Thai Chinese II

43649 15th St W, Lancaster
(661) 949-2231

Recent Reviews

Penny H.

I was skeptical at first - how could a restaurant serve both Thai and Chinese food that was tasty? To my delight, I ended up loving various dishes. The prices are fair and portions generous. I went there weekly when I was in town for business. The staff is also friendly and accommodating.

Vikta Bars

Food is usually good, kind of hit or miss at this place.Its kind of in between buffet Chinese/thai, and authentic Chinese/ Thai..Lol

Josh Arreaza

I really love this place long time ago I was running out of rice and it was close to closing time and one of the guys asked me if I wanted more rice for free ill always remember that ?

Sylvia Luong

This is the best Thai food in Lancaster. The vegetables very fresh ?

Rudy Tovar

Very good food and fast service for the quality of food. Been coming here for a few yrs now. Egg rolls are the best that I've tried. Chicken pad Thai is always on point

Shane Youhouse

Excellent Thai cuisine. They make it really spicy if you request Thai Spicy!

Lasziv Vioss

Quality went down over the years yet still hoped for redemption. Alas! That's a lost's order was so bad it went straight to the trash. How dare you treat loyal patrons with insalubrious beef and rotten vegetables? Pics or didn't happen, you say? How about taste so bad it shouldn't [email protected]$&#%g exist.

Halimah Jones

They shrimp fried rice is good

Arthur Serles

Not good at all. Do not go. Top it off the kitchen didnt wear a head net and food was hella old. Waste of money and waste of time.

stephanie beliveau

I got the panang with chicken. It was warming and filling and so flavorful. I'll definitely be returning.

Deanna Emile

Delicious as expected. I usually get the beef mint leaf Thai style (spicy ?️?️?️) and combo nations noodles. Never disappointed.

Eva Delamora

Their food was spoiled the chow mein cake real bad and their fish is old

Tina Henry Espinoza

Everything we’ve had from here over the 25 years has been excellent!

Tim Y.

I was already grossed out seeing the thai tea on the counter without a lid for over 15 minutes. Then when I got my food, I found a long ass strand of hair in my pad thai. I should've took a picture of it. But never again.

Sharee Tso

Love this place!Good food, excellent pricesBig servings ?

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