2011 W Ave K, Lancaster
(661) 948-0522

Recent Reviews

David Mendoza

Good food! Service was a lilbit on the sad side but I will Def go back!

Sarah Al-Kassab

Delicious, authentic thai food and friendly, helpful servers. We came for lunch and will definitely be back!

Papa Bear

Food was VERY spicy, but good. The service was not good though!!

miriam corrigan

Went with a group of 9 and were not able to be sitted together. Besides it was a challenge asking for separate checks

maRi Basulto

Great food. After all these years still pleased

Rigo Aguirre

I'm dropping to for star due to the experience factor. Just not what it used to be. I'm an old friend of over 25 years. I just got to be honest. The food is clean & tasty. But you can see the impact the economy and covid has taken on the place. It's lost a bit of it's luster. There are some definite cut backs here and there. Today's lunch was good value but the waiters lack experience and need polishing, young and need some ambition motivation excitement. I love these folks but business is business. My personal favorites: trout and mango sauce,tum yai Gai (chicken soup no coconut milk), bbq ribs believe it or not, and family favorite crispy chow mein

Michael Silva

Portion of chicken wasn't enough to feed a squirrel. I don't believe this is a true Thai Restaurant maybe, Pretending to be.

Richard Basulto

Good food. Bad service.


I’ve been going here for years with my family, and it’s always very good food. The staff is nice as well.

hasani ballard

Food is good service is pretty fast

Yesi Zavala

purchased 2 sticky rice with mango came out $17.41 very small portions did not taste good disappointed

Mathias Ball

I m glad they are near us and have good food so I don't have to think much what to order. A bit surprised that they have low rating for the yummy food they offer.My husband just picked the food up for me all the time so no chance to experience their on site services yet but I would like to check it out one day and try new dishes.

Brenda Plong

I go to Thai places to have their soups. Specifically Tom kha as it is what helped me fall in love with Thai food. Long story short, my order was taken wrongly.I order Tom kha and asked for shrimp and mushrooms only and they asked if I wanted tomatoes and I said no tomatoes. I pick up my food and I get tomatoes and a bunch of other stuff in my soup and no mushrooms, where I explicitly asked for shrimp and mushrooms only. Besides my order being taken incorrectly, the soup did not taste like Tom kha ive had at other Thai restaurants. It was definitely missing the strong sweet and sour taste, the milky coconut milk(there wasn’t enough) and the correct amount of spice to add that heat for the soup. This soup was definitely more watered down than any I’ve ever tasted.I’m upset it didn’t meet my expectations.This would receive 0 stars if I didn’t have to add a star to put in my feedback.

Linda marcella berg

Excellent Thai food... I've been going there for years.

john tatro

Great food! We support you Saltip!

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