Submarina California Subs

830 W Ave L, Lancaster
(661) 949-8683

Recent Reviews

Dana Evans

Turkey Breast Salad with vinegar and all the veggies was delicious!

Erik Woods

This place has changed, and quick. Way less fresh ingredients to choose from, and the people who work there aren't even the least bit helpful (or nice anymore). Alot messier in the preparation too. It went from a good place to eat to just a place to buy a sandwich. Very unfortunate

Debbie Schmidt

Been looking for non-commercial potato salad so I don't have to make it. Stopped in here. Definitely not what I was looking for, Walmart has better (but not great). I'll keep looking.

Christopher Robert

Very good sandwiches and friendly staff.

Tonya McIlvaine

Perfectly ripe avocado, crispy bacon, thinly sliced meat, bread this is crunchy outside/soft inside, and a very friendly staff. This is my go to sandwich shop.

David D.

I have been going to Submarina for the past 6 years and is my favorite food spot out here. I have watched them transition owners, managers, employees, and battle against the COVID pandemic as well all have. If i could give them a 10 star i would. The fact that some of these people come on here to attack some of these employees makes me furious. Bella, the current manager, puts her heart in soul into that company dealing with being unstaffed and a host of other things as she is doing her best to keep everything running smoothly. Love this place, love the staff, love Bella. 1000% back them.

Kathleen S.

The service is great. The people working the counter are top notch. My daughter got me hooked on this sub shop I won't go anywhere else. My grandsons love it also.

Megan Jacques

Really good food. Plenty of food and fresh bread & ingredients!

Robert E.

I am disgusted with Submarina Lancaster. Sunday we place a large order for an event. The order was placed on line but had to be picked up in person. The workers would not give us our food because the gentleman that picked it up didn't have a mask. WELCOME TO NAZI CALIFORNIA 2021! Not knowing what happened another member went to get a sandwich. The workers refuse service because - you guessed it, No Mask! Then the manager came out and treated him rudely, unprofessionally and with a nasty attitude. Again, like being in Nazi Germany. Submarina has lost ALL my business. No one in my family or from my organization will ever eat here again. Submarina you caved to the Nazi tactics and mandates, and by doing so you cut yourself off from real America.

Deborah S.

Submarina is our favorite sub place in the Antelope Valley. I am scoring lower for a health issue. There is a sticker on the door that customers must wear masks. I have always seen 100% compliance with this. However twice now I have observed the sandwich makers with their masks only partially on and not covering their noses. The first time a manager was not available, so I mentioned it to one of the staff and asked that everyone be reminded of guidelines. The other day, which was several weeks later, I went in again and out of the 3 girls making our food only 1 was properly masked. Customers stand there fully masked while watching someone breathing heavily through their nose as they make their sandwich. Please follow current COVID guidelines or we will not be back again.

Buddy Turner

Always a great sandwich! Fast and friendly service! Jen and her staff are always great!

R. Joshua Adams

This place has good sandwiches, and fresh ingredients. The staff is helpful and friendly. The line wasn't to long and we got our food rather quickly. We both enjoyed it and I would definitely go back to eat there. Thank you Submarina and your to friendly staff also for the good experience.

Ira Salimkhan

I heard this place was real good...that they have really good sandwiches and they do...great place...I'd say they are definitely in my top two sandwich shops ..try the potato salad and a meat ball....Tuna great too

anthony escandon

I have been a long time customer several years and last three times I came here the same server tall male prepared my sandwich but service has been short flavor and content last time I ordered half sandwich he put 2 slices total of each meat on my Italian sandwich and loaded with lettuce tomato and onions and very dry. Tonight I ordered foot long same situation 4 slices of each meat and dry no flavor as many times before . I was very disappointed I drove clear across town because the sandwiches here were best in area but I’m sorry three times us too much I hope things change in the near future because you can pay way less over town and get a better sandwich.


Not happy with the overall customer experience. It was okay but nothing special. Certainly pricey compared to other similar places. Honestly cannot recommend. The three stars is generous.

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