Moms Teriyaki & Bowl

1128 W Ave I, Lancaster
(661) 945-9240

Recent Reviews

A D Holz

Great food plentiful portions 10 to 15 a person

David Holtmann

Good food at a fair price. Support small business

Aide C.

Definitely really good better than flame broiler except the customer service ladies horrible attitude.

Casey G.

Maybe it's just me you'll have to be a judge for yourself in my experience with this place they are not very friendly they treat you like not a customer but it has a nuisance the food is not very expensive it's fairly priced the quality of the food is not very good I tried the teriyaki chicken bowl and their beef bowl both were not very good In my opinion if you want this kind of food flame broilers is a way better option I do understand this is a family business so that's why I gave them a try if anybody from mom's teriyaki bowl reads this review please treat your customers like if they were family even if the food isn't that great customer experience is everything people would be more willing to try more options at your restaurant because if I felt welcomed I would've tried more options by coming back

Jenny G

Simple but tasty rice bowls. Under $10 for chicken, rice, and vegetables. That's less expensive than McDonald's and a much healthier choice.

Kim P.

Mom's teriyaki has always had the best chicken teriyaki Bento. I've been going there for years food is always delicious, restaurant is pretty run down in a rough area. However one of the things that's been pretty consistent is that their customer service has a lot to be desired. Not friendly sometimes rude ... I can deal with the location but sure would like to see them improve on their customer interactions.

The Browning Bunch

I've been going here for years and for some reason the portion size has decrease and the price increased ..I don't have a problem with the prices but the portion needs to match. Good food though that's forsure.

Cristian S.

Best teriyaki in the AV you really get your money's worth everyone I take loves this place

Hannah H

Good is always great! I love the chicken Teryaki bowls/ container. I love to get their kimchi with it too. My only “complaint” is they don’t use any delivery services.

Steve Thomas

Excellent customer service and super tasty food.

Hannah H.

Chicken teriyaki bowl/ plate is so good! I always order the kimchi with it. Such a great dish!

Andrea C.

I've been wanting to try this place since I moved into the area. Finally got to try it today and I was not dissatisfied. The food is delicious. I want to try more items on the menu. This will definitely be my go to restaurant when I don't feel like cooking (which will probably be very often).

Denise N.

First time customer. Food was great but not worth the price because of the quantity of the food. When you order a short rib plate they only count one rib as a portion. Usually you get 4 pieces on one rib. But not this place. Only one piece counts as a whole piece

Edwin Smith

They have the best chicken bowl in town

Tricia A.

Delicious fresh and hot food. Enjoy the Teriyaki Bento/Dinner beef and chicken. Vegetables are fresh and yummy.

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