....

scott tice

Great tasty food. Affordable eats and variety to choose from.

Dennis Noriega

This particular location makes it hard to realize the food could be v ery good but I am here to inform all you huingry folks out there that you will not be disappointed! I especially enjoy the breakfast and the pancakes are better than I-hop! This place is clean, friendly & affordable.... The chef always says helloSincerely,Dennis Noriega

Julie H.

It has good food but they cancelled our order because another delivery driver picked up our food.

Hernan Cortes

Great location with beautiful service and the food was good, simple, and well cooked plus timely. I was more impressed with the staff above otherwise. Very nice. The outdoor seating area was an eye catcher! Attached to the Chevron.

david kay

Cold and colorful so nasty but no one cares about quality anymore now so they COVID took the taste away lol

Pablo Aquino

Friendly service great menu it is a hidden jem a must go

Ashley Loza

I asked for asada this isn’t asada it’s like shredded beef. I know how asada taste like first and last time

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