2015 W Ave J, Lancaster
(661) 940-1881

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David Bautista

It says we close at 10 but I'm here at 9:30 and they literally run and locked the door on me bad service if u don't want customers just don't open.

Lawrence J.

Only one sandwich maker during busy time! I did an on line order and still had to wait past the completion time.

Danica R.

Ordered through their app for pick up. The sandwich was ready about 6 minutes after the estimated pick up time. They also put my sandwich on the wrong bread and gave me the wrong cheese. I could understand if they had misheard me but it's literally typed on the receipt. How do you mess that up?

Megan D.

their ebt system is broken. it took my money from my account but the workers wouldn't give me my food because their POS said declined.

Raymond C.

Either hire more people or don't offer curbside pickup. It's ridiculous that I had to wait 20 minutes after my pickup time for the order to come out. I even went into the store to pickup but didn't get a chance to talk to the people there due to the line of people. It was only after awhile waiting in line did the person at the cashier finally took my order out and I was able to intercept her. Subway should seriously consider taking away the useless curbside pickup option if they are going to provide crap service that ends up pissing off their customers.

Frank S.

Very poor management and owners they don't even provide real training for employees and always lack cleaning supplies because of how lazy the managers are very unprofessional this play is the worst thing the managers and owners are sisters so if the manager get in trouble the owner of the store dosent care this place is very unhealthy work environment for these employees they don't allow call in days before a schedule has been posted on the app but they do call ins for certain employees on last second notice they have favoritism or something but mainly are lazy and always find an excuse for something please report this place worst management and owners


Good place I do recommend ordering In the app for no wait time workers do a great job with just a bit young so fo course I'm no rush which is fine and place is cleaned well for indoor dinning

Donna vickrey

Great but were out of roast beef and ham???

Aztk minime

That’s chubby short curly hair guy should get his weenie sucked because that sandwich was good. I moan each time I think about it

Andrew Lavoie

Great service and nice employees

Hollie P.

I have been in this location many times over the years! It's convenient when I'm in that area! And freeway close for my drive home! Anyway I stopped in yesterday and was instantly reminded why I stopped coming to this location! The service was fine! My sandwich was good! But, the employees play the worst ever music in the store! Yesterday one song that was playing was disgustingly vulgar!! I'm no prude but I don't want to listen to this crap while I'm eating lunch! Does not make for a relaxing lunch! I sent a message to the information given on my receipt and received back a comment from the owner of that restaurant (supposedly) and he said he has spoken to the staff! I was going to make that my last visit to that location but I am curious if this manager is a man of his word! So I may go back and try again!

Daniel Aikin

Really good and friendly staff. Food always fresh. Place is always clean. Bravo folks!

Jennifer Vavra

Friendly staff they greeted me right when i walked in the door they were fast.

Steven Arther

A lot of synthetics in their foods not exactly the best nourishing food as they portray.

Matt F.

Friendly staff and great service.

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